Solar – The moment the Sun returns

The importance of the Solar Return

Each year all of us have a moment when the sun, that beloved Bearer of Light and Giver of Life, is at the same point or degree as when we were born. That is the personal moment for each of us when the new, yearlong period, starts. That moment is a beautiful, new possibility to receive a cosmic blessing for the new year.

The moment of the Solar Return is not the same as our time of birth but we can calculate it from it for each year. That moment can fall already a day before or after your actual birthday.

According to Spiritual Astrology, you should prepare for that moment and be well aware of when the moment arrives. Our Helpers recommend that you should receive that moment with awareness and in energy that is as pure and good as possible. Sometimes it might be necessary to clean the body by fasting but that is not necessarily the case for each Solar. It’s good to spend your Solar time alone or with a person that gives you the right kind of support at that moment. Surely, a good start for your own new year for each of us is a couple of days before and after in quiet, listening to yourself.

It’s possible to read a theme for each individual new year. The individual year’s themes go in cycles and proceed year after year towards a connection to your Highest Self. You can order the yearly theme through the webshop. The yearly reading is short and concentrated on the most important points. The yearly theme is a message of the spiritual goals for that year together with what things, themes, and feelings one should be observant about. I often also give directions regarding the place of the Solar Return and when needed also guidance for the preparation before the Solar Return. Sometimes it might be necessary to travel somewhere where the energies give the best possible support for your own individual moment of possibilities.

So it’s good to meditate at the moment of the Solar Return, ask for blessings for the new year together with the connection to your own consciousness, your Highest Self. And after that just be receptive to your own Divine flow.

At the actual moment of the Solar Return, a connection opens up through the Sun and gives us each year new birth energy. The planets and especially different star energies give their own spices and pulse to the coming year.

The energies of our birth chart, through the different planets and stars, is a starting point from where we set off each life and the meaning of life, altogether, is to develop towards the highest possible that this school on earth can take you. The final goal is a completely pure connection to your Highest Self which allows you to bring the Divine creative power to the physical level through your own body.

This was a short introduction to the importance of the Solar Return and I will go deeper to this issue after my own Solar.

With the brightest greetings of the Sun, wishing you all a possibility of the Solar Return,