Vlog on our trip to England part 1

31.8.2019 – Eija

I’m now starting a video blog of our trip to England during which we toured holy places and traveled along the St. Michael’s ley line from end-to-end. On our trip, we connected churches with portals to the Golden Network as well as reopened and cleansed those spots that had gone out. The purpose of our trip was to active this holy and ancient ley line and also experience the power of ancient energy. We also visited Stonehenge and studied crop circles.

Here is a video of our first day in England. The video is of trainee level quality as this is a totally new area for both of us. Our Helpers have guided us to bring information to people directly from the field wherever it is we are working.

We have to credit our friend Håkan that we can now offer this video to you in this form and state. He has spent dozens of hours working on the video material in order to get this video publishable. 🙂 The English subtitles are by Minna Niemivirta. Thanks to them.