Universal sorrow

Today, 24 February 2022, has brought us Europeans and even the whole world disbelief, dismay, and universal sorrow that unites us across borders.

Especially, in the last four months, many discussions and conciliations have been held between Europe and our neighboring country Russia and so many different heads of state have tried together and separately to find a solution to the crisis in Ukraine that began years ago. This morning, however, brought bad news, and attempts to find a peaceful solution had ended in war.

Once again, humanity’s opportunity of finding the path of wisdom failed and the era of terror is strengthened by a new war. Since the war zone is in Europe, it really came to the backyard for many of us, and that is why it also greatly touches us now.

Many people are asking what we can do, whether there is any way to create a better world, to help people and nations suffering at least at the energy level. Our helpers have repeatedly said that it is always worth praying for Divine help, the support of the forces of Light for all those in need, or simply asking the High Power to help all who need it.

But what can we do so that humanity could one day change and we wouldn’t have to experience and see horrors anymore? The basis for the change is the transformation of the energy that has already been created so that it no longer would negatively descend and manifest as concrete events on earth. You see, everything we have created as humanity in all eras, must we, as humanity, cleanse from the collective energy. Dalai Lama has reminded humanity of this, and His Holiness surely knows what he is talking about. Even from his own experience regarding the fate of the Tibetan people. He teaches that compassion is the emotion that can change the world. But how can we feel compassion towards tyrants or psychopaths? It can’t work like that, I’m sure many of you are thinking. Wrongdoers can’t be met with compassion, but by punishment…

It is true that injustices should not be condoned and wrongdoers should be held accountable for their actions. But the key to change is transforming energies! Only then can we break the cycle that passes from generation to generation, over and over again, unraveling as war and revenge. By hating, we don’t eliminate hate, we increase it.

So what can an individual do besides pray?

We can all take responsibility for our own negative emotions, thoughts, and reactions. When we recognize something negative that is to say a low emotion in ourselves, we can ask for Divine cleansing. You can use the word that best describes to you the sacred and pure power of love. God, Buddha, Christ, Source of Life, Great Spirit, Krishna, Allah… The source of life is one and the same, only the name has varied and changed over time…

But if we only hate, want revenge, we create more of that energy, vibration into humanity with our own low emotions, because we give those energies our own life force and with that, they can stay alive while we also contaminate ourselves and our attitudes to life with our bad feelings. We can change!

As all events on earth always start from a thought and an emotion, so do also wars! And eventually, when a lot of negative emotion has accumulated, it searches for its pathway to unravel into actions that match that energy.

If a person already carries madness and evil in himself, he will attract more of that. When there is, for example, enough energy of vindictiveness and hunger for power, he attracts more of that energy, and then it eventually unravels as action towards the object to which those emotions are directed.

Today we have a terrible example of an event just like that. Humanity’s numerous wars have left their mark on the collective field and today that energy manifested itself as a war in Ukraine with one person using it as a source through his own body. Only one person who was negative enough was needed for today’s terrible event.

What would be the best now, how can we all help?

1. Try to live in the moment.
2. Identify your own emotional state.
3. If you notice any low emotion or thought activating, immediately ask cleansing for it from the high source of purity and love of your liking.
4. Then your emotions will be transformed into positive and you will get more light in your energy field, and thus you will not add negativity to the world.
5. Express your gratitude for the help and relief you have received.
6. Quiet down (meditate) daily, pray, think about a positive world and good things, and thank for them in advance.

By doing so on an individual level, we could eventually cleanse the collective energy and peace could return to the whole world. With this work, each of us gradually becomes a better person, and that is reflected in increasing good deeds, compassion, and the love of one’s fellow man.

While the idea of peace in the world may seem impossible, it is our job to try. We cannot surrender in front of the darkness because then it will gain force from our negative emotions and thoughts. We all are responsible for the change.

We invite you here and now to join us in this cleansing work for the good of all humanity. You only need the will to change yourself and through that the world. The tools for the change were just given to you.

In addition to this personal work, we invite you to join in on healings that are aimed at healing at the individual level and all levels of humanity. The joint healing moment is every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 21:00 to 22:00 Finnish time (7-8 pm UTC). You can join in simply by asking to be a part of the healing. Then everyone will receive the help and healing that is allowed at that moment. At the beginning of this joint moment together, everyone can also pray for the healing of the world situation, we can pray for peace and the victory of love.

Starpath will start on Facebook a healing group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1038657620079167/) from Sunday, February 27 onwards, where you can let us know when you join in and from which country. In this way, we strengthen our shared quest for a pure, loving world.

We wish you all Strength and Will to strive for a new world.

With love, Eija and Patrick