Solstice of December

We slowly roll towards the end of the last quarter of the year, the winter solstice. This year that moment is on 21 December at 17.59 Finnish time (15.59 UTC) here in our northern hemisphere. So, it is the year’s shortest day of daylight, but from there the daylight time starts to lengthen, at least here in southern Finland. In Lapland, the polar nights last for many more days, and the higher you go from the Arctic Circle, the longer the time of polar nights. During that time, the sun does not rise above the horizon at all, and in Utsjoki, for example, that twilight time lasts for more than fifty days.

What does this year’s upcoming winter solstice bring about? Every solstice carries always its own kind of energy and has different strengths. Tomorrow, December 4th will be the last eclipse of the year, and that will also affect the upcoming solstice. Mother Earth stands still for a moment, takes a deep breath, and continues its cycle around the sun again. At the time of the solstice, the northern half of Mother Earth is far from the power of the sun, and we cannot directly receive mail from the maintainer of life, and Mother Earth will receive greetings from the solar system.

The greetings from the solar system are powerful and transforming also this time. A connection will open up to a deep and unknown great force that is impacting our galaxy. That force will give us an impulse when it is joined with the planets. It is time for us to breathe deeply in that force, and with that force, we can now decide to change and build a world that is for us, not against our Spirit. This is a grand finale of healing that we can receive and also pass on to Mother Earth.

As a receptive person, that senses a lot, I’ve had it quite hard since the lunar eclipse. I breathe a sigh of relief as this two-week eclipse period finally turns its direction towards the winter solstice. Too many energy flows, surrounding emotional energies, sudden collective declines, and rises have sometimes felt like gusts of storm winds that I was not prepared for. My own structure has also been under modification and therefore also more vulnerable to harmful attacks. It has been more difficult to stay in one’s own heart and the sense of peace has sometimes disappeared, but fortunately, through meditations, it has been achieved again. The element of fire in me has raised the restlessness as always before something new and my own will to act – finally! – has been strong. However, the deep awareness that it has not been the time for action, but for building trust, has led me to work on what could still stand in the way of something new. The connection to my own Source, the Highest, has been strongly present, but the reception has been weaker than in many years. At this moment, it has become clearer again, and it is time for the voice of the Spirit that I long for.

The solstice moment opens up for all willing a broader picture of events, the collective state, and the direction it has created. Now is the time to look and study all that through the eyes of wisdom, bravery, trust, and compassion, because it once again sends us a message of what we are no longer clinging to. It is important to create a future through wisdom and trust, and in that way achieve the change that we and this planet needs.

It is Time for The Maintenance of Great Hope and the door to it opens at that moment on 21 December 2021.

So many ones and twos! Bodies tasked with carrying the soul and its plan for this life. And together we get a beautiful number from them, aiming for a new higher vibration and, through its rising path, a great change. At this solstice, the number 11 is a number of profound recognition, wide vision, internal guidance, and sharing wisdom, which is strengthened with the commitment to follow the path of Light to the moment of initiation as a teacher. It is time for the wise representatives of the Light to begin their spiritual, holy, truth-based teachings, which rely on their own path, their own experiences, and the voice of the heart through them.

Our community has been traveling a joint path together already for over six years. We, too, are facing new, and new spiritual helpers and teachers are emerging from among us. You could say, with gratitude, that the new generation will finally introduce its “old” gifts and wisdom into wider use and begin their journey with them among all who long for the spiritual path. Indeed, we bless them on their way with gratitude.

As a community, we continue and become stronger and knock at the door of a new place of residence, wherever it opens up to us. It is time for us to move towards the inland and find a small village for our growing spiritual family. But it’s not time to act yet, the brake is necessary, even though pictures and impressions are already pouring in!

Breathing deep is still necessary today and tomorrow we will meet at higher frequencies at the time of the eclipse.

In the following blog, I will tell more in detail about our community, as many requests have been made both from above and from seekers. I will open our door to all of you who also dream of joining together, the strength it brings, and the creation of a new human model. I will tell you about the challenges and how to cope with them, as well as how vital it is to have a common goal and a method with which to achieve it because the sheer desire is not enough to move a larger number of people in the right direction.

With love once again, hugs Eija