Spring Equinox 2021

Tuesday 9 March, 2021

This text begins to unravel in the cold and snowy scenery of Kainuu (a region in Eastern Finland). It’s -28 Celsius (-18 Fahrenheit). It’s so cold that this little cottage I’m in is whining and cracking in every corner as the cold squeezes it. The crispy and radiating sunshine makes millions of crystals bounce on the crust of snow. They are responding to the messages from the sun and storing those messages in the crystals that our yellow star is transmitting. The heart and soul are filled with this light and energy that is sparkling everywhere around me.

I’m here spending my solar retreat of 33 days that this year is 5 times 12 years. According to spiritual astrology, this is a solar of rebirth that opens the door for wisdom to step in. Solar means the return of the sun and its point varies from year to year. Each year I ask separately where would it be good to go for the moment of the solar. It has not always been possible to spend it in the right place, but instead, I’ve had to do my best also in the home environment.  

This time the direction was towards the north but not specifically defined even though I first so understood. Own peace, the touch of the cosmos, and comfy premises were the guidelines when I was looking for the place. Luckily a friend stepped in to help and this wonderful place was found. When I look out from the window in the evening, I see in front of me the strongly glowing Orion’s Belt, and diagonally below it twinkles Sirius with its blue-green color. Right from Orion diagonally up there is the constellation of the Pleiades. When I take a peek from another window, I can see the Big Dipper overarching the sky. I could not be happier with any other view. I experience great peace and a fine vibration fills me.

The Spring Equinox carries the theme of Divine energy flow. Like clear water, it flows towards the Solar System through the constellation that our north axel is pointing at. Cosmic forces activate and the stars receive it and pass it forwards to the Solar System. The whole Milky Way vibrates a new kind of music due to the effect of those forces. Those forces create a new life and we can be co-creators with them. They support everything that pursues the great change of humanity; to realize love on Earth.

In the Age of Aquarius, freedom means spiritual freedom and it gives everybody an equal possibility to develop towards one’s perfection with the help of Light. At this coming moment, it means that people get a flow of wisdom so that they could through that understanding create an equal future for humanity that is not governed by any machinery. In time, the right, spiritually wise, and righteous will stand out from the crowd and lead humanity towards a direction that sustains life. I have a deep sensation, that even if the Divine seeds are being sown now, that I will not be here to see the harvest as humanity will hatch these seeds for decades. But I trust and pray that the time will still come and that this cosmic flow of Light will now have many vessels under it.

Once again it’s time to strive through the coarse belt of the collective. Alert and with an open and receptive heart at the moment that in Finland falls on 20.3. at 11.37 (9.37 UTC). With the thought: in meditation, I direct all my powers towards the stars and connect with their energy.

It’s also good to remember the moment of the new moon on 13.3. It will get powerful new energy also from the sun. Our sun has reacted to the strong impulse from the center of our galaxy. For the last days, it has held this energy of change to unload it at the right time towards Mother Earth and in doing so helping people for its part by shaking them. This solar flare is estimated to hit earth exactly on 13.3. So plant your seeds on the day of the new moon. Each new thought, direction, and choice will get an extra load of fertilization for its growth.

The evening moment darkens and I will soon get to enjoy the rays from the stars. Be blessed and believe in your strength in these important moments that are coming.