Today, March 3rd is the New Year of Tibetan Buddhists and the first day of the Losar festival. It’s the beginning of the year 2149 for them and it’s the year of the water tiger. The celebrations include a lot of prayers and asking for blessings up to two weeks’ time. Before that, the old year has been cleaned up. The idea of celebration and the effort to be clean feels very beautiful.

What comes to prayer, praying, we all probably have our own idea and image of what it means. Quite often, however, it is associated with church or religion.

For me, prayer is completely free of any relation to church, religion, ideology, or dogma. I understand that prayer is the right and gift of all souls to seek the healing connection to the Source through their Highest Self. You don’t need certain words that someone else has defined as good, and you don’t even need a clear picture of what the Source is.

Every soul has that great possibility of a heart connection to strive for the connection with Love and, through its own good intention, to pray for peace in the world and help for those who suffer. I trust the Source so that all the good that I ask for will come true in a purposeful way. And when I pray, that’s how I set in motion that kind of high energy that reaches the Source, and through it brings help. I understand that here, too, the free will should be used to send the prayer.

Maybe you paid attention to the thought of “all that good.” That is the essence of prayer, for with prayer you turn to the eternal Source that creates and sustains life. Then the energy of the thought in the prayer must also be pursuing good, not for example asking for revenge.

Everyone can use their own name for the Divine Source or belong to any church or ideology. You can pray with ready-written words or just by listening to your own heart. Pure heart and intent are the most important, not names or divergent ideologies. From the Source’s point of view, the aspiration for love and goodwill are the ones that matter.

Let us continue our joint prayer and, through that, the transformation towards Love.