Year 2019

I’m sorry that my overview for the new year 2019 takes this written form only now. Almost two weeks of this new year have already passed when writing this. So far the energies of this year have been fast moving and active. The change has continued moving forward with speed. We have already gone through the first eclipse on 6.1. when we had a solar eclipse and also the occasion when the black and the white moon were in opposition. It was a powerful but also a very challenging moment. The next eclipse will be a total lunar eclipse on 21.1. which we can also witness here in Europe. Instructions for that will follow in the near future.

Theme of year 2019

When I examine the themes for each year my main view point is at the level of the humanity and Mother Earth, on those issues for the new year that the energies are bringing forward to be changed and cleansed.

This year is particularly strong as it is accompanied with many special astrological events that are meant to produce speed to the development of the humanity. And like always before, the more we all work with these waves of energy the easier it will be to deal with the challenges and for the positive changes to manifest. We go with the flow instead of resisting it.

The need to depart from fruitless things and the need to bring things to completion for the sake of spirituality will emerge for many souls and that will in turn mean a collective change at the end of the day. Old bad and harmful models by which one operates wear out vitality and eventually cause physical symptoms. Changing those operating models and programmings at the latest during this year would therefore be necessary. There needs to be a change of direction even at the level of humanity which currently destroys more than it builds. In practice there will be more dissenting opinions and also activities for a change coming up this year also at the level of the society. Therefore, it would be so important now to become aware with which kind of energy that change is brought forward so that the same negative energy that humanity has earlier used to bring about a change would not once again increase.

Changing your own energy is the basis for a bigger change that could bring about a lasting new state on earth. It would be a state where everybody would be taken into consideration. It is probable that these points of change will be brought forward in a radical way during this year because when I examine the outlook for this year there are energy peaks arising almost every month that indicate negative energy being thickened. There are is a lot of underlying turbulence and that energy is just waiting for a change to surface. We need to take care that we do not respond to negativity with negativity but instead we ask for help and cleansing so we could understand, have a wider perspective and forgive.

This time of change and the thickening of negative energy have been going on about for the last four years. We are all waiting to see how and in which way the change in the world will happen. This has been a topic already discussed for the last decades but the bigger concrete global events are still waiting to manifest. We as souls, however, choose what kind of a change it will be. We are not victims, instead we should be active participants.

Everybody can take part in this change by changing oneself. Still the same answer, unfortunately. We all need to do this together, otherwise we end up in a situation where the possibility to change the world, our own society, has been taken away and we are forced to once again start over from a baseline that is more difficult and maybe even so difficult that we will remain with no possibility to influence anything anymore…

So let’s work again in cooperation with the Divine, life sustaining forces every moment every day. When we join our energy with the Creator’s energy we create a new world from love. If we create (or try to create) only from our own will we will surely make mistakes. Asking for help from God, Spirit, the Great Power or which ever name represents the Unconditional Love, the Creator to you, is the most important thing. Connecting oneself to this source of Love every morning is a beautiful way to begin the day. Then being awake and aware with oneself, one’s feelings and thoughts and asking help for one’s weaknesses and lower vibrations. Taking a quiet moment / meditating, daily light exercise and also the right diet that elevates your energy and helps your body to carry out the task it has been born for here on earth. There is the whole package!

Simple and eternal truth.

Good deeds, helping others and foremost being a good example are all part of the right energy for change. But like has already been said so many times before, begin with yourself, cleanse yourself and become stronger and only then can you really help others.

In addition to this year’s theme of completion and letting go of the old there is the ensemble of body-soul-spirit. The above mentioned everyday instructions also fit this theme.

That is to say that we deepen the multidimensional self in everyday life. Cleansing the soul gets a big priority here. We need to remember that we are souls traveling in a body and that we have had thousands of lives on earth and we carry all the experiences of those lives in our soul. By freeing ourselves of the lower memories, i.e. energies, with the help of the Light / God we raise the vibration of our soul. When we become more purified we can connect to our real Self, the Divine part, our Spirit. Then our life changes and also the basis of creation changes. We become Divine beings that are able to see the great plan and work for the good of the entirety. The lower level of the personality / the soul has been cleansed and has ascended! We give the physical part of us to God’s use here on earth. The path shown by Christ…

A part of this is also the joyful energy of change and the joy of together being able to make great things happen and help the humanity and also Mother Earth. It is wonderful to do nice, fun things alone and together because that also increases the positivity in the world. Rejoice to the fullest! It is allowed. We can choose joy and not whine and wait for someone else to bring it to us. I hear it a lot that people long for joy. You have to create it yourself, by complaining of its absence it only disappears further away and you transfer the responsibility to others. That is not the purpose, you create your own life!

So this year is an incredibly big of a chance to bring forward new thoughts, operating models and examples of a better world. Participation with regard to these issues is one piece of the theme and it is wonderful if your own point of participation is starting to take shape. Or if you already are on your path, you can take an even more active role as an example. The joining together with other souls to strive for know-how, energy and aiming for the same goal still continues from previous years.

Each one of us is an element of change because each soul changes the world through its own work. There is no positive act small enough, no change of direction small enough that it would not make a difference, because a positive choice sets in movement greater energy and through that brings new possibilities also to other souls. So believe in yourself, be strong and recognize your weaknesses, accept them and love yourself with the help of the Divine. No one can do it alone and that is not even the idea. This Divine help is the Greatest Love on earth where we live in a physical body practicing its fulfilment at the concrete level.

Ask for the Light and you will be helped. The era of humility has now begun.

I hope you all have a wonderful adventure with the themes of this year! Go forward boldly and with trust, together, with Joy!

With thoughts of Light and Joy, Eija