Holy time of Christmas

Sunday 22.12.2019 – Eija

Now that we are starting to celebrate Christmas my heart is open and my soul is yearning. Nowadays, Christmas time brings along even greater longing than in previous years. I long for holiness, peace and warm, quiet presence in my own heart. This Christmas feels especially holy because there is a lot of relinquishing involved in it and also the thought of a final Christmas.

During our trip to England last summer I wrote very personal thoughts about my mother in my blog for the first time. At that time, I did not know why I was so connected to her energy. A couple of days after writing the blog I received a phone call from my sister in Finland who told me that my mother had fallen seriously ill. The information did not cause a big shock as my mother is already quite old. A month ago we celebrated her 85th birthday and in my heart I felt that it was her last birthday. With that same feeling, we approach Christmas, that it will be her last, The holiness of Christmas is emphasized when death is lingering so close. Gratefulness is strongly present and so is grief. My mother gave my life also to me and that is the greatest gift. I was once again given the possibility to continue my unfinished work in physical form. Now that my mother is fading away the gratefulness follows me every moment. The greater grief arises from the fact that my mother cannot face the transition consciously. There is grief also in those moments when she is lost in her own mind and also when the pain takes a stronger grip on her. There is so little I can do anymore. I pray, of course, and ask angels help for her and for my father who is processing his own relinquishing.

The holy message of Christmas brings a lot of comfort as grace is so present in it. The great work of Jesus, the opportunity given to humanity is something so great words cannot describe. It’s just something you silently know in your heart. He showed the way.

The winter solstice was a few hours ago. Its strong spiral swept through everyone’s body and lit it up with great power during our meditation. Our whole community was gathered together in a joint meditation in our healing room very early in the morning. We were so much as one in energy and the presence of the Helpers of Light was so lifelike. Once again, a new point in time experienced together, creating new.

I still carry in my heart yesterday’s Christmas song event in the church of Michael together with over a thousand others searching for the holiness of Christmas. The church echoed beautifully the melodies of those wonderful, old and dear songs. The popularity of Christmas songs continues growing and there is nothing that fills up the church these days as this event. There are so many that share this yearning with me.

Christmas Eve will follow in a couple of days and the second to last opposition of white and black moon will fall on that day. It’s a time of tension and surely also a very sensitive time. Many have great expectations and obligations related to Christmas which bring distress and peace might be far away. The opposition situation will aggravate all that is hidden under the surface. We will avoid conflicts by choosing Light and compassion. Many compulsory family celebrations can be worked through by keeping the Christmas spirit of goodwill and peace in your heart. Away from external things, concentrating inwards towards your own space of peace are central themes of this Christmas also this year like at any other time.

At Boxing Day, we get to experience the currency of a solar eclipse. It cannot be seen here in the Nordic countries but we can follow it at the vibrational level. The peak point of the eclipse is in the morning at 7.17 Finnish time. The most important theme of the eclipse is freedom and attainment of independence. I liberate myself from old burdens, I finally get to pick up the fruits of the work I have done. It’s a time of thank you and also a possibility for the Light to come down and fill your being. I am ready as a vessel, I get to fill up as I have made space for the new.

That theme of freedom will continue in the following weeks. I will stay in my own energy and strength and in that way maintain my spiritual freedom. The lunar eclipse will then follow in two weeks’ time with the full moon. The beginning of the new year will thus get its own strong impulse.

We here at Portaluxia wish you all Peace, Love, and Light to this darkest time of the year. We thank you for the year gone by, all the encounters and work that you have done for the Light.

A new year and a new theme are waiting right around the corner. I will get to that when it’s time.