The power of kindness

A couple of nights ago, I woke up to the Helpers’ information. It’s not by any means rare, it’s a familiar thing over many years. I know that when my body sleeps, I often go up to the Helpers to talk, receive wisdom, and information. Even the fact that this is the case with me is not uncommon, for all of us who have asked to develop as spiritual beings and serve through it, are then connected to our highest Helpers.

If teaching and important information is received during the night, I always wake up when it’s over. This happens so that sleep’s power of oblivion does not lose the information from my memory. When I wake up, I write down or dictate to my phone the information I received. This is how I’m able to carry it to my daily consciousness.

When I woke up a few nights ago, I could still hear the voice of the Helpers in my mind. They had given all of us the following thought to reflect on.

“Why do you need these extreme conditions over and over again before you find your natural tendency towards good? Why does your ordinary good life deprive you of that?”

As always, helpers do not judge or preach, but they simply remind us of the truth and how to bring it to the level of everyday life. This message conveyed the idea to live life in a way that aims for the good of all by waking that will and power in ourselves. This power is in all of us but, unfortunately, often only a catastrophe big enough awakens it and we start to act upon it. This great tragedy in Ukraine has once again shown this, for there are efforts all over the world to help in some way, and surely many have a pure will to do good, to help the people suffering from the war.

For humanity to experience kindness, pure will for the good of all, at last, should that pure will be in our thoughts every day. We have the possibility to develop kindness in ourselves. That is also spiritual work that opens us up towards the connection with our divine part and serving through it. The power of kindness is an incredible force, for it really binds us together and removes such obstacles, and takes help where it is needed regardless of the challenges and such actions will eventually change the world!! When you get to receive acts of kindness, it affects yourself and you want to share it.

Thank you all who have joined with us in healings to the silent prayer to send divine energy and assistance to the victims of war and then to open up oneself to receive the Energy from the Source.