Battling Borreliosis

A cleansing diet for mercury and ticks

Spiritual awakening often happens through your own body. Many relate to themselves through the physical body and by examining how the body feels we can learn to listen to the messages from our own bodies. When illnesses arise, we start to look for ways to make it better, we go to doctors and get some alleviation for our symptoms. But at some point, problems will arise at some other place in the body and again we will look for help. At some point we get fed up with going to doctors and especially since it is not helping anyway, the desire to look for alternative ways to treat your own health will awaken. We get acquainted with acupuncture, homeopathy, energy treatments, etc.

For many, there is a natural transition towards other alternative thoughts and a more spiritual life. We start to climb up the vibrational stairs, eventually getting accustomed to a new vibrational level.

For many star consciousnesses, the path might easily go the other way around. They have had different thoughts about the world since childhood and they related to the world in different ways than the body and their skills might be activated by taking the first step after awakening. They might have an aloof relationship with this vehicle, the body and its care might fall short. Even though they suffer from illnesses and long term “diseases”, they might just accept them and the body is the last thing that gets help. Often they have a quite neutral relationship with their own body, it might be regarded as just a tool for being here in the world. However, as the vibration rises the body will start to let the problems be known, even roughly so. For example, mediation pains are common. At this point, there might start to be thoughts about listening to the body and removing blockages so that the body can do what it should be doing, i.e cohabitate with the soul through this whole life plan!

We live in a destructive world, where our crops and food have been poisoned for decades already. There is almost no bioenergy in our food anymore and our stores are bursting with harmful edibles. Unfortunately, we no longer get nourishment from food, we are only filling our stomachs. Organic food is starting to become more valued when we are looking for nourishment, that actually contains nutrition! Everywhere there is harmful radiation, air pollution, oceans filled with plastic and violated forests, further constricting the possibilities for us to find natural and clean food and live a healthy life. Our bodies are full of heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and harmful bacteria. that all feed off of our vitality and prevent energy from flowing, especially to our intestines. Our body is a fantastic unit, whose every part is necessary and each has its own task, otherwise, the body would not have been created this way! If some part of the machine is broken, it affects the other parts as well. Even though we “fix” the broken part, that is, we remove symptoms from one part, the problem will soon arise somewhere else, since energy is still not flowing as it should in the machine. Many of us have diseases that stem from other lives since the root of the problem has never been fixed, which means that the whole mechanism of the body has not been checked and the holistic picture has not been considered.

Removing symptoms from somewhere in the body does not remove the flaw/sickness, but it often makes it worse somewhere else in the body. If, for example, you have allergies and you take medicine for that, the underlying issue, for example, a weak spleen, goes untreated. Behind a weak spleen are some feelings, that are activated again and again and they are stored in the spleen. This is just a simplistic example, in order to clarify the concept. Disease/ some organ weakness does not go away with medicines, but we might think they do since there are no symptoms.

Anthony William’s book, Medical Medium, has become a huge success in the world because it deals with the causes behind diseases. The book’s main idea is right and good, but it is missing a deeper, more spiritual aspect. There is superficial spiritual guidance in the book, but it is not holy. These might be strong words, but if you are looking for the spiritual meaning of life in the book, it is mainly missing. Its approach is physical and through the body’s healing you will reach a happier life. I admit that I have developed skepticism throughout the years, especially towards American media spirituality and I trust more in holy ancient information about energies and considering the body as a holistic unit. William’s book is still to the point and the main idea about the Epstein-Barr virus is correct. It is behind many current un explicable diseases.

Because of my own situation, I got to explore the issues of the body/ sickness on behalf of others, as well. The food recommendations have been updated and honed for us living here in the North as well. I do not have permission from the Upstairs to recommend William’s book in particular, or the recommendations of this blog, to everyone but each and everyone has to listen to themselves and see if the body gives permission to be healed. I myself believe in my body’s ability to heal and at this moment I am functioning as a so-called guinea pig.

I got the borreliosis diagnosis over two months ago, due to a tick bite. Since I already had broken amalgam fillings due to faulty treatment, I had a large amount of mercury in my bloodstream, which for six months had already caused difficulties and aches related to mercury poisoning. The tick bite happened when the body was already weak. I have also had a hypo-functioning thyroid for ten years, but I have also handled that through the diet. The thyroid symptoms have not been worse than in the last year since our workload has grown and there has not been enough time to rest and the body has reacted with stress symptoms and energy flow in the body is sometimes weakened.

