Greetings from the Island

September 5th, 2021 by Eija

My greetings come from the rocky Luxia Island. It’s a beautiful day with a slight wind after many days of wonderfully blusterous stormy days. The first few days of vacation are behind us, but we haven’t gotten “the holiday vibe” yet, whatever that means… There are still about a dozen readings in line. There are many solar readings and the rest are extensive soul path readings. It remains to be seen what kind of extra spices the island will give them.

We already knew in advance that our holiday will be a holiday only in that way that we can focus at our own pace on the things that need to be taken care of; writing, our own exercises, and diet, without the normal constant stream of messages or contacts.

So we are in a very blessed state when we can strengthen ourselves for a few weeks and live in our own rhythm, which is favorable to us. Our helper HICS has said that we are really bad holidaymakers, so a holiday like this suits us just fine.

The island provides a splendid setting for all of the above. The program includes reinforcing the body, cleansing it, strengthening it with the help of yoga and strength exercises, together with climbing up and down cliffs as the dogs make a lot of noise showing their own joy of exercising together. We both also have our own writing work to do and, of course, joint meditations and inquiry moments with Upstairs.

I’m still trying to take a dip every morning in the really refreshing sea unless the waves prevent it. So far, the wind has reached almost storm readings every day, so I’ve had to look for a safe morning dip place sometimes from the other side of the island. The waves have occasionally been so wild that they have greeted us many meters up the cliffs or all the way to the sauna stairs. It’s so wonderful to watch, safely on the solid ground. The power of the sea is one of the greatest and I deeply respect it. That same force has grooved beautiful images into our cliffs, as well as its deep marks as proof of its strength. We went to sea only once during these five stormy days when we rowed to the nature conservation island on the opposite shore for a little picnic. After that excursion, the pedometer showed 21 flights! Business and pleasure, that’s what I like!

These days, two great white-tailed eagles have made closer acquaintance with us. They have a distinct rhythm, as they usually arrive from the west in the morning and curve the cliffs along with the sauna shore almost touching them while heading towards the east. In the afternoon, they suddenly arrive from somewhere, as if appearing from the sky and with silent flaps, gazing like an eagle they explore the shore waters.

They have one after the other rocked on the waves of the wind near the north shore and followed the water crashing wildly into the cliffs below them. For the first time, I have been able to explore their gorgeous being from hiding, and wordless of awe, I have noticed that the wingspan of the king of birds is much more than my height. In my opinion, even more than Patrick who I consider tall. What greatness. On every level. The dogs have been placed under indoor detention during their visits, as they would be a small suitable treat for those grand predators.

A sweet hawk has also delighted our grounds every day. A few days ago, that hawk curved past the windows of the main house terrace and sat on the grill for a while. I couldn’t help but wonder about its courage. Such a grand, beautiful creature, too. As unnecessary trivia, I can mention that eagles also belong to the family of hawks.

Even though you can sense the coming autumn in everything around you, there is still warmth in the days, at times even up to summer temperatures. From one moment to the other the weather also changes and at such a fast pace that you can see how the dark, horizontal rain approaches from the north, and at the same time it already soaks the writer who was sitting in the summer warmth. Nature didn’t give me any time to react but pushed the new weather on me in seconds. I feel delighted and privileged to be able to experience all this here. From moment to moment. From the rain and darkness to the warmth of the sun. That’s what living on an island is like. Nature comes close to you from all sides.

If you want to keep your growing boxes and paths free of bugs or lush wild vegetation on the island, you have to work for it every day. The rate of growth and penetration is intense everywhere. Perhaps the evening and morning dew brought by the sea and the warmth of the south boost them in a completely different way than on inland, for example. We are just at the southern tip of Finland, but quite far from the mainland, on the border of the outer archipelago. Even as someone who has grown in a town by the sea, all this feels special and somehow much more powerful than on the west coast.

Now is the time for the final harvest and then getting everything ready for the winter. Even though that also sounds like work, I take it as a holiday, because I can focus only on it at my own pace and without disruptions.

At this time, zucchinis, spinaches, carrots of different colors, onions and garlic, beans, many wonderful herbs, and greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes, chilies, and peppers form the basis of our diet. It’s fun to invent different dishes from Mother Earth’s goods. Try out in peace and with the guidance of Helpers everything new for every meal. Explore what goes with what especially today. Do you want to put it in the oven or boil it? What about the spices? Which herbs to snip today from the growing boxes to give flavors? Lovely and rewarding dialogue with all these plants intended for our food. This too constitutes a vacation that cultivates creativity and sensitivity.

We still have about three weeks of this wonderful holiday ahead of us, let’s see what the days will bring for us to wonder. In any case, I forward these experiences with my salty humid greetings to all of you.

Ah, yes. There’s a new moon on Tuesday 7th September. That’s when you create together. Our dear Community knows what to create. Today we got the information that we might soon be homeless. Fortunately!

There are photos from the island on Instagram: luxiaislandfinland