Our trip to England 10.-21.7.2019

This is our first leisurely morning since we arrived in England. I get to sit in total peace in the garden of our accommodation and enjoy the silence. Only natural sounds surround the space. A cute little wren is keeping me company in a jasmine tree above. Its happy singing melts my heart and makes my smile reach my eyes. The fragrance from the jasmine tree reaches me occasionally when the wind blows towards my bench. There is a fountain burbling in front of me and it is surrounded by rosebushes in full bloom. Beautiful colors, deep red, rose, and salmon in the morning sun. There is a bird that looks like a raven enjoying its morning bath at the highest level of the fountain. I’m though not sure of the species, but it looks like a raven. Maybe it’s a rook after all? A delightful sight anyhow. There is a round pond surrounding the burble with cyprinoids swimming in it, which however are very big for such a small pond. They must surely feel like prisoners when swimming around in a small circle. Now I try, however, to enjoy everything my senses catch up and not worry about the faith of the cyprinoids.

My challenge has always been that I identify too much with suffering. I can react strongly to animals, homeless, that young cashier that is trying every day to cope with the same… I can experience the distress of many souls at this time, and it hurts. During the last years in this job, I have gotten to learn with guidance from the Helpers of Light a new way of dealing with everything that surrounds me. They have taught me that I cannot be a victim of my sensitiveness because otherwise, I will not manage this job. Information that pours in through all six senses can be very burdensome if I don’t learn how to regulate that flood. I have had to learn to choose the information I take in because otherwise, I cannot help or then I help in a wrong way, in other words through my own emotions. The higher levels never mix up their own feelings when engaged in helping.

Already as a child, I was way too sensitive, a crybaby. I could not watch movies in which for example horses were falling down because it hurt so much see. The pain became even worse in that stage when I realized that they were only movies, that is to say, that a human had subjugated horses to that state in order to get the needed scenes for the movie. There were times I only felt hatred towards all this, and I still feel that almost everything here goes so wrong. I didn’t understand then, and I still don’t understand why humanity has such an aim… Often when at bay I would defend myself and my sensitiveness in a wrong way, with harsh words and by blocking my heart. I was trying to cope and protect myself. Luckily I also had courage in me and I would express it by looking for adventures. I was a little too bold and stubborn and have nine scars on my face as a memory of those adventures. 🙂 That courage and adventurousness are greatly needed in this job. It is good that also those qualities can be found in my soul. Now, however, it’s time for peace and quiet and I send compassion and love to the cyprinoids.

This place we are staying in now is a little better than our previous accommodations. The meaning is to rest slightly more today before the moment of the lunar eclipse. On my right, there is the main building of the estate that has been altered to a hotel. The building is surrounded by a big garden that is of very English style with its rosebushes and accurately cut bushes. Everything is rigorously tidy and beautiful.  An excellent place to be, receive and for example write a blog. The rooms are quite ordinary, all the old splendor has been renovated away and practicality has taken over. Unfortunately, a pretty ordinary hotel room. The breakfast room and the service there do however speak of a higher standard. A huge crystal chandelier, beautifully cut cordons and traditional wallpapers with ornament patterns are a sight for sore eyes. Time stood still there, where there still was leisure.

We began our trip on 10.7. and went from the airport directly to Devon. The guidance from the Helpers of Light was to follow the ley line of St. Michael that travels across England. Our job here is to activate power spots on the lay line and possibly open up portals that have already gone out. St. Michael’s ley line is powerful and it has been known for centuries/millenniums. Already before the medieval times, many great and important buildings were built alongside it. I have received guidance where we should stop and where there is work for us to be done. In practice we have had a lot of work, driving and being awake. Even if we are supposed to be on vacation now, in reality we are working all the time. It might be hard to comprehend that this work is often strenuous because also this trip means hundreds of miles, a lot of sitting in the car and not very spontaneous exploration, as we have been given a timetable to proceed with. We received information that there are a few other souls or groups engaged in a similar kind of work here on earth. Fortunately, because this work is needed in order to preserve the balance here on earth. So we do have help with this work for the benefit of Mother Earth.

