Channeling about the energies of this time

27.10.2019 – Eija

Firstly, I will let you know that this entry is not yet about the cat but it has more information on the energies of this time. Tomorrow, 28.10. the new moon in Scorpio will open the door to a new time period of revelations. The moment of the new moon falls on the morning at 6.38 Finnish time. The moment of the new moon and its energies will be strengthened this time by the upcoming transit of Mercury in the sign of Scorpio.

Today I got to receive powerful information that brought me to a stand by its forcefulness. The information flow started with the headline: time period of revelations.

The time period starts at the moment of the new moon and will continue to intensify all the way to the solar eclipse on 26.12. Of course, also this time period is only a part of a greater cycle but its significance is certainly wide.

Revelation means the coming forth of the truth and also understanding it the right way. That energy looks like a great vortex that travels around the world breaking everything that has been built on an untruthful ground be it at the level of the society, groups of people, systems or individuals. It is important that we all want to see what is happening around us so we will not maintain the illusion at a wider level either. Even if this time period might bring to the surface information concerning the wide masses or unpleasant incidents, our purpose is to learn to act in a new way. The meaning is to learn to see behind the lies, behind the curtain of illusion we are shown. The meaning is not to engage in dramatic events or bemoaning, neither is it to engage in repeating the chain of events and bemoaning them together or with others. The meaning is to aim to observe and through that oversee yourself.  

And neither is this the time to glut yourself with feelings but instead, above all, do inner work with honesty towards yourself so you can then make the correctional changes needed. It is the time the masks fall and are dropped without drama or support from the outside. The work means connecting to this energy and its flow with love towards yourself and towards the development of your own soul.

The obstacle to spiritual freedom is always an energy of dependence that can be masked also into good feelings. Nonetheless they hamper us and make us look for affirmations outside ourselves. Spiritual freedom it the goal of this period that starts from this new moon. The same objective shines also under the forthcoming solar eclipse. It starts from here and can come to a conclusion on Boxing day.

Hanging on to the illusion only brings more pain whereas the truth sets free and lets the path leading to the future become visible.

We can choose the clear state of being present and see our own state with love and from there the change can begin. Change is not possible if we still cling on to the old and try to create something new together with it. The cliché of letting go is necessary and we do have the means to do that. We rely on the Helpers of Light and do not try to do it by ourselves. Away with the thoughts of I’m like this, he has always been like that, this has always run in our family or the worst of them all; you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. All that is exactly the illusion that prevents new to be born.

It is not necessary to have a negative attitude and ruminate on one’s own state but now there is a splendid opportunity to let go of that too. Taking honestly notice of your own low vibrating feelings and thoughts and examining them and wishing for them to be transformed is a different kind of vibrational state that takes you towards liberation. The thought or affirmation, I love myself so much that I give my soul a chance to heal from past wounds, is more than current. If you still accept the part of the victim, controller etc. you accept to hold on to the illusion. The illusion applies to yourself, the society, the structures or the state of humanity and clinging onto the illusion can take you to another new cycle repeating the same experiences maybe for many years.

The theme of the new moon is being an example like a teacher. This means opening up a new path through your own example to others that are walking under the energy of truth. We can unchain others with our own example towards tearing away from falsehood and towards spiritual freedom. Now is an excellent time to bring our dishonest masks to the spotlight, to concede to ourselves our own weak spots and the need to hide them. Each day we can bless ourselves with a new more genuine path that travels across the valley of openness. We can take a look at ourselves and the unnecessary burden that manifests through our behavior and words with curiosity. We do not wag our finger at others, point at their spots or push them towards a new path but we travel the path ourselves and open it up so that others will have an easier time to follow us. If we instead hide in the bushes along the path we will be uncovered as soon as the fierce winds start to blow and reveal our hiding places. That windy time has already started a few years ago but now with the upcoming time period we can expect considerable storms. They will remove obstacles away from our path and bring down our shaky structures behind which we are trying to hide = behind and illusion. The truth is that we can only find refuge in truth and honesty and in the connection to our Own Self that carries the Divine Light.

