Energy flows in August and September

Wednesday 11.8.2021

Sometimes when the blog tap opens, information starts coming in for many days in a row, especially when/if I have time to receive it and take notes of everything. Today was such a day, and I am grateful for that because once again it is a question of preparing for upcoming energies, each of us of course in our own way.

The Lion Gate and the David’s Star that preceded it with its fire and air triangles were the power points of August. From there began a deep, transforming process for many. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your life situation and the point of view. Power energy works on and pushes out all the points of pain, traumas, scars, and shames that often hide in opposing emotional energies. Hiding from them doesn’t help now, but it’s an excellent time to unlock and open up to see what’s hidden in your heart, what kind of a mask, in fear of pain, you have carried. Look inward, towards your own emotional energy, your own pain, without blaming others or the circumstances. Because that’s where healing begins, thank goodness!

Unfortunately, when I received information about the energies and themes of the Lion’s Gate day, I didn’t have time to write them on this blog, but only dictated the info to the inner circle. The helpers raised my awareness just 24 hours before this gate, (because I had forgotten about it) and at that time I was not next to a computer. But the info said that I would almost like to warn of the power of the Lion’s Gate, for anything that was not in line with one’s own soul plan, for example, would emerge with force. And now we are talking not only about concrete things but strongly about our own reactions and emotions. The emotional energies that that moment carried intensified and expanded first into a pain in the heart, and eventually as physical consequences for some.

Those are the waves we’re going through now, and despite the pain, it’s so wonderful that you can use this power to heal and empower yourself. This is the grateful part that everyone can cling to. One can figure out so, this is who I am, I have carried this pain, this low emotion, but great, now I can release it by asking cleansing for it! When something rises with force, you can also use the same force to ask for help from the Helpers of Light, and with the same force, the vibration also rises. How wonderful!

You shouldn’t stare at circumstances or events right now, but at what they evoke in you. Of course, you can look around to see if someone else is in trouble with themselves and their feelings or to see if there would be someone who could help you by being present and listening.

Already in the spring, a strong period of healing began, which entailed not only individual souls but whole humanity. This healing has been the spiritual theme of summer and its deepest purpose is to make us self-healers first, with the support and love from our Helpers. Our wounds heal, when we look into our pain, listen to its story and finally cleanse our emotional field, and then we can eventually see the big cause-and-effect picture of everything that has happened to us at the concrete level. It, on the other hand, is a moment that frees the soul from the shackles of pain and makes us understand how we create our own lives. This does not mean that we are always to blame for the events in our own lives, not by any means, but it means that you accept what you have gone through and how you have reacted to your own experiences and which unpleasant emotions you have carries ever since then. We can’t really influence much what we experienced or went through in our childhood for example, and of course, we reacted with pain and great emotions to so many things that we thought were wrong and terrible. But we can free ourselves by seeing a larger picture of the traumas, pains, and behaviors of others as well. We can forgive ourselves, as well as others. It’s not an easy or fast path at all, but it’s possible. And on that path, we can now catch the energy wind by its tail and ride forward a little faster if we are ready for the leap and have already worked on enough issues in ourselves.

I deeply hope that you will believe me when I tell you that we all have the keys of healing. We can free ourselves from even deep traumas and heal the shreds of our souls. I know all this from my own journey of healing and that of many beautiful souls that I have walked with. You just have to know how what to do and who to depend on. At the everyday level, everyone needs a listener, to be heard, but spiritual healing is more than that. It’s about healing the soul with the help of the High Helpers. This comes from personal experience, not from an assumption, for I myself have healed from so many deep and painful wounds and learned to love also those paths in my life that I have walked in pain. Those paths have taught so much, but above all humility and gratitude for the redemptive power of the Highest Love.

Now this energy, that blows like the wind, is the energy of power that gives us the courage to brave what is meant to be seen and worked away. And with that power, we can ride toward the Autumnal Equinox, whose feminine energy will open up on September 22 at 22.20 Finnish time (19.20 UTC). A lot of twos, which do indicate a good direction. 😉 In any case, the energy of the Equinox brings forward compassion and responsibility for all beings that suffer. Even as humanity, we could take a new direction, towards collective healing and living in the Holy Power. The concept of collective brotherhood in the Age of Aquarius will receive watering that promotes its growth from the energy flow of the Equinox. It is then up to all of us whether we continue to support the growth and also the physical healing of Mother Earth through it.

Those who are already at the back-end of their healing path can receive the healer’s cloak on their shoulders with great joy. With the wisdom of their own experiences, they can now extend their hand to those in need. They can shine in everyday life as lighthouses that support others. Of course, as humble servants of the Divine, they know that glory does not belong to them, but only the responsibility before the Highest. More and more people can accomplish becoming a lighthouse and be living proof of compassion. After all, compassion is neither pity nor too much empathy, but wisdom, gentleness, and love during each encounter. It does not identify but understands and brings higher wisdom to the situations for which it is needed. Pure compassion is often achieved through one’s own suffering, at that point when healing has occurred.

Once again a new sunset pastel colors the horizon with a pink and lilac glow. The sun sets towards its sea cradle in a golden color. It’s the moment of peace and gratefulness on the eve of another day. The sea is as flat as a mirror and reflects the soft colors of the sky. I thank for this day and this update. Soon I lay me down to sleep my Lord, please be there to protect me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!