This is our second so-called vacation day by now. Our first day was breathtakingly wonderful because we drove through the fairytale village of Bibury from which I uploaded photos to FB. Fortunately, it was a beautiful day and we could truly enjoy the loveliness of the village.  Together with thousands of other tourists, haha. It was quite crowded but I could regardless fill myself up with the beauty and the ancient peace of the village. There were deep permanence and harmony present and you could reach it in spite of the crowds. It is not only the picturesque beauty that gravitates people to that place but that inner energy. For real, it was like a little hobbit village with its low thatched roof cottages one next to the other. If you love fairytales, it’s worth googling.

From the point of view of my own potential, the greatest event was in Avebury which is famous for its crop circles and stone circles. We were driving towards our next accommodation in the evening when I suddenly felt a familiar old vibration approaching and circling us. I had felt the same energy last time at the end of the 1990s when I was actively in contact with my own cosmic helpers. It was absolutely from the same source as then! I became teary-eyed from gratitude and the love that they were pouring on was so healing and welcome. This encounter, this reunion had been promised a long time ago and I had been waiting for it for many years. Now was the time, finally. The vibration in these surroundings was such that it made it possible. I was given information on what is to follow but also a verification that I have been carrying a connection in me to these high helpers also even if I have not been able to maintain the connection with them in this magnitude. It was very comforting to get blessings on our trip. It might be bold to state but I do expect a lot from this evening as I can feel the connection strong even now.

We will continue following the ley line; now we are in Wiltshire and are little by little moving towards the south/west coast. Tomorrow we carry on, but today we get to take a little break. Researching the crop circles and possibly receiving information on them is part of the job we are doing here. In due time we will also publish our vlog on this trip as we have been working on it every day.

I’m waiting for fresh news on crop circles every day so we could move closer to sense them. Now we already know of one that appeared on 1.7. and it is allowed to visit it. That will also be on our schedule in the following days. There is a lot we should accomplish in these last days here but with our guidance, we can surely get it done.  

Here on earth, we live a life in a bodily form and it is often not easy to carry your real mission at the concrete level. In my life I have also been searching, taking wrong paths that have, however, educated me, but fortunately, there has also been the right choices made. I would still like to even better combine the human level and this work because my guilt arises mainly through my closest relatives. Of course, I try to do my best, but I cannot make other people’s wishes come true in the form those wishes become active in them.

Fortunately, my relationship with my own children is good and so full of love even if we do not always share the same understanding. Nonetheless, honesty and love carry through the difficult patches. We have experienced so much and come through some very big challenges together. It has not at all been a picnic for us as a family. I have soul agreements with all my children and that means very big responsibility. The greatest help I can give them now is to live my mission for this life true. In that way, I also affect their lives in the best way. As I carried a lot of victim energy already as a child, following directly my mother’s path, I have, of course, transferred that energy also to my children. In the last five years, I have been cleansing that energy with the help of this cleansing method. The change in me has been tremendous and it is mirrored also to my grown-up children. I’m finally a true example of a strong woman on her own path and following the higher truth. This is the model of a woman I can now give to my own daughters. I make it possible for them to also become free and grow strong. They still have to do their work on their own and they are very good and strong with that!

My relations with my biological sisters have been testing the last few years. My dear older sister still manages to sway my balance and my guilt energy can become active. Luckily, because then I get to cleanse it. We traveled a long time, for years, together on this path of spiritual quest. We had already then moments when we were not able to reach each other, but unfortunately, I did now have this powerful tool to work with. When I physically moved further away from her, the situation changed a lot. From my point of view, our biggest problem and difference of opinion lies nowadays with our old parents. My mother of 84 years has Alzheimer’s and my father of 89 years is taking care of her at home. They are both straining and my older sister is the only one physically close by and therefore the biggest responsibility lies on her. I respect her choice. I have 500 kilometers between me and my parents. I try my best, but I cannot change the situation in a way that would please everybody. From time to time I do feel sadness about this situation, but then I remember that I cannot change anybody else’s choices or decisions they have made, even if it is so hard to look at my own parents and the situation they have ended up with. My love and respect towards them are deep because they have given me a present by giving me this opportunity in this life.

