Invitation to Spring Equinox 20.3.2022

There is such a wonderful spring light escorting this blog’s emergence that I can only be grateful for today too. I have arrived at my annual solar retreat, which I will spend this time together with Patrick and Briccius in the archipelago. If someone is wondering who Briccius is, I can tell you that he is our 4-year-old dog, who comes from a wise and codependent dog breed 😁 that is to say a Kleinspitz. He’s on top of the world when he gets to keep us in sight at all times. We, on the other hand, rejoice in his joy and how we get an active companion for our forest walks.

After a long winter, the Spring Equinox is finally here, ergo next Sunday, 20 March, at 5.33 pm Finnish time (3.33 pm UTC). Again, this is a great point in the annual course of time, when the light wins the darkness once again, taking the best of it the very next day.

Despite all the light, this year’s Spring Equinox will have its sad add-on from the terrible situation in the world. Still in the vicinity of all of us, millions of people are affected by the horrors and losses of war. Humanity faced the energy it had created manifest at the concrete level as a war ultimately between many countries just a few weeks earlier. There is no single explanation as to why it happened, but beyond our understanding are the explanations and choices that were made to justify this war.

Although we read the news and in that way try to stay “up to date” about the situations, it is important that we do not go along with the negative flow which is often created and strengthened through the news. We, who experience ourselves as spiritual, have an important responsibility to stay in compassion and stay emotionally separated from the events themselves. This is a major challenge because it is difficult not to identify with one’s own opinions and those of others, but that is precisely our task.

Still, this does not mean that we couldn’t say that war is a terrible and evil thing, or that some have made choices in accordance with darkness, through which evil only increases in the world. We see this happening, but we do not support it with our own negative emotions, because that is just how we feed that level that gets its fuel from negativity. We take refuge in the Light.

Also during the Equinox, we do not focus on the evilness in the world but seek to see more profoundly. It is important for all humanity that we focus on the Light, which still pulsates from the Source. When we do that, we increase its flow in the world. We unite with the Light, the Source, God, and with the help of that energy, we co-create a better world, from one hour to the next and one day to the next. This requires trust and faith both in each other and in the love from the Source, which is inexhaustible, and on this physical level, its transforming power flows through us when we so choose.

At the moment of the Equinox, we all focus together on the sun and its power to melt coldness and darkness. We extend our hands across all borders and with that join together in spirit for the sake of a better and loving world. We all have the freedom to choose and join together and that’s the real power that creates new. In our spirit, we are always free!

Again we invite you all to join us in this moment of the Equinox, love in your hearts and force with you. So let’s meet in large numbers at the time of the Equinox!

It would be great if you could tell us where you will be doing your own Lightwork by letting us know in the Starpath Facebook group (

Greetings with Light, Eija & Patrick