A strong new moon

Tuesday 5.10.2021 at 22.29

New Moon in Libra 6.10.2021 and a glimpse of the future

I’m writing this on my way north, where the Upstairs unexpectedly directed us. Three weeks ago, we got a message that this period is relatively challenging, and especially around the new moon, an active time begins, when being awake is very useful. Now the effort towards the heights pays off.

The moment of the new moon is on Tuesday, October 6th at 14.06 Finnish time (11.06 UTC). The Light Helpers gave instructions on how to best support that moment. The moment of the new moon can be challenging, as it involves many other astrological events. Sun-Mars and the Moon are all at the same degree in the last “karmic” room. Similarly, the Sun-Mercury aspect brings its own challenges. Remember, I’m not an astrologer but this info comes from the Helpers. The period of healing is beginning to close and believing in oneself will rise strongly in everyday life over the coming months.

The autumnal equinox has been a strong new start and it determined the quality of the energy of the following weeks. For all of us who always consciously take in these important moments, that start has probably been the best possible. All the way until the end of the year, until the Winter Solstice, we still get to be on guard or at least very awake with our own energy situation.

For, two strong forces in the cosmos are calling us. One force sucks us towards the earth, towards the collective sleep, but the other seeks to elevate us towards a broad, deeper vision, understanding, and the new creation of humanity, and that of course requires a deep faith in change and all of us uniting together, at least at the energy level.

The low vibration, the direction towards loss of faith and, through that, chaos, is now strong. Losing the high focus is easy, as the pull of ordinary battle is powerful. But your choice to stay positive, trusting yourself as well as your own ability to choose and create, is strengthened by focusing on them. And as always, joining together at the concrete level reinforces the new, wonderful direction. The greater the power of creation, the more certain the result is at the concrete level. And like you already know, the more comprehensive the goal, that is to say, that when we create good for a wider entirety, the stronger the Helpers are with us. So wherever you are in the world, alone or together with others, if in your own life you, through your own work, through your own choices, ultimately aim for a new future that benefits humanity, is that support of Light surely present.

Now is not the time to give in, give up or pass this moment, but since the pressure is towards that direction, we need to gather our strength right now and find a high, powerful goal for humanity.

There may now be difficulties at a personal level, as the energy is not there to support the communication, encounters between people. Misunderstandings, incomprehension, and unwillingness to find common ground can therefore come up. Conflicts are also possible. Goodwill and the quest for the common good, as well as listening to others with the heart rather than ears, is now desirable.

It is now worth paying attention to your own words and trying to create nothing but good with them, and even with the words, to build a better new world in which all beings are accepted and valuable.

Since it is also about the results of our creation, change can bring with it a lot of new, because the old is left behind. However, it is important with what energy you leave behind the old, not to break, but to self proceed in a loving spirit. It’s important to focus now on such creation, at all levels (with thought, emotions, and actions) that is based on the solid, spiritual ground. This is important so that the direction of our energy, which is strengthened during the new moon through all these cosmic events, is not regressive or as much as harmful.

By focusing now on creating a new future for everyone in all kinds of different groups, we can create the best possible direction. With: Joy. Faith. Gratitude. Community. Peace. Love. Connection. Light. The Helpers of Light.

Strong and fast-moving energies will be active now for the rest of the year, and we will probably see various concrete eruptions along with them. The more we are aware, the more stable our foundation is, the more wonderfully we can use this powerful time for everyone’s benefit.

We are surfing these cosmic, high waves now and that indeed requires faith in one’s own abilities and the skill of staying afloat. Together and each individually. Thank you, Amen.