Message from the Masters of Light and Love

Message to all of us that ponder over world events and apprehensively follow the ever-growing and confusing supply of “spiritual” trends that increase the chaos…

Message from the Masters of Light and Love from the high-up Holy frequencies in Earth’s realm 
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This blog post comes straight from the Helpers of Light that have been placed to supervise and support the development and agreed direction of humanity. They are Masters that have the path of enlightenment behind them and there are also those that have never existed in a bodily form. Their only frequency is Love towards humanity.

* This time period in humanity is peculiar and difficult because there are too many paths offered to people and many of them are misleading, do not bring results but only take your vibration down. Humanity has been going around the same circle, same track, for thousands and thousands of years even though all the guidance of the right choices has been offered for the same amount of time. All guidance that leads to liberation, ascent, and eventually to a return to the Source that each soul on Earth is a seed of. We watch with compassion how so many have, for so long, searched for peace for their soul and searched for an answer for the great longing they feel. From one cycle to the next gradually losing their spark. The souls living on Earth at this time are faced with great challenges as there are way too many paths to choose from. But we want to remind you that the one that searches with a pure heart will find the right path.

You also have the right paths that lead humanity to ascent to choose from. And those paths you can identify from the signs all great Masters have over and over again brought to you. You will identify Light and Love in those everyday instructions on how to live a high, pure, love-filled life daily. Many rising streams, or as you say trends, come and go and often mislead but the Truth remains, it is immortal because it has been constituted from the Source.

We see how there are movements arising at this time that do not serve the Light but instead serve one’s hunger for power or the need to be something, above others, even though hiding behind the message. They try to change the world with old means in order to gain themselves the position of power. It’s true that the dark, destroying powers exist and partly lead your world and that of course should change.

However, as a tool of Light, you never use attacks against what you want to change but instead, you increase the Light and trust by doing your individual work. This means a change individual by individual because that strength comes from the heart and from the connection to the Source of Love.

The intention of the dark forces is clear and its message is rising forcefully through single individuals now. The mechanism today is to bring forward truth, fancy, good information that individuals then start to believe in and trust. After that starts an active campaign of feeding it through different channels, YouTube being the most efficient one. The followers become addicted to regular broadcasts and they wait for the next broadcast while the previous broadcast’s message sinks deeper to the mind, altering thoughts and the state of the soul. This kind of subordinative and addictive plan comes from a destructive source and is based on some individual’s need to be someone. Always, when one person or a group starts to bring forward their own world-changing unbelievable revelations about this world and time, there is a need to be very suspicious.

That path will not lead to the Light and liberation of humanity. Light, Love, life-creating, and -sustaining Source, God, has repeatedly given humanity guidelines on how to raise oneself above the heavy and destructive vibrations to create good for the whole of Creation. That work starts by attaching yourself to the Source of Light and Love and living it true each and every moment so that Light could finally win. It’s true that the dark, life-destroying powers operate on your frequency but you can disable them by believing in Light and the Source and cleansing your own vibration so you will not have any surface of attachment for darkness to chain and control you. It’s good to understand that they exist in your world but they should not have control over your thoughts, mind, or everyday life but instead with persistence, and with commitment you can stay connected to Light.

Humanity will not rise due to actions taken by any destructive mass movement or operation because that only creates more low vibration from which one is trying detach from. In order to eradicate evil from your world, you must first remove its seed. That seed resides in every individual and thereby in the collective memory, vibration, of humanity.

No negative revelations or public announcements of different groups will bring more peace or love to the world but rather increase chaos and darkness. And that is the aim of the dark forces, to mislead and deceive. Evil exists, but as we stated before, it cannot be eradicated with the same energy, not with aggressiveness, by stirring up fear about the groups governing the world. You eradicate it from your own being first through work on yourself, taking refuge in the powers of Light, and living in Love. You surely remember the saying that Love always conquers darkness. Therefore, choose the Light.

The movement that is now spreading out in your world and aims to eradicate the so-called elite does not have its seed in Light and Love but instead, its source is negative, life-destroying, and chaos-increasing. Its intention is to connect itself to the power of as many souls as possible so that its own agenda would come true. Through the negative revelations and instigation of hatred, they aim to addict souls to serve as tools to their purpose. There is no connection to the idea of holy brotherhood or equality or the aim to liberate people. No intention to liberate people from slavery but instead new enslavers are working and lost, searching souls follow them until they are eventually brought to their demise.

Even this movement has begun from the need of a few individuals, not from the connection to Light. In the beginning, the motive was almost pure but as the roots of this trend are almost three decades old the detrimental direction had already been created. It brings forward the beautiful non-truth and the initially good intention was contaminated due to contacts with forces that do not sustain life. So, the roots of the current movement are further in the past but it became stronger about six years ago when it was tied up to a great deception campaign.

Our advice to humanity is to turn towards the spark that all souls carry. That spark is born out of Love and its aim is to enlighten the human body on Earth in such a way that the Light would guide you and your whole collective could ascend according to the plan. Then the agreement made with the Source of Love would be fulfilled. Leave you hunger for sensation without the contaminated food that so many channels now offer and rather seek the Truth on how to change the life on Earth towards Love, without fear, violence, chaos, competition, hunger for power, submission to the power of money or loss of trust…

We pray for you and send you the frequency of love so that souls on earth would not stray more from the path so that return to Light could come about and each soul would give Light and Love a permanent place in their life. We are doing our part to strengthen this direction as is our plan with the Source.

Turn to the Masters of Truth, Wisdom, and Light, not towards the destructive revelations or movements that destroy your innermost and spark. Rather, create kindness into your everyday life by loving your neighbor and attaching to Light, the life-sustaining Source that you call God. *

Portaluxia 5.11.2020