Spring Equinox under the shadow of the coronavirus

Friday 13.3.2020 – Eija

We are approaching the spring equinox under peculiar energies, under winds that are sweeping over the globe. Suddenly we find ourselves in a situation where we have a global problem, a common direction of how to solve it and also the sorrow that joins us together across the borders.

People have asked me many, many times about the spiritual message of the coronavirus and I have to admit that in the beginning, I did not take these questions so seriously because we have seen this before. But at the beginning of this week, I began to get a clear picture that this is not just an event the hysterical media is making a splash about but instead, something that should be taken seriously.

This is a particular virus that certainly is not dangerous to everybody but its “mission” is exceptional and exceptionally evil. Its special purpose is to paralyze the lungs and furthermore quite quickly. The energies that lie behind the virus are hatred, unforgiveness, revengefulness, and selfishness. Humanity has collectively created that energy and everyone has adherence surface for those. I’m not claiming I know the origin of the virus or its source but each and every one can deeply ponder over that.

Now it is very important to do the right thing so we do not increase fear, selfishness or hatred in the world. Our Helpers have guided us to use common sense and there is no need to act from fear. Nonetheless, it would be good to prepare for example because of increasing quarantines or because of falling ill oneself. It’s recommendable to have food supplies etc. for a couple of weeks at home in order to make do over the worst. One has to think about the entirety and therefore avoid taking unnecessary risks so that you do not get infected for nothing or transmit unbeknownst those that are more vulnerable to the more serious symptoms. All this can be done calmly, through feeling compassion because there are already many that have fallen ill and so many families that is has touched. We have also been guided to pray for all of those who are affected by this epidemic.

I get the picture that we are yet to see the peak; on the contrary, the virus will keep spreading. Europe is soon beginning to be closed as many countries are now closing up their borders. Flights are being canceled all the way to the middle of April and many are being isolated in countries where they currently are. It’s not yet known for how long. The stock exchanges have already reacted and many are forecasting a global recession. There is enough ground for that but the depth is yet unknown. This can, however, be the beginning of a great change and a big awakening.

The world is now experiencing a change and it can be seen from all of this how vulnerable our concrete level is which we funnily enough so heavily trust. Or at least a big part of the population of the world trusts and counts on. The security from that level is really nonexistent, it can get destroyed anytime. And unfortunately so all the little people are the victims of that.

My experiences, especially during the last years, have shown so many times that the individual is of no value, suffering souls do not move the decisionmakers, there is no equality in the society, no compassion. Its structure is sick and weak. But once again, we have the possibility to show that even that level can be turned around to exist for the people. We can renew its energy through deeds. I wish that our decisionmakers here wake up before it is too late regarding this epidemic…

Here in Finland we are yet to experience such sorrow as for example Italy has experienced, but we can be compassionate over all the borders. If we are not able to do that we will much likely get to learn that through our own experiences. That is one of the spiritual teachings of this virus.

I have fortunately witnessed many times the goodness, the graceful deeds and the great compassion of many individuals that is directed towards all life. That is why I trust above all others these individual souls that have woken up, that do not make a fuss of themselves, do not want to be something but act when needed and carry wisdom and compassion that is based on their own experience. I pray that they find each other and join together to change the world and its conditions better. The more quietly this change is done, individual by individual, more surely it will lead to a greater and permanent change.  

Even at this time we can look around, help, and be supportive. Maybe there is even close to you a neighbor, a lonely elderly or a reclusive student. Look at him and see the human being, a soul that is possibly afraid. You can be the one to show him that he can also trust because there is kindness and caring if we so choose. The more we become spiritual, the wiser choices we can make even in the daily moments.

Astrology is also conveying a message that there are explanations and directions regarding this pandemic. There is support from planets that help the spreading. The moment of humanity’s lesson can be visible also this way. Towards spirituality in the daily life, caring and dismantling of old rigid structures. Human beings, soul and spirit as the starting point instead of money and power. Old structures are now fighting seriously together with those powers that want to oppress us even more. But we will not give up now but believe in Light and its power.

The moment of the equinox falls on 20.3. at 5.49 am (Finnish time), 3,49 am GMT. The theme of the equinox is quite strong this year. It asks you what is your Truth in the midst of all this chaos? Where lies your wisdom? Do you stand strong with it even when the world is being shaken up this way? Are you being strong, do you trust the power of the truth? Are you doing your best or are you escaping? Are you able to see comprehensively, able to think the best of the entirety? It would be good to ponder these questions beforehand and strengthen these thoughts in yourself before the H-hour. When the H-hour opens up it is good to quiet down and strive for the heights, towards the power of creation that sustains also this world. To strengthen the idea in yourself and your group that we are an entirety, all living beings on earth together experiencing this physical world that is now being shaken up. The purpose is to raise beyond our selfishness and our own desires and learn to recognize the Light in each other that can become stronger with the help of each other. See the small in the big and the big in the small. What are we left with when we look at the wider picture? In the midst of all this fear, sorrow, and disbelief.

We are left with the safety that carries us over these events, over the death of the physical body. We can train ourselves in such a way that we can find our Highest Self that is beyond the reach of all concrete. We can pray for such understanding and change in the world that could finally bring about an understanding of the importance of the entirety in the place of selfishness. I work on myself, every day so that the entirety could change and we could finally see a better world. That is a good mantra for this time, and each one can implement it in his own, pure and valuable way. Individual by individual, with the support of each other. 

I wish you all strength in this exceptional time.