Spring Equinox 20.3.2019 & Cosmic Winds

We came home a little less than a week ago from our trip to Thailand. It was quite a heavy working trip, the most demanding so far. I will tell more about that in this blog later on because now we have a more acute topic in the air.

The ongoing general energy is very suspenseful. At our return home I noticed that the energy here in Finland is very different from the energy near the equator. The electric, cosmic energy had become more compact and is now moving fast and can be felt especially in the finer energy bodies. During our absence of three weeks, there had been major changes. That might be partly due to the solar storms that have had an influence here.

When one looks at the big picture, at the level of the solar system, big changes are once again happening. My feeling is that cosmic help is given to this time of the opposition of the black and the white moon. This change concerns mostly individuals, not so much the global level. I am not expecting any collective, bigger change taking place yet.

It would be beneficial if everyone would now concentrate as much as possible on strengthening their own connection and maintaining it in everyday life because the cosmic help does not only mean elevating energies form the solar system but also higher Helpers. The helpers of Light are now closer and have in a way strengthened their help for our benefit. The connection to them opens up through our own Highest and therefore maintaining the connection can bring you a lot of help.

There are planetary constellations happening right now in the solar system that in their force are also influencing the current energies. Inter alia Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto. You can read more of these topics on different astrological reports.

Spring equinox is on March 20th close to midnight in Finland. This equinox carries the theme of balance. Now there is a possibility through the opening of this energy to receive a balancing flow, especially for the finer energy bodies. There is the possibility to strengthen that energy body which is active at the moment of the spring equinox. So it is worth reaching as high as possible! By activating high thoughts, deep deliberations and seeing things from a broader perspective, it is possible to get answers, information and extra boost at the moment of the equinox.

The energy has already been active for many days before the actual moment of the spring equinox. You might have experienced it as trying to balance between the human mind and our spiritual essence aspect. The mind is our greatest enemy these times.

Like before, the moment of the equinox is a possibility, if you strive and are active yourself and ask for help and connection.

In addition to the equinox, there is the opposition of the white and the black moon that is on. It is a strong state that also has an influence at the energy level and it is good to be aware of its energetic effects. It will surely bring to the surface the polarities within us. Indecisiveness, procrastination, your own wants versus the higher plan etc.

It is good to work with your mind now. I.e. the Buddhist way: give your monkey mind something useful to do. Concentrate on the moment, follow your breathing, be open and present to everything and to every level. Do not overthink! The level of the mind means the lack of connection to your own Highest Self.

The apparition of Mother Mary, who is one of the Holies among the great Holinesses, also falls on the same day.

Gentleness and wisdom balance the energy of this day. We will focus on that and try to fill ourselves up with that energy at the feet of this Holy mountain where I get to spend my birthday retreat at. My heart is bursting out of thankfulness because this dream of mine has come true.

In any case that confrontational energy can be burdensome because the mind tries to pull you down to the old ways of thinking and make you believe that everything is somewhere out there and as long as I find it I can become happy. I am looking for my own place, own mission and therefore I search it outside of myself. That is an illusion and will only get us more confused about our real self. Pausing will bring you back to yourself.

It is all in us, all peace, balance, and happiness. We just have to give it space, let it conquer our hearts. It is not a sudden development but it is our own choice to give ourselves a chance and also get our mind involved in this process of creation.

We are truly creating our future now, at this very moment. Therefore, it is crucial what we think, feel and do at this very moment. When you hold hands with Upstairs, discuss with Helpers and ask for help and guidance, you also create that to your own future. Your connection becomes deeper and guidance stronger.

Thankfulness and belief in the Helpers, the Highest and strengthening your own spiritual belief will raise your vibration in a minute.

Summing up all the information above and the energies of the moment: Do as little as possible of unnecessary things at the concrete level and send impulses up to the Divine level.

Real, lasting balance can be found through your own connection to your Highest. Through it, you can see everything from a broader perspective and understand the bigger picture in addition to understanding yourself. Working with your mind, giving it something higher to ponder and/or living in the moment by following your own breathing, the flame of a candle or listening to the breeze of the wind.

Join your forces and support each other at this time. Joint meditations and striving for the same goal at the moment of the equinox will make also those stronger that at this moment struggle with their own backpack. Let´s create a future of balance and peace together. Each and every one of us through our own choices in this very moment.

Blessings from the retreat here. At the feet of Holy Montserrat.