Get your lights out now!

Wednesday 17.11.2021

Today opened up with rain and fog here in Dalsbruk. Winter doesn’t make its presence known yet, but it is already stretching out its frosty hands also towards this southern coastline.

On Friday 19 November 2021, there is a partial eclipse of the moon that is already sending signals of the energies it’s drawing together. The Light Helpers’ annual review showed condensed energy for October and November and we can now feel that around us.

BUT! We do not focus on that, but on how we can work in such a way that it does not get its grip on us and we can carry that light that is vital to all humanity. From small beautiful streams of light, together we can create a great counterwave of light during this dark time. So let us remember that the Light and its increase is precisely why we are doing our spiritual work. No matter how much heavy energies are stirring around us, and no matter how much we hear grim and depressing news from around the world, we should all have the joy in our hearts that each of us can cleanse all that low energy with our own work. That is our blessed gift to humanity.

The lunar eclipse will last long, even the longest in many hundred years. The total duration is up to six hours. The H-hour in Finland is around 11:00 (9.00 am UTC), but the eclipse starts at 8.00 am (6.00 am UTC). and ends at 14.00 (12.00 UTC) in the afternoon. However, the eclipse itself is not what we keep track of, but the energy impact it brings. There are other events in the solar system associated with this eclipse that bring heaviness to it and that may unravel outwards even as acts of aggression. According to the Helpers of Light, this is the danger this eclipse and also the upcoming solar eclipse brings.

Now it’s once again a good time to remind us that we are creating our future every moment, also at the collective level. Hand on heart, what are you creating right now?

Although we Finns are quite realistic, we are well aware of world events, even worry about them, at the same time we carry the spiritual heritage of this beautiful soil of ours in ourselves. And it gives us the ability to see events from a broader perspective without illusions while understanding our part in the big picture. For us, the sacred heritage of this soil is a seed planted 100 years ago, the germination of which has slowly begun. Our job is to water it with light, not with the darkness of fear. So, even though we follow what is happening in the world, we must take responsibility for what they awaken in us and what we create through it. So we will take a firm grip on the tool that the High Helpers of Light have given us! It is a gift of change that comes through this country, with its roots in Finnish soil. The joint task of also all those who have awakened to Light here is to keep that legacy alive through their own spiritual work and to connect to the Temple of Light erected here at the Light levels already a hundred years ago. In my next blog, I will tell you more about why light comes from the north.  

Spiritual work is life itself. The goal is to transform through ourselves (=JOY!) the collective energy from which the causes of all concrete events ricochet. What we create together can be seen around us every day as world events. The most important thing in this process is how you or I filter that jointly created energy through my own earthly system. If we recognize the emotional composition of fear or, for example, the feeling of aggression, we ask cleansing for them and return with that help to the state of peace in the heart. It is also necessary to work on your thoughts and also ask for help from Light to them and direct your mind to the good that can be found in everyone’s life and in the world. What we are, reflects our reactions to the external world and that is what we take responsibility for through our own cleansing work. We do not blame, criticize or condemn the reactions, choices, or views of others, but understand that they are their reflections of the state in which they live. And at the same time, we remember their divine spark, which they carry, and respect and love that in them.

Although our world is now seething in many ways, there are border disputes, threats, and the despair and even blame brought about by the coronavirus, it is important to find confidence in one’s own strength to make a difference. How that change will emerge to us, remains to be seen with time. What matters is this moment and your own energy in it. We ask for help from the Protectors of humanity, the Helpers of Light, and with them, we sustain the Light and hold our Helpers’ hands. In this way, we strengthen our own internal light and shine as light bulbs, supporting everyone else.

This eclipse season urges us all to take our lights out and shed light on the goodwill and joy that exists.

We will also extend our light to the next solar eclipse on 4th December. The time to quiet down is 9.20-9.45. The eclipse falls just before our Independence Day and brings an opportunity to cultivate praise for the fact that, after great efforts, we gained freedom and, with it, the opportunity to bring spirituality into the world. The eclipse moment is in Sagittarius. We can’t see it here, but we will be all ears regarding its effects.

After all, an eclipse of the sun is always at the time of a new moon, so it’s a special time to strengthen creation. And once again, the question is: what do I focus on, what do I believe in and what does my inner guidance say about all this. Am I in my own place, am I in line with my conscience, or is now a time for bigger changes. Deep questions and sometimes answers that need to be dug from deep down. Now it’s almost imperative to look deep into your own backpack, dig out the pains and heavy emotions that are hiding there and raise them up and ask cleansing for them. The Light is with us and our requests will be heard and, accordingly, we are helped. These insights will lead to a revised or a new direction and the effects, final solutions will be seen next year. Even if the direction will become more precise, patience is now golden with the action itself.

One important theme for the coming weeks will also be to highlight communication and cooperation. How to jointly create the future, what kind of a future are we striving for, what is our goal, are we able to reach others with our message, or what do we exactly want to say. These questions once again dig deep and looking at the answers can bring new insights on what needs to be fixed now so that something new and important could start moving.

Like I have written in my blogs for years, it’s important to find goodwill and ways of cooperation and a sense of communality. It is the only direction humanity must pursue. The world must be built for the good of all beings even if the change is slow or sometimes certainly drastic coercion. We are each other’s strength and working together is the key to a better future. This is where we can once again look at ourselves, how can I be the good neighbor?


HICS, our dear Helper and friend in the Brotherhood of Light