Summer solstice 21.6.2019

Sunday 16.6.2019 – Eija

This year we get to receive the energies of the summer solstice on 21.6. at 6.54 pm (Finnish time). I explored the theme of this solstice here in Dharamsala where we are getting ready for Patrick’s solar return. His solar return falls at a wonderful point in time because the Buddhists are in the middle of their Saga Dawa month (4.6.-2.7.) when all spiritual practices and good deeds will multiply by 100 000.

The most important day is, however, tomorrow 17.6. which is the day of the full moon when all virtues will grow million fold. So spend Monday at 17.6. wisely. With good thoughts and deeds, you can create a better future for everybody but first and foremost you should remember all spiritual practices and in this way help yourself.  

The exact moment of the summer solstice also falls on this month and we are spending it in very sensitive and feminine energies. It is the day of bringing together the body, the soul and the spirit with the thought that “May my body serve my Spirit/consciousness. I lay all the aspects of my being to serve the Divine.” This is a formidable theme and it follows up the direction of ascending of the last years.

Much sensitive emotional energies will become stronger and it can be guided towards Upstairs lovingly. There is the possibility to activate and strengthen creativity. The higher the energies you reach for; the purer ideas you can receive. The idea behind this is that when you want to serve the entirety with your abilities and ideas, i.e. to dedicate them to the good of all, the purer is the energy you receive.

Spiritual responsibility, compassion, and feminine wisdom will become stronger.

At the concrete level, it would be good to find a place that carries the strong energy of earth because it gives balance to the sensitive emotion energy that is on the move. The energies of the air can be found higher up away from the sea. So, a place higher up where there is a portal would serve the zero hour best. But it would also be good to have rock under your feet, so Mother Earth can strengthen and support the energy of that moment while high energy flows through us to Mother Earth. When body-soul-consciousness is joined in the holy spirit, the Divine flow also benefits our Mother.

Let’s once again join together for the benefit of a higher direction and a brighter future. Each of us there where we are without forgetting how powerful joint energy can become the more there is souls gathered together that are aiming for the same goal.

Let’s forget about the Midsummer Day which is only a cheap copy of the most powerful event of the summer and join together in pure collective power.