Trust as a theme

Journeying to the end of the world

This time our journey went through Finland all the way to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. As I wrote earlier, many deep themes are concentrated in this time and for this trip as well.

Many that took part on this trip had personal themes and we experienced many moments of joy and insight together and alone with the Upstairs. Through our own work, a bigger picture and ancient flawed programmings were cleansed. An ancient theme was shown to us long before our journey began. Throughout the years we have been bombarded (through email among other things) by a religious “sect” consisting of Christians. We have not answered too eagerly before since we understand that a common language cannot easily be found since our thought processes are so different and ours is more open, that it is impossible to understand without having tried to delve into it. When you already have your own basic Christian view of things, there is no need to get acquainted with other philosophies. This time we still answered a bit more and aimed to tell them about our own lifestyle and thus we tried to correct several of those flawed assumptions that they thought were truths, even though they have never talked to us. We did know that we were banging our heads against the wall, so to speak, because the judging on that side, by these people specifically, was already strong, without having listened to us. Threats, to meddle in our lives on a concrete level, among other things, has been their way to show love for their fellow human beings and what Jesus taught…Do not judge, or you too will be judged. Although we teach and live differently, we do not make it our business how anyone else looks for God, in their own way. That is how it should be, especially in a country with religious freedom. We do not judge anyone’s conviction or religion, but see them as possible paths to the Light.

We do not belong to any religious body, even though we love old Churches and profess Christ as God’s son. But we also acknowledge Buddha as a conveyer of the Divine teachings and we respect all things holy, that any religion and or life view brings.

We have seen some of the world, especially Patrick who has traveled and become acquainted with all the holy places of the world as well as different religions and we understand that you either make the tree good and his fruit good, or you make the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt.

The strongest sign of Divine presence is the example that the individual sets in how you live and relate to people and how you cleanse yourself from your own negative feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Not by yourself by your own force, but with the help of the Light and God.

We do not relate God to any religion but to an omnipotent, eternal creational force and an everlasting source of Light that doesn’t destroy but sustains life. This is, according to “believers”, our “sin” which has to be dealt with in a radical way. I don’t even want to repeat the harsh words that were used to urge us to get our penance and confess our disease before them… This process with them escalated just before the trip to a concrete attack that was aimed at us who live in the same house. The attack ended with the police having to interfere. The people at home understood and dealt well with the situation, thanks to several years of their own spiritual work. The issue awakened thoughts and understanding for what precisely this event in this time of negative energies roused in unaware souls on a concrete level. It served as a model example of everything I have blogged about previously, about how negative energy rises to the surface.

It also strongly confirmed that there is a lot to cleanse on the collective level and some of that work arose for many during the trip, on a personal level. Luckily there are tools and knowledge of the fact that everything comes from within yourself, your own work and development.

In order for the world to become less prejudice, more loving and equal, you always have to look at yourself. First, take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s.

We can work on our own spiritual wisdom and open our hearts to everyone. We also understand that the attacks are due to individuals, not Christianity, under which it now expresses itself. During all times there have been attacks, torture, raping, murdering and war. All this is happening in our world, all the time, even now, because the energy that was created in ancient times, hatred and hunger for power, has not been cleansed from humanity’s memory. This work was done very much during the trip, through ourselves.

The Upstairs also directed us towards Vardø, to the furthermost eastern coast of Norway. There we “happened” to find a memorial of the witch hunt, that the Norwegian government had risen as a prayer for forgiveness for these licentious murders and torture that over a hundred women and some men had been subjected to during the middle ages on behalf of the church. The church carries an enormous burden of “debt” that from time to time can still be seen as the wrongdoing of some individuals. Many experienced a need to forgive and cleanse themselves, also in their own past, from previous lives. And several were liberated and found the path to empathy and understanding for those who served the church.

We strongly experienced that the power and superiority that many Christians, during many centuries, have created now needs to be turned into something positive. But we can do the work only with ourselves, cleanse with the Upstairs those negative feelings that all this awoke in us.

That way, we at least do not increase the flawed energy of the church by increasing the hatred, the bitterness or the inability to forgive. This was a new step on a new level for everyone who was with on the trip.

There were also children with on the trip, busy with their own games and playing, but maybe sometime in the future, a new, less prejudice view of humanity also opens up for them, even though they did not participate in the spiritual work now. The ocean and the rounded rocks were more interesting than the adults’ doings, but we hope that something was still stored on the energetic level and that they in good time can be big role models for love, in everyday life as well.

We went to the small village of Båtsfjord in order to receive the solar eclipse. Unfortunately, it rained, so we couldn’t see the event itself. In a light sprinkling, we climbed purposefully partway up the mountain, placed ourselves on a slope in order to listen to ourselves and we fell silent to an inner voice at the same time as cosmos opened a powerful contact to fine energies. The mere hour with joint silence was beautiful and touching and brought us all closer together. I also felt all those souls that were with us to create a new thought, new energy to take care of each other. The contact to our home, Mother Earth, was strong, and we asked to be allowed to help and support this planet as well so that it could be our home, even though we do not respect it as we should. The love for this wonderful plane, its nature and force were present at the moment. Also, Mother Earth’s love for us, Her children, was big. As one of the participants said; “I forgive you”, Mother Earth as a consciousness loves and forgives the people although she is waiting for our remedy. Also, she is created by God and the wisdom is within her. It would be desirable for the same wisdom to be present within us people, too.

After the moment in silence, we climbed a bit higher and before us, a vast view of the fiord and the ocean opened up. Let the holy information spread around the whole world, to the end of the world so that everyone would wake up and start the cleansing of Love in their own everyday life.

The children with their mothers enjoyed Norwegian pastries after the hike and we who are on a stricter diet got joy from their happiness and enjoyment.

Our trip was rewarding and extremely informative, on many levels. Fellowship, to “blow on the same embers” as well as the support and the love between us, the theme according to the last years, was experienced again in reality.

Such gratitude…these experiences reward and help things going in this challenging, but rewarding work that we are guided towards.

That is also the case with several of the participants. They are shepherds in a common herd but also sheep sometimes. The sheep metaphor presented itself after having spent time around all these Norwegian sheep herds. The wonderfully beautiful, barren nature continually opened itself around us and as closing words, I share with you Hics’ profound message to us, when I with Patrick checked out the places before the group came. Also, for you, who have found this blog, to consider.

“Now that you are here at the end of the world, isolated, regard how ample everything is.”