Spiritual Community

Today, for the first time, I am writing in-depth about our spiritual community. What is the goal of our community, what is it like to live in a community, and what is the foundation on which we build the life of this community. This has been requested many, many times over the years. Many are interested and also curious as to why we have chosen this kind of exceptional way of life, even for this time. There are also a lot of false assumptions, conjectures, and pure badmouthing because people have not tried to find out how we really live.

Living in our community is based on our common way of life, a shared strong will to develop together as spiritual people. This is a completely independent community, even though we are committed to the development of ourselves. We are not a religious sect that follows a leader, we are all equal, and our personal aspiration is the same for all of us. Everyone who lives here has chosen this path on their own and wants to follow it now. Everyone is also free to choose something else if they one day so feel. This community does not limit anyone’s free will, but for cohabitation to go smoothly, there must be common guidelines on how we behave. Just like in any other family.

There have only been two conditions for joining the community that we tell when someone expresses a desire to try this type and way of living. Striving for a clean, sober lifestyle is one. So we do not use any substances that alter consciousness, instead, all our efforts are aimed at pure experiences of ourselves and of the many levels of our world. The second and really the most important basis for living together is getting to know our method of spiritual development and then following it in everyday life. This is something that has become an obstacle for a few people who have tried living in our community because its importance and depth have not been properly understood and digested. Otherwise, we don’t have so-called rules that should be followed or anything else, which would in any way restrict the individual.

So what is the basis for our spiritual work, what is our goal?

Our most important and highest goal is to develop as spiritual beings, and for that, we have as a basis for everything a method which we practice in our everyday life that aims at raising vibration and getting a more spiritual view of the world. The method, a spiritual way of working, is based on many old wisdoms, but it is an updated self-development method for this time, which is meant to be used in daily life, every day. This method is a method developed by Patrick over many years, which in this time was brought to us under the name Luxia-Method™. It enables us all to work with the uplifting goal in our minds of becoming more spiritual and raising our vibrations, while each of us strives to become a better, more aware, and compassionate person and fellow traveler.

People from all kinds of life situations live in our community, with their diverse soul experiences. We believe and some of us also have our own strong memories of life continuing in time. We are born over and over again into different bodies, different cultures and times, and always our plan includes learning, developing, cleansing the old, and even seeing the greater plan through awakening. Until we have understood, learned, purified everything and ascended, and finally connected to the wisdom of the Life-Sustaining Source.

Since we all have our own experiences in our soul memory over many lives, we each walk this path of development at our own stage, helping and supporting each other. We do not want to pretend to be perfect spiritual people, rather we understand that we are a work in progress. Here we have sometimes come across the misconception which some of the visitors in our community or participants on our courses have had, namely that all those who are spending time or living here would be in an almost enlightened state; creatures of peace and harmony above all, from whose radiation others could only enjoy. Unfortunately, it is an illusion that may have arisen from a false picture of spirituality and one’s own wishes. We are ordinary people who pursue the same goal together and each at our own pace. That does not mean, of course, that there are not already those among us who have traveled longer on the path of spirituality and therefore already carry wisdom and purer vibrations. We already have helpers and guiders of others among us, each according to their gifts.

Our community strives to maintain harmony and peace and high vibration in our houses, but not through masks and untruthful self-image, but by means of our own work.

Our everyday work consists of taking responsibility for ourselves, our weaknesses, our lower feelings, and our thoughts. And every day we ask for help from higher forces, the source of which is one and mutual to all, regardless of what name we use for it. We take refuge in the Light, the community, and this method. Together, they form the most profound meaning for this community. At the same time, it gives us the tools and courses of action by which we peel ourselves, layer by layer towards the pure core, toward our own true Self, which connects us all humans to each other at the level of Light. The fact that we are not able to see in every moment the Light, the Spirit, that joins us and everything created together, is an obstacle to experiencing love and we try to work on that together, so that also humanity could change through us. So, through our own work, we have a greater goal, which means that our work is supposed to benefit all beings. In other words, we are trying to change the world for the better, with small steps, individual from one to the other. We see that the world can only change through the peaceful transformation of individual souls.

Of course, when it already concerns dozens of people who are in this same community, like a ship at sea sailing towards the same port, we need a captain who constantly ensures that also in the fog we move towards the right direction. This is indispensable, otherwise, the ship could get wrecked without a qualified skipper. Our skipper is Patrick, who is the father of this method in this time and has walked through his own cleansing path. However, we are not following him, but the spiritual path he has brought to us as guidance, like his numerous predecessors, for attempts have always been made to teach humanity to live properly and in truth. The intention is that everyone who strives could find a connection with their Highest Self, their own Light, and not give their power or will to any “leader” or guru. It is clear, of course, that those who precede, help and guide others, for they already have experience and sufficient compassion for those who are looking for themselves and sometimes even stumbling. That is also a great blessing when living in this kind of community. Help is close by and so is support.

