The creative flow of the new moon

This morning, April 1st, opened in bright sunshine, together with the creative flow of the new moon. And once again, we are reminded of the energy of creation, because by what we focus on, we are strengthening those events that will have their manifestation in our future.

Gratitude is still the key to those doors we are yearningly looking at that are thus far closed. The other one is faith because it allows us to move towards eventually opening that door in front of us. The third one is love, for it is a force that removes all the obstacles we have created in our path through our doubt. Love, faith, and gratitude really make the flow run towards new, beautiful, and sunny mornings.

Let us decode a little bit the aforesaid. As human beings, one of our greatest lessons is living up to love. It’s so very easy to say that love yourself, love your fellow human beings. But what if you don’t feel that way, what if your heart hurts and your mind follows its dark paths? Then you have to travel with the power of faith and work on your mind to travel along in the lighter direction. We can strengthen our faith by reinforcing those thoughts that promote our best selves. There is a lot of good in each of us and it manifests itself in many ways, but we often do not pay attention to it in our everyday lives. Remember to also pay attention to your own good thoughts and deeds. There are no insignificant good deeds because also through them, we are setting the flow of creation towards the future! It’s a good idea to write them down for yourself for the so-called rainy day.

We can also strengthen love by thinking about what makes us experience joy and what we like. Nature, sun, animals, parents, children, spouses, siblings, neighbor’s grandmother, sea, cliffs, books, arts and crafts, friends, the arrival of spring, etc… make your own list, thereby increasing gratitude for what’s around you. The old familiar gratitude journal is not a bad idea at all. You just have to open yourself up to moments that show the beautiful and good in the world and seize them with joy. We all have an inherent ability, God’s gift, to love. However, it needs to be practiced and then our ability will open up broader and broader until there is no longer a division that would set us apart. Love brings us all together because it’s our core. But we must want it!

We can awaken in our own life to what creative flows we ourselves strengthen. For example, the constant following of “news”. When we focus on what bad or stupid is happening in our world right now, we give our own vital energy to that level, because our thought energy strengthens through the news always towards a certain direction. Either we agree or we disagree, rather than staying in neutral compassion. For many, emotions also awaken that strengthen the thought or also vice versa: our thoughts on what we read increase our emotions. This is how we create the world every moment we take a stand on something! As we read these stories, which we call news, it would be good to find a neutral state through our own spiritual exercises that simply take note of what has been read. Then we will not add drama, superficiality, or darkness to the world.

One spiritual exercise could be focusing on good exercise. While doing your own cleansing work, it’s beneficial to take all along all that good that I wrote about above. Give a deep thank you in your heart that it exists. The exercise can be extended to those people who are in our lives, near or far. How can I delight, thank or support them?

Why couldn’t we make that a way of life, be good neighbors, and at the same time be committed to our own spiritual practice, our development, with the thought: I create new and good while cleansing and working on the old. In this way, we are members of humanity who are aware of our responsibility.

The next big energetic event at the end of the month, April 30th, will be the subject of my next blog. Then there will be a partial solar eclipse in the sign of Taurus. Let’s see what energies that eclipse will highlight. I’ll return to that soon. Luminous days to all of you.  <3