Solar Eclipse 30.4.2022

We will get to the first eclipse of this year on 30 April. The sun will then partially darken in the sign of Taurus, but the physical event of the eclipse will not be seen by us here in the Nordic countries.

The energy of the eclipse is powerful and will intensify in its power even further in these last moments before the h-hour. The situation in the world will also make the time of the eclipse almost like a powder keg. So keep paying close attention to yourself and strive towards Light, acceptance, and the love of one’s neighbor.

The energy of this eclipse is characterized by a strong restlessness that rises from karmic energies, past lives, and their energies. And all that can now be reflected through deep emotions. Similarly, the emergence of old ways of behaving has already been noticeable in recent weeks. After all, the energy of the eclipses begins to affect at least a couple of weeks before the h-hour. Now is a good time to stop and examine what this time before the eclipse has brought up in you. What old are they now trying to suck you back into, or downright drag? Perhaps old distressing feelings related to events in the past, or strong feelings of longing for somewhere where things would be fine. Seeking refuge, by the so-called old ways, in the matter, strongly attracts. Many of the issues to be addressed are also related to the strict, forced roles or even abuses in relationships. It is now time to cleanse them by perhaps going through them, and understanding your and others’ behavior and emotional patterns.

The transition from a new way of being with others started strong almost twenty years ago. Its most essential part is the ability to be with yourself and through that strengthen the different sides of your being. Only knowing yourself, accepting, and transforming yourself will lead to a new way of being in a relationship. That way is to reach the soul-to-soul connection through the deep understanding of one’s own spiritual self and living through it. That, on the other hand, is looking for our strength to say a clear NO to old emotional reactions or even the zeal that lures us towards experiencing previous “wonderful” experiences. And only to discover their emptiness. By stepping on the brake, it’s easier to advance in respecting yourself and the voice of your innermost.

This eclipse brings before us, as it were, an intersection where we can choose a path that looks joyful and easy, taking us to a new cycle of seeking pleasures, seeking approval, performing, role fights, exploiting others, and all that old in which humanity has been spinning inside for hundreds of years. The idea that now we enjoy and make the most of life, accumulate money and, through it, “security”, is the idea of the old humanity, for it is based on self-centeredness and one’s own desires. The path eventually leads downwards, towards the recurrence of old traumas.

New humanity, on the other hand, approaches encounters by seeing with the heart, experiencing and giving, not by seeking something for itself. This is the theme of the other, new path that might look frighteningly difficult. That path leads upwards, toward greater light and wisdom. It’s a path that expands and allows others to join in on their own journey.

At the moment of the eclipse, we can receive strength, energy, and create with the thought that I use that force to stop the old and crackling wheel, for I want with all my heart a new, beautiful, equal, loving, accepting humanity and above all, humanity guided by the Divine force. We are channels through which that eclipse energy is directed to where our intentions are. So let our intentions be sacred and directed by the Source of Love.

Once again, we unite in energy and reach each other with this idea in our hearts. “I’m the change I want to see in the world.” We are now strengthening the new foundation on which we can build the bright future of humanity.

The h-hour of the eclipse is 23:41 Finnish time (20.41 UTC).