The Power of Positivity

Last weekend was our seventh course weekend with future Luxia teachers. One year has now elapsed with this new group. With the previous group, we spent two years together, and wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and new ideas and skills were passed on. We all learned enormously during those years. I, as a teacher, made big insights and got a new perspective on my work. Many moments of joy and gratitude were shared, we rejoiced together the insights and turned challenges to victory. With wonder, we got to see how committed work and exercises with oneself eventually bore fruit for so many. At least we can say that love was always present when we met and that still continues to bear.

As a spiritual helper and teacher, I have continued to ponder on how I could motivate, inspire, and even verbally encourage and support all of the course participants. It isn’t always so easy because every time so many different personalities and ways to react are present. One finds the basic teachings and lectures inspiring, the others have a constant wish and need to get personal attention and even “praises”. There are also those that light up from the exercises that we do. All need to be taken into consideration in the right way during the weekend. The only thing I can rely on is the guidance from the Helpers and the great support that is present on our courses in so many different ways. Through them, I serve the best and am strengthened by my own experiences. From the very beginning, we have been guided not to share or teach anything that we don’t have personal experience of. That is a very important rule because you can only transfer energy through your own experience even though you are acting as a channel when being a teacher.

Our courses always start with the arrival of the Divine angels and everybody’s own angels greatly rejoice when those teacher angels arrive. Our great hall is full of Light that supports the whole weekend. We also have special reinforcements to support and observe us teachers.

Last weekend was rewarding, new insights were made and broader perspectives were created together. However, after the course, I remained to wonder how hard it is (at least for the Finns 🙁) to believe in one’s own ability to change for the better, to the true self. It is difficult to believe in the good that each of us carries within and the ability to bring the brightest self to the physical world. My view is that a big reason for all this is the commercial media that creates and maintains a great false picture of how a person in today’s world should be. Of course in the background, the programmings through generations and the ability to survive in the world also have their say on this. The minds of many participants echo the thoughts that others are something more, I not able, I cannot or I’m inferior. It’s only a delusion, it’s emotional energy that can be transformed into positive.  

It’s a long process to re-create oneself. I know from experience and from the help of Light that an intensive program for a few weeks, that so many books sell, will not bring lasting results but they might be a good start to more continuous work for a better future. I have to admit here that I no longer read or follow closely what “new” trends are rising at the spiritual front. Regardless, I still hear what trends are going on and what is popular with the masses. It is good that efficient methods are brought that you can use in your daily life but spiritual growth is so much more than that and you cannot change and try something new all the time from one year to the next. If you do not commit and practice in your daily life for several years you don’t necessarily end up with permanent changes.

The strength of positive thinking is significant and I always highlight that also to the course participants. In addition to observing oneself and working with the Light, it is good to remember the power of joyous energy, gratitude, and positive thoughts especially towards yourself in daily life.

We, who are doing the work of change with the Light, can also get stuck in staring at only those parts of ourselves and our behavior that we wish to change. The meaning of this work is not to increase the negative traits and emotions in oneself by stalking them but rather the idea of this work is to transform them into higher energy with the Light. That demands noticing those points in which lower traits in oneself manifest when one maintains and creates with thinking oneself towards a negative direction. Many traits in us are the result of several lives and some behavioral patterns and emotional reactions are strong and persistent. However, all can be transformed and through that create oneself towards a totally new, beautiful, and real self. It’s true that one might need to recognize some things in oneself several times until the insight sinks in so that the behavioral patterns and programmings change. Those are wonderful and rewarding moments because through that one insight the doors of the prison one has built for oneself finally open.

It’s good to remember in your daily life all the things you can be grateful for, what are the good things that happened today, what did I realize about myself, and how wonderfully I have changed in this and that.

You can and you should thank yourself! Genuine gratitude creates more things to be grateful for in the future. Here I could talk about the quantum state and how the energy laws work but let us leave that for a subject of a course. It’s not the easiest subject to bring within the reach of everybody. It’s also important to be able to talk about energies and spirituality in such a way that all the cliches that obscure spirituality, snobbishness, and superiority are removed, and all information on how everyone can develop themselves, at their own pace, would be available to all. That is one of our goals, to come close to all that are looking for a change, a more beautiful self, balance, and meaning to their life. Spiritual, soul’s development is the most important thing in everyone’s life and it does not raise anyone above the other and it should not depend on wealth, place or anything else. This time is a possibility for all souls and even a responsibility.

Here are a few affirmations from which you can pick those that are current now.
You can create yourself towards the real you with their help in addition to the cleansing work.
Strength, Light, and awareness to this time:

“I’m present and I’m aware of the state I’m in”

“The lower emotions rise just so they can be released to the Light”

“I release myself from negativity and fear”

“I trust the Divine Power that supports me when I ask for it”

“I acknowledge my harmful programmings and patterns and take their strength away by turning towards the Light”

“I can change”

“There is a Divine spark deep down in me that I trust”

“I see the Holy source in all and reinforce that”

“I’m grateful for the moments because they carry the possibility of positive change”

“I’m the embodiment of good on earth and I manifest that in my words, deeds and choices”

“I’m the support for my fellow humans and a strong example of the truth”

“I’m a consciousness that brings Light to the world”

“I’m brave and carry an inner strength”

“My heart carries a goal that I’m traveling towards”

“ My weaknesses are not me”

“I let go of the past and release my energy to the new”