Monday 1.6.2020

Once again this is one of those updates that comes better late than… I haven’t written the blog for a long time as I have been on a personal and unique journey in Vaasa, my home town. An out of the ordinary journey of five weeks together with my dear mother and a few other close ones.

Now those intensive, good, and even challenging weeks are behind me. I have been left with tremendous, once in a lifetime experiences, that will surely leave a permanent mark in my soul and my understanding. I have gotten to witness how the soul and the body travel towards the last gate of this life: I have been giving my mother hospice care at her home on her last journey. I will not write more about that now as I will return to the theme of death later.

We are now approaching the wild gates of June that will finally give us new and even rare energies to receive. The sun accompanies those energies with great flares of which some are directed straight towards the earth enhancing and shaking the energy fields.

On June 3 there is the so-called Venus Star Point in which Venus and Sun are in 13-degree conjunction in Gemini. Once again, I will not speak about the actual astronomical aspects but instead will tell you what our Helpers of Light said about that date and also other future dates.

The beam that comes through the gate on 3.6. is meant to activate the heart of humanity towards a higher love and compassion. This spring with coronavirus has prepared us for this moment that is right at hand. So many have had time to just be and also take notice of those that are in need. We have witnessed losses, grief on a global scale. This shaking up of humanity has produced a positive collective change that is very much needed. THIS IS A PIVOTAL MOMENT AND DAY FOR HUMANITY, like a seal of faith, so I encourage you to share this information on these forthcoming times. The night of humanity is beginning to turn into morning.  

The exact time of the conjunction is 20.43 (+3 hours UTC) in Finland.  A joint, pure heart meditation at the H-hour bearing lovingly in mind humanity, is a great beginning for the new future. We will all quiet down together, at least at the energy level, and think all, everybody with acceptance, compassion, and love. We are grateful for all we have experienced and of all people that have come our way. Without criticism, judgment or too much mulling over.

During all of that day, let us also join together in our hearts, feeling compassion and love towards all living but especially towards those that we meet that day. Likewise, we can have loving thoughts towards all that are suffering now, each one in their own way with the potential of their soul. Without criticism, division, or evaluation of the nature or state of the suffering. We will not judge but instead, we will finally begin to understand and support with love and compassion.

Compassion is a rare state of mind, as it is a pure state without emotions. It’s not empathy but an even higher state as it entails the wisdom of everybody’s suffering. It includes wisdom about the suffering of humanity and all beings. It is a state we can strive towards and which we can achieve with unselfish deeds, good thoughts, understanding, and strong goodwill. One of the teachings of this coronavirus spring is that we are all in the same boat, we can help, we can take care of those that are nearby. We can think about them in a positive, supportive way instead of judgment and irritation. Practice makes perfect; humanity can change, loving your neighbor can truly be a part of our everyday life.  

Certainly, the gate can also bring distrust, lack of faith, need to be on your toes, and need to guard your own space to the surface but those are all old energies of which it is time to let go of. We might feel that we have been very sensitive lately, like an open wound that other people touch, often by accident. It’s a good moment to remember that all have their own wounds, their own ways of trying to protect their own space. But the time of defense is about over and it’s time to put trust into practice. We can be new and brave and ask, tell about our own state, and receive understanding and compassion. It would be a great victory for humanity to get individuals to experience refuge in Light/God/Love and hence trust others at a totally new level. Working with your feelings pays off, there is no need to let negative feelings or states to guide you but instead, we can just ask the Helpers of Lights for help and cleansing. We, each in our own way, can show in our everyday life, what we choose. It pays off to choose the Light and Love even if you are scared. That way we show with our example a way to a better future.

The next gate is the lunar eclipse on 5.6. It activates the sealed energy of 3.6. that will stay on earth to modify our future. Therefore, it’s also the moment when it’s time for the positive, high energy to become stronger. The energy that we have adhered to during these last times, last months, days.

In Finland, the eclipse is at its deepest at 22.25 when the Moon eclipses in Sagittarius, and also Mars and Neptune bring their effects to play.

During these days from Wednesday to Saturday, it’s good to be on alert and take refuge in the Light, the High-Level Helpers so that the lower negative energies will not carry you away.

The Helpers told that this can also be a time of strong doubt that can even grow to such extent that one turns the back to the Light if you give it the possibility. Aggressive outbursts are very possible, but if you encounter them, encounter them with understanding and compassion. Keep your inner connection to Light, God, Christ, angels, Buddha… you choose which word is needed by your heart.

The intensive period of these days or in fact the whole spring will start easing up when we reach the middle of the month like was told by the Helpers when examining the energies for 2020. We can breathe lighter energy, experience ourselves at a higher level, and bring more light to everyone’s everyday life. The positive traits of the work done and our development until now can come forward as long as we want them to be expressed instead of mulling over the same old victim stories in our heads or to the “joy” of others. It’s absolutely the time to have faith and trust the guidance of the Highest and bring that joy also to others. See the Light deep inside everybody but meet everyday life with wisdom.

This year the summer solstice and the solar eclipse fall almost at the same time. On 21.6. the Sun moves to the sign of Cancer at 0.43 (+3 hours UTC) and the day is at its longest here in the Nordic countries. The solar day is ours! And only some hours later at 9.41 Finnish time the cosmic portal of the solar eclipse opens up. The eclipse begins already hours earlier so we are in for tremendous energy for the whole night. It might be good to spend the night of the midnight sun awake and meditate on the same themes which will get their cosmic blessing on this day.  

In case you are one of those lucky ones that can be on vacation, I suggest a lot of hanging out, cleansing yourself, and quieting down/meditating while taking all into consideration and striving for the wellbeing and peace of all living beings. That is not so difficult because good thoughts and feelings regarding others are just that. It’s still a time to let go of past negative models and attitudes towards others, incidents, be they in the past, or the future. Forgive yourself and give yourself permission to forget and forgive also others.

This is a great time to create the best for yourself and humanity. We create through high feelings, positive thoughts, and love towards your neighbors and it will descend on earth as concrete events and matter that serve everybody.  

This is a special time especially for those who have already awaken to make a change. For many, this can be a time of thank you for the work done, for the countless efforts to change the harmful models in oneself and in one’s life towards the direction of positive and innovative.   

The cosmic supporters of planet earth can rise to new tasks and of course to a new, greater responsibility. Be ready to serve where and when that time comes.

Mother Earth is living with us this wonderful time that advances in small steps towards the direction chosen. Let’s take a look together where we step and where the path takes us. The goal and the direction are the most important and all souls take part in creating that every moment <3