I often dream of a world free of fear, competition, and inequality, and the negative emotional energies that are based on them, but rather having a common goal that would carry over everything personal and so the challenges could also be overcome.

In our everyday life, we practice facing challenges and different points of view through a spiritual perspective. By cleansing and taking responsibility, we strive to find that state in which we meet each other as bearers of Light, so we do not blame others or try to persuade others around so that one’s own opinion could take over or one’s own negative feeling get justified. On the contrary, the purpose of spiritual work is precisely to give up the personal and find a common ground. In practice, this means open discussions and cleansing one’s own energies that are in the way, and through that understanding others and seeing their obstacles becomes easy, and striving for the common good ultimately triumphs over one’s own wants. Openness about one’s own painful points also takes us forward, and trust within the community is strengthened through it too because that is how everyone learns to see that we are the same with our pains and weaknesses. And eventually, we can get rid of them and the trust in Light and in other people can find a permanent home in us.

In addition to this basic exercise that forms a solid ground, our everyday life includes individual and joint meditations aimed at connecting to one’s Highest Self and hearing one’s inner guidance. The mind must be quieted down to make it possible, and for that purpose, the meditation exercise brings one piece towards the spiritual goal.

The cleanest vegetarian food possible also supports the same goal. Shared mealtimes increase growing into a family, which we are also aiming for. By our own example, we are trying to show a new, boundary-breaking family model. Of course, we do not abandon our own loved ones, who do not share this everyday life in the same way, but remember that everyone is important and dear as themselves, not because of the way they have chosen to experience life.

When you live as cleanly as possible, then at the level of thought, speech, emotion, and ultimately behavior, you can achieve the happiness that is not about the external, but about the inner Light and the certainty, it brings. Perception becomes wider and compassion for others deepens. It does not always mean traditional patterns of behavior but reaches the level of the soul’s plan when the time is to help and serve others. The idea of service is one more golden thread that each of us follows according to our own ability and understanding. But here, too, the goal is the same for all of us. We want to serve people for good and help also others toward their Self.

This kind of path is not necessarily an easy path, as living in a community ensures that places of growth come up in fact every week. But if you deal with them with spiritual understanding, this can be a faster path than walking alone, for the more mirrors you have, the more surely you get to yourself and to the work that takes you toward the Light.

At this time, our community in Dalsbruk consists of almost thirty people, in three different houses, that are fortunately quite close by. We meet together at least three times a week, when we have a joint meditation here in our main house, Portaluxia. Otherwise, we also try to live beyond the boundaries of houses and have as much interaction with each other as possible. There are more people that would like to join our community, but we can no longer accommodate more space-wise. Our guidance is now toward inland, toward the countryside, and striving for self-sufficiency is one important goal. Also peace and an even greater sense of community, and we also hope that then we will be able to include those who want to grow toward the same direction as us. Our houses are now for sale and we are searching for a new, bigger place. This place has been necessary and good, it has served well its purpose. Now, however, it is time for new, whenever that time comes!

It’s my job to be like the mother of this community. In everyday life, I have my own work, readings, and writing work, as well as helping work with Patrick, but I often sit down with whomever and listen, support, and give advice that younger community members in particular need. Patrick does the same thing, he’s a great support and listener to all of us and also a funny man when we’re home.

Patrick and I have traveled a lot in the last few years, at least before the corona. It’s part of our service work. We go where the Helpers guide us, without asking questions, just relying on the Light. I feel that besides my life being busy for the last few years, it also has been filled with such great blessings that I could have never even imagined it. My own personal work has borne fruit, but I am not ready, not even close. However, I am very grateful to this method and to Patrick that I have changed in many ways and I am also a slightly better person than I was ten years ago. Wisdom has deepened, the views have expanded, and the truth I have carried in myself has finally seen its manifestation in everyday life. I get to serve and use my gifts for the benefit of others every day, wherever we go. Development continues, but the goal is the same every day: toward the Light, with truth and humility. When we are gone, we can carefreely leave our home to the others’ care and when returning slowly join everyday life with them.

Warm thoughts for all of you, thank you for having the strength to search, study and develop yourself. I hope my blogs support you, help you keep up, and believe in your own path.