Lunar Eclipse 16.7.2019

Monday 15.7.2019 – Eija

I’m writing my blog on the lunar eclipse surrounded by strong ancient Celtic energies because we are on a holiday (working) trip in England, and today we arrived at the sceneries of Glastonbury. The purpose is also to receive this eclipse somewhere around here.

The moon will darken in 25 degrees of Capricorn and the Sun is still in Cancer. There are many strong planetary aspects taking place and therefore affecting the quality of this eclipse. But as I’m not an astrologer, I will not go deeper into that theme but will tell about the energies of the eclipse as they are given to me by my Helpers.

In Finland, this partial eclipse will reach its maximum peak at 00.31 (17.7.) but you can start following it already when the moon rises above the horizon. Here in Glastonbury, we will begin following the eclipse a few hours before.

This eclipse follows the solar eclipse from a few weeks’ time. A similar kind of theme continues; that is to say that it is beneficial to continue studying oneself and one’s behavior. There is also a strong karmic presence stamping this eclipse. In practice, this means that old and even painful behavioral models are activating further. The polarities within us are rising to plain sight. For example, I experience myself as a victim, look for approval but then I still fight for my space with aggressive words and behave from the safety of hard energy. Balance is being pursued with extreme measures but that will not provide permanence.

So it is now still the time to heal the wounds and ask our Helpers to help with that. The meaning here on Earth is not to try to be powerful by ourselves but instead, we can ask for help and cure for ourselves. It is not a weakness to take refuge in the Light; it is wisdom to do that. The energies of our past lives are not meant to steer us but instead, the meaning of this life also is to refine all that we have experienced and learned before so that our backpack could become lighter and we could develop during this life.

On this tour that has now lasted for a week, I have taken notice of new energies affecting me which however are energies familiar from past lives. Even deeper fears have risen to the surface as I can remember at least one life here in which I had to jump down from a high cliff onto the rocks on the shore in order to prove my innocence of not being a witch. In this life that experience has manifested itself as mistrust in men and especially with authorities that represent the old view of this world. We all have fears, even some very deep ones and they guide our life, but for nothing. We can free ourselves from them and finally give ourselves the balance and peace this eclipse is aiming for.

So, once again it is good to study the days gone by after the solar eclipse. What has happened in me, how have I reacted, etc.? Our most painful points can be first and foremost seen with those close to us and our family is an excellent mirror to us. You can continuously ask for Divine help to these points and in this way gradually peel these heavy layers away from yourself.

This eclipse is raising the same themes to the surface at humanity’s level. It should be the time to let go of past animosities, forgive and learn to love your neighbors. The degradation of humanity can now be seen everywhere, also in spirituality, and therefore we can pray for help and support from above in a joint meditation at the moment of the eclipse so that our course could change. So that superficiality, one’s own urges, and lusts and self-centeredness could disappear from having an effect on people’s aspirations. It is, however, good to understand that even if we respect and love our neighbors and loved ones, we cannot sacrifice our own path by repeating the same programmings and mistakes that for example, our parents did. We need to keep on the path of change in order to see that change in the world.

The moment of this eclipse is therefore for joining together and the common goal is balance and wisdom for everybody. We strive with all our hearts and energy up towards the heights, towards the Light and the Helpers of the Light so that the world could change. Including also myself.

So please believe: now, at this very moment I can find harmony and love within me. And I can strengthen that also in others, with my comprehension, support, and love. So consequently find yourselves a strong power place for the hours during the following night and join together with others.

You can find and reach us probably on some hill close to Glastonbury, close to the 3D heart chakra of the Planet Earth. In energy, we will, however, be together.