Dharamsala 31.5.-18.6.2019

Monday 3.6.2019 – Eija

These thoughts come from Dharamsala, McLeod Ganji. I have visited this place once before for the exact same main reason, the teachings of Dalai Lama.

After that first trip, I never believed that I would return here as I experienced it as a once in a lifetime thing. Upstairs did, however, guide me/us here with a wonderful group.

The purpose of this trip is to deepen the participants’ understanding of Buddhism, meditation and also the beauty of the cleansing work. Behind the idea of being here lies also the thought that the participants would get a broader perspective of the birth roots of this cleansing work and of that similar kind of thought ideology regarding the humanity that Buddhism entails.

Patrick often says that this Luxia-Method is certainly not a new thing but it is updated to this time especially for the Westerners. The basic idea is the same, work on yourself so you would be able to change the world for the better. It is a lifelong journey.

Today’s teaching theme was the 37 practices of Bodhisattvas. Each participant got a book in which those practices are explained and His Holiness told about them and their significance on the spiritual path.

Bodhisattva is a term that is used when referring to such a practitioner of Buddhism that strives toward enlightenment for the benefit of everybody, not just himself. All practices, actions, deeds, insights are dedicated to all beings i.e. they are meant for the benefit of everybody.

We also aim for the same idea in our work. We cleanse our own vibration, we do not blame others of our own negative and strive through our own work to make the world a better place for everyone. Also animals, nature, Mother Earth. Good deeds belong to this path as well, together with sharing information and serving others. Patrick has also in this life made retreats in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, and he has received blessings from high lamas for his path. My path has also included studies of Tibetan Buddhism because I have experienced it as the truth that has managed to still remain pure.  

We arrived at the temple well in advance in the morning but were regardless greeted by a big crowd. After very thorough safety checks, we made it to the area we had reserved and marked for us the previous evening, which however by this time had shrunk considerably. We crammed our group of 15 persons in and sat on the floor with the others. We were surrounded by Tibetan grannies and monks and sat almost in each other’s laps.  When the TV screens began showing the picture of His Holiness entering the temple area, all the discomfort was forgotten and my heart was filled with great thankfulness that I was able to be present there.  

His Holiness walked arduously with the help of two assistants in the temple area. It was clearly visible that his health is not the best anymore. I got a flash in my mind of global scale sorrow and emptiness when it is his time to leave this level and cross over to be among the Buddhis again. Also, the thought of how the last sacredness would disappear from the Earth with him tugged at my heartstrings. He has himself stated that he will be the last Dalai Lama. Now he is, however, in front of us after going around the temple and walks towards our area waiving his hand around. All through his journey in the temple area, he has been stopping and shaking hands, touching and blessing people. Finally, he turns around and steps with an effort the stairs up to his spot. The teaching can begin.

Today has also has been another extremely hot day. The temperatures rise close to 40 degrees Celsius and in the afternoons we have been watching the thunderstorms and listening to hailstones bombarding the sheet metal roofs. Today too we had fierce rain with hail and the Himalayan mountain chain was covered with a grey vail and in the end, disappeared from sight.

Even now in the evening, there is a huge light show going on during our evening discussion and meditation. Now it is time for the last deep breaths of the day here at the altitude of 1700 meters and then it is time to hit the head on the pillow. I will try to continue with my accounts in the near future. Take care of each other.