Naturally, I did not choose to follow the doctor’s recommendation of a 3-week antibiotic treatment because of the tick bite (I am not self-destructive 😉 ), I just started to look for healing elsewhere. I knew of William’s book and I got familiar with it when I asked for guidance from the Upstairs. I am now trying to defeat the Borreliosis bacteria as well as the Epstein-Barr virus and also remove parasites and heavy metals from my body. My diet is now very strict, which does not make this traveling work very easy!

If it was difficult before to get clean vegetarian food, with this diet it is almost impossible to eat anything but your own supplies packed. I have started to long for my own mobile kitchen.

I update this blog on an irregular basis, but I try to get straight facts for you to read. I am a guinea pig, so I don’t know yet how this experiment will end. Yet I sense what a big plan this is part of. I bravely go towards healing and freedom with the help of the instructions below. I trust, that my example will have meaning.

These symptoms, that I got after last December, were unfortunately due to the treatment of an indifferent dentist. I did immediately start a 6-week mercury detox, where you take cilantro extract and chlorella daily. Cilantro aids the cells in removing the mercury and kelp binds it and transports it out. Unfortunately, it was not enough…

Here is the story of my symptoms/ sickness

About a month after the drilling/breaking of the amalgam in my mouth, January 2018:

  • Spells with bad headaches, sudden earaches, sore throat, irritability and more sensitivity to sound, tiredness in the middle of the day.

After a couple of months (April 2018)

  • The headache spells continue, vertigo, bad stomach pains and throwing up suddenly several times, the tiredness continues and stiffness in the joints of the legs and feet in the morning.
  • A stricter diet is started, the last of the gluten is removed (spelt)
  • Fever has risen several nights

After three-four months have passed (March – April 2018)

  • Nerve pains in the limbs and head, inflammation of the first joint of the index finger and a burning pain there, pains and tenderness in the area of the liver and gallbladder, feeling nauseous after eating, difficulty sleeping due to aches (I don’t take pain medication), bad vertigo, fits of earaches, continued tiredness, lack of energy, the ears still under strain…

May 2018

  • The same symptoms as before, interchangeable every day, bad joint inflammation, irritability worsening because of bad nerve pains, mainly in the head, tiredness makes everything worse.
  • The memory is even more choppy than before, and it is difficult to concentrate.

June-July 2018

  • June 6. A tick bite below the armpit, on the edge (In Hungary)
  • Previous symptoms arise again, evening fever for a couple of days
  • June 12, I noticed skin symptoms around the bite, about 4 cm in circumference. A doctor’s visit, fever of 38,5 C and a 3-week antibiotic treatment was prescribed, which I did not start.
  • I start again with the cilantro-chlorella treatment and I start to look for more information, related to borreliosis.
  • Fasting 5 days and then June 17, a strict detox treatment starts (appendix below)
  • June 18. “The tick bite- ring” has got much bigger, now it is about 10 cm in circumference, similar rings have now appeared on both arms as well.
  • June 25. The same splotches on feet, thighs, and shins, 5 in total. Coffee is now left out…. ):
  • July 3. Bad intestinal pains, the liver area is tender to the touch, tired to the bone.
  • July 4. The intestinal pains continue, as well as the tenderness around the liver, feverish and sore throat.
  • Kidney pains almost daily all of July
  • The major joints, shoulders, and hips ache

August 2018

My condition is somewhat better, the debilitating tiredness is gone, but the tolerance for stress/being busy is weak, nerve pains come easily. The liver area easily gets sore, especially if I don’t drink enough.

The major joints ache, bad nerve pains in the legs, it helps a lot to exercise, I sleep better and sometimes even well. Vertigo continues.

The joint inflammation is gone from the index finger, although there is soreness in several of the smaller joints of the fingers.

The issue continues, the treatment is strict, but I am already noticing an improvement of my condition after 10 weeks of the diet. By August 15 I have lost about 8kg (unfortunately).

The hardest part of the diet has been to remember all the dietary supplements, especially during travels. In order to make that easier I now bring a medicine dispenser, that has 4 slots for each day. That has been a lot of help. Actually, it would not work without it, since regularity is now the most important thing so that all the freeloaders in the body would be destroyed, including the borreliosis bacteria.

I also tried bioresonance. I was left with conflicting feelings since it might be of help on the physical level, even though it also doesn’t heal finitely, but its benefit is, that it removes harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites from the cells. Unfortunately, I experienced, that it disrupts and takes away the finely vibrating information of the cells. Certainly, if you wish to just heal your body, and not try to actively uphold higher information, bioresonance has more benefits. I have chosen this longer road (it might take a year) that, through diet, destroys all beneficial growing environment for harmful entities and heavy metals.