This time period can feel hard especially if we cling onto the old and thereby give entitlement to our own negations. This can happen consciously or completely unconsciously. The best way to find the points that are in need of a change is to be aware and awake in the moment because through our thoughts and reactions our true energy is revealed. That fragile, fearful and negative part that is yearning for healing. The truth also entails the understanding that it is only ourselves that can take notice of those wounds and heal them through the Divine power. Our own weak and low energies do not have enough power to heal but luckily we can trust that the Helpers of Light are close to us just because of that. We can resort to the life-sustaining power, the creator, that carries so many names. God, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, Christ, Creator, Buddha…

Selfishness is one of humanity’s great plagues even if it is concealed under the most wonderful cloaks. The more we want to fulfill our own needs the more selfish we are as beings. We do not generally serve the entirety through our own needs. But we can grow towards the direction where we can recognize the need and the state of the entirety and that can open up a whole new path of service. That is just the path the pioneers, the trailblazers choose to walk on. Your own example, choices and above all spiritual work light a new direction also to others.  

Like I already told you, this can be an exceptionally hard time period but if you belong to one of those that have already been shaken and woken up to the new maybe even through some rough experiences, you can consider yourself blessed because you are being supported and guided to a new direction.

So many souls in this time have much wider plans for this life than just pursuing a happy human life. But the wounds also from past lives prevent them from seeing that wonderful path that awaits by making choices. The more we repeat the old patterns of being and living that bring tears to our eyes the more this wonderful path is covered by the illusion we have of ourselves. If we believe in the midst of the pain that there is nothing else in front of us and we only suffer and are the victims of misfortune or at the mercy of others, we abandon our own strength and give it to those that have hurt us. We cannot believe that the feelings are permanent nor that they represent who we really are. We are Divine sparks and we should strengthen the shine of that spark and understand its origin. This spark holds that seed, in which we are one, we all are love, that has been created from the Source of Light.

Then on 11.11. we have the transit of Mercury. It is a gateway precisely to that new understanding of ourselves. Until that day we can now create the new me and build our direction towards the path of Light that travels in love. Hand in hand with the Helpers of Light. Strive towards yourself, be honest in the moment and examine what you feel in this moment and why. If you yearn for acknowledgement, attention, appreciation or something similar you can ask yourself what is it you are lacking of so that you need outside energy in the form of a feeling. Why can’t you yourself just accept, appreciate and acknowledge yourself and just sit down to receive Divine love. The more you do it, the more it draws the same towards you. Because if you feel bad about yourself, do not trust yourself, feel inferior or have low self-esteem, the more certain it is you draw towards you people that will bring out those feelings in you. That is how the law of attraction works! Do everything you can for your own good. Examine honestly your own state, your behavior and then make a firm decision! I’m done with being a victim and I start working for my own good! I ask for heavenly help for myself and for cleansing of those lower feelings and thoughts about myself. It is good to make a binding decision with yourself and stick to it because digging up the new me does not happen in a heartbeat but it might take years of work. You need to learn to be awake, you need to actively ask for help and also change those models that conform to that victim energy. New ways of acting and seeing yourself take time but this work will take your precisely to that new wonderful path. It is also worth remembering that behind all that victim energy there is the opposite energy hiding. Those fiercer parts of us often carry deep hatred, vindictiveness or malice. We have been molded by so many because our journey here on earth has been long and full of the deepest experiences. 11.11. gate is the beginning of the path of Light and we can travel towards it by being awake. At that moment it is good to sit down and strengthen that positive and bright picture of yourself as a Divine spark here on earth. You can take good decisions such as being honest, expressing yourself positively, gracefully and be encouraging to others.

This time period will also bring to the foreground communication and the way we express ourselves and also how we listen; are we truly present for the situations and other beings. There is also the danger of many moments of misunderstanding if you are is not present with your heart when with others. It is important to want to see good in others and listen through that when others speak or communicate. There is the danger of repeating the illusion in these moments; that means hearing the other speak through the past. That is not the truth, instead, it is our own distortion of the moment. When you sincerely want to understand and leave behind the old thoughts on how the other one is and how you are, there is a greater chance to hear the truth at any given moment. That is spiritual work in daily life among other things.

If I add up this forthcoming time to the end of this year it is a wonderful opportunity to once again climb up the spiritual steps. And the higher you climb the wider you see. When you climb the mountain up from the foggy valley the view is totally different. You might even notice that further away in another valley the sun is shining beautifully!

I wish you all a great day of creating new. It is a start of a new time period of being awake towards a more real Self. And indeed, the true Selves create a better world, for all true beings. <3 <3 <3