Time to create Holiness – now!

The cycle of planet earth has once again reached a point when it’s just the best time to join together to create a new, better future for all living beings.

The Cosmic support is now active and therefore I ask people to turn towards that Divine Light, the power of creation.

There is a beautiful dance of stars and planets in progress in the sky that will culminate on 3.4. when Venus will cuddle up in the arms of the Pleiades’ sisters and reach the zone of Cosmic Light. We can see this beautiful sight also with our own eyes if we take a look towards the Pleiades at the time of sunset. The moon will be guarding this event on the left but it will not be allowed to participate in this creation of a new era. 

This energy has already been flowing to Mother Earth for the last few days and has made human souls more sensitive and opened them up to goodness, beauty, and holiness.

On 4.4. we can expect a strong message from the Sun because it has also been shaken by these fresh winds.

This time period will culminate on 5.4. when Jupiter, the planet of luck, conjuncts to Pluto’s strong energy of change. The exact time for the conjunction in Finland is at 5.45 (3.45 GMT).

These planets of higher harmony will give us the strength to realize the deeper meaning of life through the expansion of consciousness. It’s also a great possibility to connect to the Divine, Higher forces, the Helpers of Light.

It’s good to prepare for that moment during these coming days.

So we are living a time period in which we can consciously joint together in energy and create a better world. Beauty, goodness, compassion, sharing. Holiness can descent through us to this world and shine through us to all beings in the world.

Mitä pyhää sinä kauniina sieluna tahtoisit maan päälle luoda ja tuoda…. Koe se ja tuo se energia kauttasi mukaan aamun varhaisille hetkille, 5.4.2020

What kind of holiness would you, as a beautiful soul, like to create and bring to earth… Experience it and bring that energy with and through you at the early hours of 5.4.2020.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!