Battling Borreliosis – Part 2

September 2018

New symptoms

The diet has now been adhered to for several weeks, supplements and herbs have been enjoyed daily. The overall condition has sometimes been good, even perky, but when I put strain on myself I notice that many symptoms return.

Now it is the first day of October and behind us we have a three-week work tour in Sweden and Croatia. Optimal food has not always been available, but so-called harmful foods have been left out and all the drops and pills have been taken.

Before the trip, at the beginning of September, new symptoms appeared. I noticed how I started to feel numbing sensations in the face. First on the lower half of my left eye and the right-hand corner of the mouth. Slowly those numbing points have increased, and the points vary on the face. “Stationary” numbing points are the lower lip, lower jaw and cheekbones. I can feel them every day. Tingling, prickling, numbness. I also noticed, that the challenging tour was draining and there was sensory overload. Many days I was overly sensitive to sounds, smells and external energies.  I tired more easily, and I was more irritable, because there just wasn’t any time to rest. Luckily, the last days in Croatia were more about relaxing, sun and swimming.

At this moment I still feel tingling and numbing in the lower jaw and from there it creeps toward the neck. I am aware that the symptoms are already so called serious, but I continue tenaciously, because I know that I can not endure an antibiotics treatment. My stomach is sensitive, and at the same time I am badly allergic to many additives and artificial “foods”. I pray for help daily and I get frequent energy treatments for this.

I already know with certainty that my detox treatment will continue at least until next summer.