New Year 2020

Tuesday 31.12.2019 – Eija

The theme of this year is, in my opinion, very beautiful and finally, at long last, calmer than the themes of previous years.

We are slowly descending to the new year through the lunar eclipse that falls on January 10. The eclipse will be in the sign of Gemini and it is a so-called penumbral eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens always during a full moon and also this time one can expect a powerful energetic event. The eclipse starts after 19.00 in the evening and will reach its deepest point at 21.10 o’clock. It will end around 23.00 (all times are Finnish times). The spiritual theme of the eclipse is expansion and it applies especially to the responsibility of humanity. The profound idea is to set in motion such compassion and love that will assume responsibility for all souls and living beings here on earth. I will not concentrate only on myself but on all living beings on earth. A beautiful start for the new year.

The theme of the entire year of 2020 is wisdom, gentleness, and compassion. The feminine energy must be connected with wisdom and strength in order for us to experience each other with presence, compassion, and wisdom. Compassion does no means feeling pity for the other person’s state or situation or having strong emotions arising or relating to those emotions, but instead, it really is gentle wisdom at the moment.

We surely all have experiences on what it’s like at its best when you are able to interact with the other person without barriers, reservations, mistrust or any other mask we protect ourselves with. We all have an inner ability of compassion which means the receptive presence without relating to the other person’s situation. That’s exactly what feminine wisdom is.

We only need to have the will to find that ability inside us and have the courage to practice it in our daily lives.

We all have also experienced what it is like to be vulnerable, weak and sensitive to everything outside us. We all have our vulnerable spots and situations and people that reveal those spots.  Usually, they are our closest, dearest souls that bring us to a raw state. Now would be a good time to have the courage to reveal that tiny being we sometimes, some moments, are.

We all also have those moments when the spiritual work, cleansing the feelings and asking for help from the Light, is not enough. We all need caring, presence, support, and even concrete help.

Part of the theme for this year is to be present and awake for those that are struggling with either spiritual or concrete challenges at this moment. It is necessary to give a helping hand, do good and sometimes just forget about yourself and only help. That is the Holy Mother’s energy at its purest and that is what the feminine energy is also about. When we take action through inner wisdom and gentleness we do not lose anything ourselves but get help from above. But first, we have to make the choice to give…

Mother Mary will be our guiding star this year, someone to follow and rely on. She had to look at suffering, be present at those moments that shook humanity, experience the via Dolorosa of her son that eventually reached victory. She drew from her own wisdom and believed in the truth that came to earth in her son.

Spirituality cannot be selfish, something that only follows your own needs and feelings, instead it should be something that takes others into consideration. There is too much spiritual materialism that highlights the “I” feeling at this time. I do as my heart says, I want, my path, I myself want to try, I, I…

When we study the ancient high civilizations they all include the idea that when a disciple follows a spiritual path, he will arrive at that point where he will give up his own will and starts acting and working for the entirety and for the good of Divine will.

This year of 2020 is just an excellent year to start the path on which Thy will be done, not mine. Bringing Light, strength, and wisdom to the level of daily life, that is the pure substance of this year’s spirit.  Exactly what humanity is now in need of.

The closer we get to summer, the more we will encounter lighter energies even if the first months of this year are a little bit laborious. We will, however, get a good start from the moment of the lunar eclipse in January and can continue gathering strength while traveling towards summer. The dark force will once more have the opportunity to try and rise at the beginning of March but we will still continue choosing its counterforce, the Light. The last fight between the black and white moon will then be behind and we will step towards the future of humanity, and spring and summer strong with the help of Light.

This new year is also a favorable time for building a new foundation. All new initiatives, new choices and studying something new will be given a strong start blessed by wisdom and spirituality.  We can learn a new way of being and living with others at the level of humanity. Precisely with that feminine energy. This is not the year to resolve issues and problems with force or reason but with heart and compassion. It’s a neutral all-encompassing energy that serves the great plan. And even if we still are not capable of that we will in any case plant those seeds into the ground and nourish them with Light and wisdom.

So let us sow a good crop that will be enough for all. All the best for the New Year 2020!