Moments at the beginning of summer

The coming week comes with the first eclipse of this year. The lunar eclipse falls on May 26. in the constellation of Sagittarius. The exact time in Finland is 14.14 (11.14 UTC). Eclipses are always related to their own themes and so is this one. This total eclipse cannot be seen in Finland but will radiate universally.

The energy of the eclipse will open up as strong transforming energy, that will be elevated by star energy. As if the gaze of higher levels would be directed over here. Like our high Helpers of Light, we were ready to endow and charge humanity and especially the conscious receivers with something new and particularly pure. To reach the energy of this eclipse, one needs to make an effort, and seek the strength within and especially from the support of your own group, to receive it. Together one can always strive stronger than alone. Strength is needed not to pass this favorable moment floating in these wonderful energies but instead stay actively present in the energies.

Perhaps for that reason, this eclipse carries the spiritual theme of healing and improvement that we can now get on board with.

Even though it’s about the possibility of healing, can that energy also boil down to explosive situations with accusations, and after all, result in judging others or to a deadlock within where your own pain makes you imagine that you are better or respectively the victim, whose situation should constantly be minded of and listened to by others.  

Each soul has its own kind of burden, the sum of past lives, it begins a new life with. So many of us have experienced pain, even great torment in our lives, and those have also left their mark on our soul. It’s like a wound, that does not close up very easily. It might certainly be that we have good and healing experiences during our life, and the wound closes up, but it also very easily starts to ooze if someone accidentally or intentionally pokes it. If we want our wound to fully cicatrize and heal, we have to work with it consciously.

So what is that method of working and the cure? Simply Love!

Actually, “in these circles” it’s already a widely consumed word and theme, and for decades it has been brought, in one way or another, as a way to heal oneself. But all the same, many still carry their wounds and try to protect and cover them.

However, love is the key, and accepting one’s condition is the first ointment that we cure the wound with. We accept our experiences, our own difficult feelings, and our current condition while understanding how we create more pain to ourselves if we remain in that state. So we start from feelings, give them attention when they are active and give them love by opening up to that higher love that the pure level pours on us when we pray for it. Forgetting past “wrongdoings” and being released from them, is work. Acknowledging the feeling and the thought and changing it to positive. And above all, accepting all. This is a part of me but I don’t need it anymore! I want to change, find a connection to myself and those that are close by.  

Love is available to us, it’s present all the time and it’s an endless source. The idea is not to try alone, not even by your own strength but together and with the Source of Love, which is also called God.

This is a great lesson for humanity and individual souls, the return to love and trust. The way towards it is once again powerfully opened and we all can step on that path. The will to let go of the past is important, and here one needs to work with the thoughts. Over and over again, turn the thoughts away from the past and instead create a positive future with positive thoughts and attitudes. Above all, with the thought that I will love myself to health and trustfulness with the help of the Divine Power and Light.

I’m once again on the path.

And so change slowly steps into your life. It’s followed by the development of the soul and an ability to better see things as they are, not how they appear to be through our emotions. Positivity does not mean hiding behind illusions, behind the curtains of spirituality but instead seeing the current situation clearer and understanding what needs to change in the state for it to change to more positive.   

The possibility of healing means that situations and opportunities are brought in front of us to recognize our wounds even though that is sometimes difficult. We have already behaved and been guided by the wound so that no one would notice it and the awakening comes only afterward when the pain from the incident really starts to hurt.

In practice it means that we operate guided by the painful part and cause ourselves and also others (unnecessary) pain.

At this moment in time, the effects of this energy guide already many of us, and we might end up also energy wise in a rough situation where no one involved wants to tackle and solve it, but everyone is feeling the pain on their own, without receiving compassion or love. The best remedy would be to bring this infected issue up and ask for the experiences of all involved. Not, however, so that each explains their victim role, but constructively, by solving the situation without great drama or competition on whose wounds are deeper or more painful.  

After all, over the years, many of the healed become the helpers and healers of others, and they share their information, offer hope and show the way. Now there is also the possibility for the healers to receive new strength and wisdom during this eclipse. The wider the heart and the greater the understanding of the healer is, the more he/she can help.

Let’s get prepared and explore if we still can find wounds that are ready to be healed. By recognizing your own programmings and those wounded behavioral patterns, you already take a big step on your path to recovery.

The greater and wider recovery of humanity could start with new power and progress also with a new speed. Let’s choose the path of healing!

A solar eclipse in Gemini will follow on the day of the new moon 10. June at 13.53 (10.53 UTC). The eclipse can be partly seen in Finland.

What can we say about its theme? It follows the previous eclipse and puts emphasis on your own connection to the Higher Forces while bringing forwards the correct understanding of the inner willpower. After the lunar eclipse, it would be good to study where you direct your power and will. What and who does in benefit? Do we consume our power and energy to our own wishes or do we start to turn inwards towards wisdom asking for its guidance?

Broadening your thoughts changes the perspective of your life and eventually the direction of humanity, There is an aspiration for that change and it has been drawn on humanity’s map as a plan.

This is a good time to create great changes with thoughts, a better future, and not so much contemplate on obstacles or challenges that the inner cycle of the solar system and its influence might bring forward. The bigger picture could be etched in many souls if the previous theme has been processed enough. One should remember that each of us travels at our own pace and path towards the time of healing and liberalization. Life and development are not a competition but a journey.

Humility, compassion, gentleness, and wisdom. The return of feminine energy through strong will, not superficiality, competition, or the outer shell. Great are the winds of change right now, and each and everyone needs to find the strength in the Source through oneself because the winds of change are now more of the spiritual kind, and only by making an effort, can you take it into action and through that to a concrete level. Great ideas, thoughts, and insights are the wind but they can disperse into the wind unless we act on them. This period does not support action that much so one has to understand that also the strength to take action comes from a higher level, the level of the Source.

Like we have suggested for so many years, let’s join together, let’s strive together, let’s create a new model of living together. That also applies to these eclipses that we travel through to the summer solstice. More of that later.

With warm greetings from the island far away, Eija