Now it’s time! A tremendous December 2020

The waves of the Lunar Eclipse

December has begun with a strong flow that accompanied the lunar eclipse on the last day of November. Our Helpers told us that the energy of the lunar eclipse was very much directed towards the physical body working on and opening up the energy channels. This might result in positive but also momentarily unpleasant consequences for the body. When the energy channels open the body might react with pain and ailments. If you continue to take care of yourself those symptoms will pass with time. Now is a good time to do deep stretching, gentle yoga, for example, check your diet, and take walks in the forest. At the moment of the lunar eclipse, the heavenly ambassadors came to the earth’s realm in large numbers to support the new beginning. There was also a bigger group of angels with us than ever before. The experience was truly powerful for many. Great gratitude remained from that moment!

The Helpers of Light call the time that opened up after the lunar eclipse truly A New Beginning from which unfolds a period of different energy. The strength and the vibration of this coming period’s energy will deepen towards the end of this year. There are themes related also to this time that the Helpers brought forward. The strongest theme is the rising of the invisible energy that is still hiding both at the individual and the collective level. What that really means is that the energy created before will step by step become visible. We all create – every moment, every day – our future. First, there is the thought that represents the invisible and which subsequently begins to shape towards the concrete. One of the Cosmic Laws. At the collective level, there are energies created, themes, and also efforts to keep these lower actions and thoughts hidden. Now it’s time for the truth to come forward and for humanity to see what it has created.

Lately, we have heard how many have experienced this fall trying and challenging. So the process for many has already started before the end of November. For example relationships and feelings related to them that need to be cleansed have been exposed. The lies related to oneself and others have become too heavy to carry. It’s been a time of letting go (once again) of those things and patterns that impair oneself and others and bring pain. The Helpers remind us how important compassion and wisdom are when dealing with these issues. Especially they remind of graciousness when the situations come to the surface. Love yourself and do your spiritual work, is still a very current thought.

Nobody is the victim but rather there is something that has been created behind all events. Even if you end up involved in drama and heavy incidents you can ask for help from the Light and strength to go through the situations. Maybe you get to study your own reactions and feelings through some unpleasant incident. Do you still want to trust in the good, try to see the lesson that it maybe carries, and above all stay in the Light when others around you crumble.

This is a period when we are pushed towards the point in which we can have the courage to give and receive without competition, without fear. The understanding of the paths of all souls will surely help to see things broader and deeper. Of course, there is a lot of evil in this world, horrendous events that should not be accepted but we cannot harbor hatred, vindictiveness, or constantly think of things that are wrong. Positivity is good and it should be cultivated but it’s good to be aware when you react with a lower feeling and then do the work that frees you from those feelings.

For many the spiritual journey and work have aimed at this time, these moments of change that we get to live now. In the astrological circles, the coming of the Age of Aquarius has been talked about for decades. Now we can for real say that the Solar System in its entirety is in such a place of the galaxy that the age of Aquarius has arrived. The whole time that I have been involved in the search for truth, spirituality – nearly 40 years! – has this coming time been so much talked about and waited for. Humanity has had a long period of preparation toward new humanity. We moved slowly towards the currents of change as of 1986 and the whole Solar System has been inside this light zone of new radiation since 2012. After that started “a period for the finishing touch” towards these water we now sail. We can now say that the Age of Pisces that lasted for 2000 years has come to an end.  

So what does this new era, that we now live in, mean. Our Helpers have continuously brought forward the theme of letting go of selfishness and replacing it with communality, compassion, and a broader understanding. All change should be brought into practice and little by little start to experience all souls in the world close to you in addition to your own small family. The change in one’s thinking and programming is slow, that we know. It always takes a couple of generations before the change comes visible. But in order for it to come true someday, it has to be created also at the concrete level. There need to be examples of how to live in a different way according to the new era. Luckily there already exists groups and individuals in the world that courageously live in a way that strives for common good and communality. Many young people that were born during the time of the transition (1986-2012) carry that information in their soul. Surely the original idea easily becomes distorted from the lack of right information, but they, however, know the path that they have come here to create.

Solar Eclipse

There is a Solar Eclipse on 14. December at 6.17 pm Finnish time (4.17 pm UTC) and the exact point is in Argentina. So it’s not visible in Finland but as before its effects can be felt all around the earth. The strong theme of this eclipse is spiritual freedom. Even though many consider that freedom means the freedom to fulfill your own wants, do as you wish, we talk about greater and deeper freedom that refers to liberation also at the energy level. As spiritual freedom is letting go of your own desires and control and transitioning to a Divine connection. That freedom means trusting the Higher Power that creates the world and sustains it. That Divine power follows the plan both at the individual and collective level and supports it. Spiritual freedom no longer carries the label of selfishness and ego but instead, it is a deep connection to one’s Highest Self, through which Light and Love can guide our life. It might still not open up all the way solely at the moment of the eclipse but it is the direction that will ultimately be activated in this world.

