The year 2022 is already behind the door

In the old days, especially in my childhood, the New Year and its reception were a big event and a genuine cause for celebration. That’s when the family gathered together to cast tin and predict the themes of the coming year for each individual. That’s how the family drew closer for the upcoming New Year.

Perhaps I have fallen out from the current stream of time, but these days the New Year comes before me unexpectedly, and I no longer know how to take it as a cause for celebration, instead, I usually recognize the strong downward dragging energy that is nowadays called partying.

However, in general, already in early December, the energy of the new year begins to flow in, as if peeking from behind the door, eager once again to bring a new theme to earth, a new direction for all humanity. After all, it’s about the time cycles of humanity. Of course, there are beginnings of a new year also according to the Tibetan and Chinese calendars. They also predict the themes and energies of the new year.

At this time, I usually think over the themes of the past year and how they came true, and I feel strong gravitation towards silence and listening to myself. That’s the only way I can catch the sound of the new currents.

So now it’s once again the moment when the senses are sensitized to receiving those currents of the new year. Today, Helpers have been “poking” me in the direction that sitting down at the computer is in place, otherwise, I will lose the message that is being brought at this moment.

Today, those past New Years’ eves and the ceremonious receptions also came into my thoughts. They included the resolutions for the New Year too and why not also the wishes. Fireworks, celebrating through them, admiring the marvelous colors of light and the little fear raised by the bangs they made, returned to my memory.  

Hopes rose from my own heart regarding the New Year. If only the direction were to finally change, people’s goodwill and wisdom would win. Patrick and I discussed good wishes today and his wish number one (included on the list) would actually change everything else, and if realized, it could restore all the faith that the current establishment has destroyed for so many. We are all constantly lied to at every level and in every way, be it politics, trade, or the various instances of society and even by single individuals who are still sleeping. I know that so many of us are yearning for a change. And of course, I know that only we ourselves can make that change.

Here’s our “utopian” wish list for next year.

1. A Council for Truth would be established in the world from which a citizen of any country could, whenever he wants, check the truth about whichever thing, trend, epidemic, state of the world, nature, etc., etc.

Only high consciousnesses would be in its administration; souls that are already spiritually awakened and have a pure connection to the Divine knowledge. They would be those who have lived their lives in truth and love and have been strong examples of wisdom at the everyday level. The same Council would also see to it that humanity would live in Divine truth together with Mother Earth. In accordance with their joint agreement. They would keep the direction right for the whole world at all times.

2. The power of money would be eliminated and, with it, the negative exercise of power over others and manipulation of people. People would be given a genuine opportunity to influence common issues and decide on a common direction.

3. The media would be abolished and replaced by the Council of Truth. Intimidation, manipulation, and constant guiding of choices would stop and people would be encouraged to explore, think and find the right guidelines for a good life.

4. Schools would be replaced by communities based on spiritual evolution, where each soul would receive the right positive guidance according to its own situation and level. And primarily wisdom, that would teach them the purpose of being human on earth, as a developing spiritual being. It would give everyone the meaning for their personal life.

5. All forms of free energy would be put to use and their benefits distributed equally to all so that everyone could focus on the development of themselves and the various community forms. Everyone could choose in what kind of community and environment they want to live their lives in developing themselves.

6. Every soul would receive important things to do in accordance with their abilities and enthusiasm. And for all the work that benefits and strengthens the common good, everyone would also get a tangible benefit, which could be, for example, related to housing and nutrition. All ideas and inventions would always be in the best interest of all and that would endorse the model of the world that is new, positive, and filled with unconditional love.

Well, here we have a few beautiful wishes for next year, and of course, they would come true without violence, only a joint decision by us individuals and a desire for change, would make everything happen.


Then let the year 2022 tell us what kind of energy has been created there, could the aforementioned wishes perhaps move forward at least in some way.

The energy at the beginning, the spring of the year, moves rapidly, even restlessly. This can be seen, for example, in single individuals’ great desire and wish for change. Two hard years of confrontation, pain, and intimidation have now come to an end. As a positive result of this period, we might believe that many people’s minds and hearts are getting very tired of this constant of not-knowing and uncertainty, as well as the hatred, which is also continuously being stirred up from the outside. Hopes for a better future are sprouting in the thoughts of already many individuals.

