Time up until now

Sunday 20.10.2019 – Eija

There was once again an energetic moment last week whose effects one could follow around the world and also in the close neighborhood. The black and the white moon were in opposition to each other on 16.10. (you can read more about that via this link (https://www.luxiaborealis.fi/en/2018/12/16/166/). Two energies opposing each other had an influence mainly at the concrete and reactive level. The feelings are certainly always guiding the actions of people and the energy of these moons mobilized them. The effect of this strong confrontation could be seen for example in the need to defend your own space, the strong emergence of your own opinions as well as violent outbursts. There were incidents around the world, also those unfortunate ones.

When you live an unaware life you can easily be governed by outside forces and your thoughts can be easily affected through the collective energy. This time the effects were very much at the physical level and these could be seen for example as physical symptoms, fatigue or falling ill. It would be good to consider what has reacted in me during October, how have I taken action and with what energy. When you take the position of a spiritual practitioner also in regard to these astrological events, you can work with those events and not try to fight them.

The rest of the year also carries tensional energy and the ripples towards chaos are getting stronger. And those, who want to see it can surely notice the condensate energy that is extremely tense. We can, however, influence the situation! These are important moments of understanding also at the global level because each of us is responsible for if that tension unravels into negative actions or are we able to defuse it with our own work. All joint positive efforts are of course always good, also joint meditations in the energy of love, but we can influence and defuse what has already been created also at the individual daily level. Not through fear nor with supremacy, but from compassion and understanding that we are all in the same boat.

So once again I take the responsibility of myself and cleanse my own negations and act with the energy of compassion and wisdom in my daily life. This is, of course, advise that applies to every moment, every day and every year but now the wisdom of this advice really needs to be executed for real.  

The next interesting astrological event is the transit of Mercury. The peak of the transit falls on 11.11. at 15.54 (Finnish time) and you can follow it also here in the Nordic countries. It is possible to see then how this small black spot travels across the sun. From an energetic perspective, one could say that the positive qualities of Mercury can become stronger if we are receptive to them. I will write more about this in the near future.

After that, we slowly sail towards the winter solstice on 22.12. and towards the end of the year. The next opposition of the black and the white moon will smartly fall on Christmas eve and a few days later we will face the last eclipse of this year, which is the solar eclipse in Capricorn on 26.12. This annual eclipse cannot, however, be seen in Finland and one would have to travel for example to southern India to follow it. The full eclipse is at 7.17. in Helsinki.

In my next blog entry, I will let the cat out of the bag and let it meow about the greatest spiritual threat of this time that is spreading now around the world.