The last time I met my parents was a couple of weeks ago and we spent the day together. We went to visit my father’s older sister who is over 90 years old and dropped by my sister’s yard but unfortunately, we did not meet her. We also passed by my cottage where I have a wonderful tenant. Taking into consideration the age of the seniors, they managed well, but it was heartbreaking to see my mother’s condition. There are good moments, then moments of confusion and distress when she, herself notices that she does not understand or remember. The worst moments are when she understands herself that she cannot remember although she knows that she should. Then the anger comes up and even crying. Consequently, my heart also weeps. Every reunion with her is relinquishment and letting go and I know that day will become when she will no longer recognize me. I have always had a strong bond with my mother and we have been alike in so many respects. I also look more like my mother than my father.

From my childhood, all the way to my thirties I experienced my mother’s feelings strongly and she affected me. When my own awakening began in the early ’90s, I began to pay attention to this and cut the ties that were guiding my life from the outside. I started to see my mother as she is. Then, I also understood that I cannot help her forward more than she allows me. I had lived my adult life a lot in a way in which my mother resorted to me, looking for a listener and supporter in her difficult times, especially with my father. With my own three kids, I could no longer give my energy and time to her as I had done before. It was time for me to grow up and take responsibility primarily for my own family. So started my years of growth even if the connection with my parents remained there. So here I am now, and I do rejoice of the moments that I can spend with them. The understanding of their path and accepting the situation we are in now has brought peace into our relationship. That is the most important thing for me and also right at the energy level. I would do wrong to everybody if I would sacrifice my own life for the welfare of a few souls when my mission concerns so many.

I now wrote more about myself because in this way I can set an example at this moment. Karmic energies, old versus news ways of acting are now active due to the cosmic developments taking place. This night the lunar eclipse will bring forward those points where we can still stumble and those are the points you can now change. I read Sarah Vargas’ blog this morning as I finally had time 🙂 and if I understood correctly, she highlights the same. You have to find the courage and strength to listen to your own guidance even if the world around you is screaming against it or when other people tell you that you are selfish or crazy or this and that. I’m encouraged and comforted by the thought that only the Divine level can see, who we all are and from which energy we operate from. Then, if we try our best and act from our guidance that they give to our heart, we really cannot hurt anybody even if it might feel so to the human mind. Love is more than taking action at the concrete level, it is the first and foremost energy we beam to our surroundings and it is visible at those levels that are Divine. You should not judge yourself or others of their choices as you cannot see the higher reason behind them yet.

Even if we are work in progress and we have our weak points, we can change. I’m grateful that I’m now walking this path with this bright soul that supports me and my mission. For 50 years I searched and finally, I have found at the concrete level what I have come here on earth to do. It does not mean that I would be ready or better than others, but it is the most important thing and it carries me forward. I work on myself every day, listen, cleanse, rejoice the moments I realize and get rid of harmful energies. I go forward, take my own steps and cherish the connection I have now been given. I can, therefore, be an example to others of how this cleansing work is worth you while and will with resilience eventually bear the most wonderful fruit, guidance from your own Highest Self, Divine help. All this is meant for everybody to have, please believe in it also and strive for your own real self. We all have a choice and we can never blame others for wrong circumstances, our own burdens or reactions. We can just take notice and accept them and then ask for help with them as that help is always available. And eventually, change the concrete level when the energy in us has changed.

Thank you that I got to share this with you. Wishing a powerful day to all.