Message from the Helpers of Light 22.3.22

“Give your Spirit a chance to descend down into the body. Look with your heart, for everyone has the opportunity to receive guidance from the world of Light, through the pure heart that is free of one’s own desires.

The battle that is taking place in your world has a much greater meaning than just an attempt by a larger state to take over and oppress the smaller one. It is about the future of humanity now. War at the physical level is a part of it, but a greater battle is now being fought at the energy level. Which wins, the hunger for power and hatred, or compassion and brotherhood? Light or darkness?

In order for humanity to triumph over the energies of darkness that have now manifested as war, must you, as human beings, join together at the level of your souls and consciousness, that is, your Spirit. That’s the only way for you to be strong. Together, not under the guidance of selfishness or isolation, which is powered only by fear and mistrust. Now we have to take a look at this moment, not at the past. Is this how you want to continue, until Mother Earth has taken its last breath, or could you finally turn your gaze toward the Light and let the heart guide your actions?

As humanity, you need to attain a critical mass in order to achieve the change to enter into the Light. Such a wave of change in souls achieved by a critical mass could absolutely sweep across nations and borders with such enormous force that we see it only requires about sixteen years for it to have wiped over the entire planet and would have brought a new, higher understanding to humanity. As it travels among you, it reaches all those open hearts that have so ached and been ready to turn to the Light and towards a connection with its heralds, the guidance of their own Spirit. Aim at 2038 with Love! Then an era of teaching feminine wisdom can be opened up to you in all its wisdom.

For you to reach that critical mass, it only requires that 2% of humanity’s souls now in the body make a final, committed choice that will lead to Love and a higher consciousness! And so can the work for the entirety begin!

We appeal to all of you who have now been reached by this message, to believe in your own Divine spark and from this moment on to strengthen it every day. Call us, the Helpers of Light, from your heart, as we act as heralds and servants of the Source that creates and sustains life. Ask for us in order to get all the support from the Light for your daily life.

Turn to the Light so that your heart and mind could be cleansed and you could get rid of your low vibrations. All your low thoughts and emotions can be cleansed and when you ask for that, you will also cleanse humanity’s emotional and thought levels at the same time. Ask for help and cleansing when your lower self becomes active and some low, bad energy in you tries to guide you. Do not give in to it, but trust us, Helpers of Light, for we have the power to cleanse and lift you up when you so ask. And finally, we promise, that the day will come when you can meet us in that same room of Light from which we approach you. Then you will have defeated yourself and joined the Servants of the Source. Through your own work, as your plan as humanity is.

Trust also your own goodwill, your own sacred heart and with the power of trust, you can do your part in this great transformation that you, as humanity, so desperately now need. For the Light conquers always when it’s called for help. The choice is yours. We will walk by your side.”