That new beginning will also activate “the period of distributing rewards” and for many, it will, at last, signify a new, better future. Of course, the work one has done recently and during the last years and the obstacles removed by one’s work will open up the doors to receive those Divine rewards. For others that might still mean examining those points of adherence one still wants to hold on to for one reason or another. But you can rest assured that all efforts and all work done to free yourself will be rewarded. Balance, new tasks, opening talents are just some examples of these gifts that gradually come down.

But you might also get to face those bonds and feelings related to them that hinder your growth. Then you need to be awake so that those situations do not unravel in a negative way which means reacting in the old way and defending even aggressively your own opinion and space. You must also be careful that you don’t believe your own illusions of things and/or people because that will always bring more pain. It’s better to pursue the present moment, remind oneself that what you feel is not the truth and then work with the Helpers.

In times to come, the common objective, that Divine objective, can become stronger but we need to work for it and choose that path. Then a time can come when we need no leaders, no one to exercise the power because there is no competition, no need to dominate. Because bringing the new era about will come true through the higher connection where souls follow the Divine guidance, then no secular rulers are needed.

Now we are in need of those that take the front line and show the path and in doing so ease the way for those that follow behind. Once again, it’s good to join forces at the moment of the eclipse because the joint power of creation is so immense! A good goal for the time of the eclipse, a common idea for that moment would be a connection to one’s Highest Self for all souls. You can visualize that, you can pray for that and fill your heart with such gratitude so that this direction will come true in our world. Jointly we create that path of the Age of Aquarius: life guided by the Higher force, working together for the same goal and spiritual freedom for all.

Winter Solstice and the Great Conjunction

Even though the solar eclipse is a big event in December the winter solstice on 21. December at 12.02 pm Finnish time (10.02 am UTC) is the climax of this month. That moment will seal the direction of the near future. The more we have those that carry responsibility and wisdom, the more we will move towards an unselfish and compassionate world. This moment of the solstice will get its unbelievable charge that day from a rare cosmic event, which is the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which has been raved about by astrologers. It opens up a Cosmic portal through which energy will pour on Mother Earth. Even greater energy of change will be poured onto the children of Mother Earth. The angels will still follow and support even more everybody that strives towards and longs for Light. They will also remain close to us in greater numbers to ensure our holy choices and protect the space where we sustain the new.

Souls that volunteer, are willing to serve, and be compassionate will receive new light and support in their life and in time get new tasks in helping also others because their challenges finally ease. The most profound lessons for many are now almost accomplished and understood.

We do not predict any collective ascension but we predict the more and more will wake up to take responsibility of the energies we create the future with. Even though the Solar System and the beloved Mother Earth are moving according to the great plan and develop, humanity is still dragging behind. It has not managed to change its vibration so that the 4D, the level of thoughts and feelings, would have been cleansed and the ascension towards 5D could have started. However, humanity has now the possibility to cooperate with these new elevating waves. All souls are not in that state that they could manage that kind of work but the more we have that lead by example, the more we give the possibility for the great masses to wake up. Otherwise, there is a danger that this collective sleep continues and even deepens with the influence of these energies! Therefore, now it’s time to choose, roll up your sleeves, and start committed work on raising the vibrations because the cosmic flows support those that strive for that.

 “In the coming time all of you can study yourself, do you cling onto the familiar home shore and look for safety in it or do you throw your canoe into the wild current and give thanks that you are on your way to freedom even though the fear arises from the strength of the current. The Helpers of Light guide you towards new shores, new villages, and new encounters with others traveling the new era.

Helpers and angels stand in guard with Love also to those that still need the safety of the home shore and wait for a calmer moment. Everybody is allowed their time and all choices are respected.

But those that know that now it’s time and therefore paddle in the front line, will be given extra helpers for their support. Those bold ones will soon no longer continue their journey in a canoe but instead, they will build a greater ship and choose their skipper among the best. That ship will cast anchor in each harbor and all willing will come abroad. The wind, that element of the Age of Aquarius, will carry the ship towards a new era of freedom.”

This message has been given through me to this time by The Masters of Light, the Council of Five and Hics. This message is for every soul on earth because all carry the seed of Light and the yearning to strengthen it is great right now. Thank you that you are one of them.

So once again, let’s join together either at the concrete level or in energy for the upcoming wonderful moments. Creating new for everybody’s benefit with the power of faith and wisdom.