Autumnal Equinox 23.9.2019

Friday 20.9.2019

The second equinox of this year will open up on Monday 23.9. at 10.50 am (Finnish time, 7.50 UTC). The autumnal equinox means that the length of the day and night is the same all over the world. It is also a significant moment energetically, and this year’s theme is a balance. A pretty fitting theme when you think about the fact that the day and night will settle into a mutual balance and share the day into half between them.  

The theme of balance would like to firmly and with care be part of everyone’s everyday life where it belongs. The body, mind, feelings, thoughts, and intentions… all directed towards the Light with receptiveness and stability. Balance and peace in life can be found in a spiritual goal and committing to it. I know, where I’m going and why. I believe and trust the guidance and also myself. I take all that I have learned into practice into my everyday life and in that way I create harmony and balance in my life.

When I carry peace and stability in myself I also cultivate that around me. Like it is meant to be. We are each other’s supporters, listeners, and helpers. We can play the fool, slip and become tricked by our backpack occasionally but still, our balance remains, even in complicated situations.

We can make a pretty large impact while traveling our way towards a clear goal. We can pave the way, be an example and create something new. There are so many that are longing for a new kind of world in which nobody would need to be afraid, be alone; a world in which lies or power would no longer be used to destroy small people.

Each and everyone can reach peace and balance within oneself. It is our right but it does not quite come without effort. We need to want it and fight our way through the lies and the heavy energy. All that, that has accumulated in our backpack during our many lives. Thus, our goal is to become whole for the sake of the entirety and in that way bring peace and balance to earth one of these days.

At the moment of the equinox, we can also remember Mother Earth who is also greatly yearning for the state of harmony. Today, a few hours before writing this, I once again visited Pilis, the place of the fourth dimension heart chakra of Mother Earth. Our wonderful group gave all their love and spiritual energy to support Mother Earth so she could continue carrying us with her heart. Mother Earth’s heart gets strength from our love and that love can expand and strengthen to new dimensions somewhere around the world.

During the moment of the equinox, we open up, quiet down and ask the strengthening power of the Light to the everyday life of humanity. May balance and peace increase everywhere. In me, in you, in Mother Earth.