Friday 3.7.2020 – Eija

On Sunday 5th July, there will the last eclipse of this period. The lunar eclipse will happen in the sign of Capricorn at 7.44 am (Finnish time which is +3 hours UTC) and carries the energy of strong wisdom. It will partly continue the themes of this year but with its own colors. It is finishing with the old and starting new.

“I look on life with joy and wisdom and thereby increase gratitude, which will carry me over the challenges.“ This is a mantra given by the Helpers for this time.

These last weeks have once more successfully shown us where our emotional locks, detrimental behavioral models, and unnecessary programmings are. Many of those awake have received immense help from the Light to dismantle them. Many have been given events and people right under their nose so that it would be clear to see what should change and in which situations we treat our soul to its detriment or in an old, unnecessary way. Those unpleasant and sometimes trying moments allow us to recognize them, smile to ourselves, and make the changes needed. And it is just for making those changes that we need wisdom and joy that this period’s energy offers. Now is a good time to turn and face your painful spots with love and lean on the Helpers of the Light. Even though the responsibility of change falls on ourselves and even if we gladly wait for something from the outside to solve our problems and heal our wounds, we can get Divine help in situations as long as we ask.

“I am blessed to get this opportunity.” Another mantra from the Helpers.

There is no need to take action from martyr energy or give our power or time to unnecessary things or people for it is time for those things/people to already go out of our life. Everybody can continue towards a new life, towards a life that looks like you. We have a right to that and also a responsibility to do so according to the plan we have made for this life.

At the moment of the eclipse, we strive towards great entireties, towards the skies and the creative power of the universe. I’m ready to receive a blessing and a new beginning.

Ancient high civilizations knew of the significance of these cosmic events and prepared for them. Over time this holy knowledge of the creative power of the entirety, cosmic cycles, and the portals they open up has disappeared from the memory of humanity, and now it only lives in the souls of few consciousnesses. Time has also affected the correct understanding for example of eclipses and it has been replaced with false information regarding worshipping astronomical objects. The moment of the eclipse can also be a moment to ask to reach high information, something that can benefit the whole of humanity.

As there is quite a sufficient amount of fiery energy in the collective field, it can easily flare up at the individual level. Therefore, those people are needed that can bring their calm wisdom to daily life so tricky situations can be brought to conclusion with compassionate wisdom.

This blog is written with the support of all elements on our wonderful island. The cliffs, sea, wind, and sun support and empower with their presence. We have many weeks of incredibly wonderful summer behind us in the beautiful archipelago of Turku.

We have been working around the clock to prepare for the upcoming retreats. Prepared containers to grow plants, made a few flowerbeds for perennials, new toilets, and also the guestrooms have been built. The guesthouse is almost ready to wait for our retreat guests. The presence and support of Upstairs and Helpers of Light have been strongly present each day both in the small and the big projects.

A great thank you belongs to our wonderful friends, the members of our sangha, that have in so many ways supported this joint project. But the most abundant thank you goes to the two hardworking and truly skilled handymen that have created everything for timber to the concrete level. They have worked tirelessly and with joy countless hours for the good of all. Improving the old and building new would not have proceeded in this way without their output and competence. This group of largehearted friends, that understand the entirety, has made it possible for everybody that loves peace to enjoy the new and wonderful accommodation and beautiful guestrooms. We are looking forwards to our first retreat with great gratitude!

The Helpers of Light have been involved also in this and give their blessing to all tireless hardworking workers and our future retreats and retreat guests. May this island be for all that long for Light.