Heart as a center

Today is a day of a snow blizzard, and I have been thinking already from the morning about themes related to the message Pallas Athene brings to the astrology map. So I think was no coincidence, that just today I received a message from a beloved male soul that once again made me stop and think about the difficulty of all communication including the difficulty of spiritual expression.

Earlier, I wrote about how the energy of division will be strengthened during this spring and there is a reason for that. The energy of this time makes you take a really deep look into your own backpack, soul, and heart. And that’s why this time can seem heavy to a lot of people. It would be so much easier just not to look at anything, to live blindfolded pretending to yourself that this doesn’t concern me. We all have our own ways of trying to maintain a balance in ourselves and preferably keep the external outlook also the same, so as not to have to take corrective measures. In practice, this can be seen in one’s search for a reason to one’s own unpleasant condition from the outside.

The search for the culprits is collective programming, both at the individual, societal and global levels. Anyone who sometimes reads the news can note how that same energy manifests itself between the large countries, between the EU, and even the smaller countries. Almost all the debate that has been brought up is looking for the culprit and how best to make the biggest culprit renounce its stand. But can that be done by putting blame and accusing? Have we not been taught that you cannot change things with the same negative energy, but only by bringing compassion, light, and wisdom to the situations. The ‘eternal’ question, therefore, remains, how that idea could be brought into major crisis situations as a key for the solution. E.g. every head of state could learn to examine themselves and their motives from the point of view of guiding emotions and learn to humble themselves for the sake of the entirety. They could ask cleansing for hunger for power, control, superiority, inferiority, selfishness, etc…

I understand that at this point, where we are as humanity, that kind of thinking is utopic. That is why I see spiritual work at the level of ‘ordinary’ people as the only option, one individual changing at a time, and through that gradually changing the world. This way we could one day bring about a period in time of humanity when the common good and the spiritual goal of humanity would be self-evident, because the decision-makers would be individuals who, from an early age, would also have received a spiritual education.

How do these thoughts relate to Pallas? My reflection went through ideas like how to stand strong as someone who has chosen her own path, but at the same time open up to a conversation with those who have acquired a different spiritual experience or worldview, or only seek some explanation for their own malaise. I’m not saying that someone’s negative experience doesn’t have a basis, but my idea was rather how to approach the subject constructively. Of course, feeling guilty is an obstacle, because then you defend yourself through the rising of strong emotions. It would therefore be important to find ways to discuss experiences that have resulted in conflicts in which perspectives would be shared neutrally, but as the heart as a center, that is, maintaining your own wisdom. With an open heart, but not going along with the drama experiences of another soul.

In all of us, Pallas Athene represents the masculine model of thinking, views, and building new as a female character. Its message is to stand on your own two feet and not give in to emotional dramas or weaknesses that are based on one’s emotional reaction. It expresses to each of us our own strength, which should be manifested through a positive feminine way of action. That means having the courage to disagree, reason, and explain one’s point of view, neither by being meek, seeking approval nor killing the perspective or experience of others. On a practical level, it is about implementing creative thoughts and ideas at the concrete level.

Pallas is by no means a feminist, just like I’m not. I believe in equality, of course, but I understand that the masculine body/energy and the feminine body/energy represent the balance needed on earth. The intention is not to manipulate or achieve power through either body, but the intention is to create and sustain life on earth in physical form. In my opinion, the merging of bodies into identical is not the direction that has been written on planet Earth’s plan, but instead merging the energies through the different gender bodies, so that both genders would grow into strong representatives of their own form. But this will only be possible when both learn to approach situations from the heart as a center, that means that one’s pure will to understand is active.

The power and will of Pallas to remain in wisdom, on one’s own two feet, often provokes reactions in both women and men. The need to be right often triumphs, even if there really is no such thing as pure truth when talking about experiences. And especially when there is a strong, own emotional reaction behind the experience. Then it is difficult to find a common language or understanding, even if there is a desire for that. At that moment, the only possible way to approach the situation is by thinking that the understanding of the heart is my center and I will stick to it, even if there is an attempt from the outside to either weaken, put the blame, suppress, or even attack through hatred.

This is an exercise our world needs every moment. It is one of the most difficult exercises because then you give up your need to evaluate someone else’s behavior, give up the need to change anything, especially the interpretation of someone else’s experience, only the will to listen and also to express one’s own point of view when the discussion takes place. It is an understanding based on neutrality, which is also called objectivity.

A heart as a center is also a good idea whenever you hesitate, seek direction or fear tries to take a grip on you. The heart as a center is right and good and the methods for understanding it fortunately also exist. When you want to stay in your heart center, it’s good to take deep breaths, breathe in peace and light straight into your heart. Breathing is an excellent way of maintaining the understanding and strength of the heart. Consciously breathing light in and out enables you to keep the balance in difficult situations and eventually becomes a way to face everyday life. At the same time, that space provides an opportunity to explore oneself and one’s reactions without identifying with the rising lower emotions that always disturb the balance if they gain power.

I have often tried to explain my own heart experience by telling you that I kind of breathe Myself stronger into my heart. Then I feel My Highest Self more clearly and the bright power I carry. It’s always in me, and strengthening it is our spiritual work.

Today, Pallas and Sun are in conjunction on my astrological map. Thank you for letting me practice exactly all that through the message I got. Thank you, T, for the lesson today.