A division has already happened within humanity, with its roots lying in the black and white and blame-seeking thinking and even action realized through this epidemic. The division into two camps representing different views will likely be strengthened during the coming spring. The energy of change is looking for a way of releasing itself in both camps. Those who have woken up and believe in our ability of positive change are beginning to deepen their interactions, cooperation, and the seeking of a common, even concrete direction. There is no need to respond to the accusations, not on either side, instead now would be the time to find a common effort to organize life so that everyone can retain their sovereignty and thus the law of free choice is preserved. New ideas and hopes have accumulated in the ether and should be given the opportunity to become reality.

This is not a time for panic, but a time to strengthen trust. It means faith in yourself and the good you carry and, at the same time, your own ability to heal from past pains, experiences, and fears. It is time to share those experiences that let others know how all change is possible.

I have often brought up the idea that we are joined in energy, but this is the year when it is time for us to unite even concretely, across borders and across different viewpoints. We have many wonderful friends in Finland and Sweden and now would be a good time to share experiences on how we can join forces towards the change we all are striving for.

The idea of responsibility will become one of the key bones of contention in the coming year, and it should finally be understood from a higher perspective. Higher understanding and wise choices are the goals of also the collective evolution, for only in this way can we avoid the same agony that humanity has been going through for thousands of years. Now would be a good time to take responsibility for one’s own development and positive change, because high support for that to humanity is the gift of the coming year.

However, humanity must acknowledge its responsibility in everything that comes before us in the concrete world. The wisdom of understanding what to do at the individual level so that change could become true is to be shared everywhere and with everybody that is searching for it so that the change doesn’t only remain as a dream that we keep up.

I know that this blog has been “harping on” for years about joining together and cleansing away selfishness, and once again it comes up as one of the themes for this year. The idea of broadening responsibility is related to joining together for the sake of a good goal, a real change that benefits all beings. The thought of a good, positive, loving change has already been germinating for decades, but the lack of actions and tools needed to implement the thought have almost always brought down good ideas and attempts. Now could be the time in a joint agreement to bring a fresh start to all that yearn for it in the form of those good tools for change that have been given to all of us. Now’s a good time to roll up your sleeves!

Compassion, the love of one’s fellow man on a concrete level, selfless action, working together, gentleness, and understanding in interactions are also themes that the high plan has drawn up for this coming time. Now is the time for each of us to reflect once again on what it means in our own lives. Do you want to have a connection with the living creatures with an open heart, take care of them in their increasingly shrinking habitat, or do you bring awareness to how we can change the world together, taking into account the needs and development of all beings. Or are you the one who travels from one place to another, speaks from your own experience, and shares the knowledge and tools so that others could also believe in change. Or perhaps you are the one who brings high information and vibrations to the earth so that others can experience greater Light and Truth. Perhaps you are a healer who tells of his/her own loving path of healing, helping others so that they could also believe. Or are you the one who walks alongside the lost, quietly loving them… There is a plan for all of us that, in its higher implementation, will only bring good things to all humanity. So do you want to join those who do not give up, but take spirituality into their daily lives, and with diligent commitment change the world through themselves and eventually become ordained in their mission.

Next year will be the year of consolidating the big choices. And next spring-summer time will show what it can bring before us at its best and perhaps at its worst. Now more than ever, it’s important to stay in Light and trust, even if the world sometimes shows its grim face. The stronger an individual’s trust in Light and High help, the more we create its positive manifestation together.

I, too, have wanted to believe that all good will just happen and humanity will suddenly ascend to pure love, and suddenly all problems would be erased. Of course, that possibility exists, but in order for it to come true, individuals must create that path to it through their own transformation. In practice, it means that we awaken that Divine Spark in ourselves through our own personal work. It means remembering that spark in all the circumstances of life, especially in our difficult situations. Merely recognizing one’s own and others’ Divine Spark, remembering who we are, does not yet bring a lasting change, but is only the beginning of the great change that humanity is now striving for. Life itself then teaches us and brings the possibilities of development before us. Already as words, spiritual development tells that each of us must develop towards our Spirit, our true Self. We must make the right choices and change what we have previously created for ourselves and others. It is the cleansing of the soul’s vibration and ascending through that.

In the coming year, the time roughly around August comes up as particular. It is highlighted apart from the other months of the year, like upwards. It will drag July and September with it at the same time. Unfortunately, the meaning of this vision is not told, I was just given this picture. The end of the year looks like a flat line, and I understand that nothing has yet been cut into the stone, but we all together create the energies for the rest of the year during the first half of the year.

This idea of creation is probably the greatest lesson of 2022, as it checks our direction at the same time once again. Whether I choose fear or trust, separation or joining together, negativity or love, judgment or compassion.