Faith as a theme

The other strong theme for the group excursion to Norway was faith.
To be in a group, share, consider others and to be present demands faith. Many have so-called, bad experiences and difficulties with being open and having faith with their own vulnerabilities. On the trip, we received positive experiences from the group support and empathy which certainly strengthens faith in these friends and even the goodness in humankind in general. Individual protective boundaries were expanded and still, there was acceptance. Furthermore, some were also brave enough to be present during somebody else’s difficult moments. Just like it should be…
The theme of faith was highlighted when I asked for feedback on the trip from the Upstairs. Many people experience the vast nature, the power of the ocean and the barren nature as cleansing and calming. You get a safe and good feeling and feel the contact with nature and Mother Earth. You even feel a want to move here to the power place of Mother Earth.

The souls on earth have practiced having faith in life and the Upstairs, through their faith in Mother Earth. They have learned to trust that earth offers safety, protection, and nourishment. It has been the path to learning to trust the Upstairs, God. When humans eventually have lost their contact with nature, a large part of them has also lost their faith in the Highest power.

That is why these kinds of places, where nature is strong, powerful and whipped by storms and your own smallness is present, a memory in your soul might be brought to life that awakens the longing for faith. Many experienced that it would be nice to stay at the barren shores of the Norwegian fiords, that God would be closer there and that you would feel better.

What happens in a place like this, on the energetic level, is the presence of the barren nature’s stored memory also awakens a memory in the human soul, that really is the longing for God, not a longing for this country. Our soul remembers the safety that the country brought, but the object for longing is not the country, but God. We can not return to the beginning of time, rather, now we have to search for safety in everyday life from the Upstairs and bring it to our own lives, wherever we are.

We cannot flee to this space around us, we have to find it within us, no matter how our soul longs for this place. Silent moments or longer retreats to these power places of Mother Earth are still needed. We can strengthen our own faith in life, the Upstairs and get the resources for our innermost to look for the same in everyday life. The Upstairs recommended small retreats that last a few days for all those who are longing but with keeping in mind and understanding that change is the way forward. Clinging to country and moments keep you stuck in place and does not enable change for what needs changing. Each according to their own backpacks.

We are children whose longing is to present the Spirit when we are in our bodies. We miss Father’s protection and Mother’s home. Our mother gives us our body and home and our Father brings everything to life. Our task on earth is to keep this life flame alive and increase its’ power in our lives. That way we get the safety and can live with faith, no matter what happens in our lives.

Mother Earth. Father in Heaven. Thank you.