A point of a new beginning

For the last few weeks, we’ve traveled in strong flows that have thrown us a little bit here and there. The sun has been a great transformative factor with its own fierce contribution and has shaken both Mother Earth and people at a rapid pace. The force of the solar eclipse hit our energy fields penetrating all the way to our bodies with might. We’re going to have to endure this turmoil for a while because the solar flares continue and even the moon will eclipse.

The last month has brought with it transformative energy and, as always, its purpose has been to raise, push or move us towards personal change, which again would serve to change the entirety. So many people have experienced profound fatigue, the need to just be, or sleep and let the body work on this new energy in peace. The body may have reacted by getting sick, cleansing itself, and retreating into its own shell. And indeed, it has been a time for resting so that everything new has been able to root in our system in peace.

Solar flares have also caused unpleasant symptoms in children and adults alike. Sudden dizzy spells, as if the floor had rocked for a moment. Headaches that may have lasted for days or still continue. Strange sensations in the eyes, pressure in the ears and forehead, at the third eye. Memory lapses even more than before, or words don’t come out of your mouth right and you have to search for them. As if a large number of people had suddenly become memory-impaired and confused shells. Ear tinnitus and the head goes blank in a shop or traffic. Where was I going? What am I doing in front of this shelf in the store? In the evenings again there are strange thoughts and fears circling in the head as if coming from nowhere, there is no empty space in the head and it is difficult to fall asleep. The last few weeks have been challenging and burdensome in so many ways that it’s no wonder if you start to dysfunction at the physical level too.

The solar eclipse, on the other hand, was a really powerful event and I felt as if totally new, luminous energy had been poured into my main energy channel which removed body consciousness for a long time. The Helpers were there to support that state and I ended up studying the state of the Solar System with them. Planet Earth was indeed surrounded by great restlessly crisscrossing energies. The high-vibrating energies traveled towards the Earth and penetrated them. The whole body of Mother Earth vibrated at a new frequency.

I was reminded of what happened to the Solar System about seven years ago. Then, an energetic shield was placed around the Earth so that the severe and negative events on Earth would not affect the process of transformation of the entire Solar System. At the same time, access here was barred so that extraterrestrial beings could not interfere in the collective process of humanity in a bad way. Only the High Helpers left the gates open to connections that could help humanity through this difficult period of rebirth. The Galactic Council is with us and is following our situation with great sympathy and support. I was also shown how strong dark energies were now traveling along the surface of the Earth and slowly spreading. I got such a strong message that we can stop those streams as long as we want it with the power from the bottom of our hearts and each makes those changes for it to happen.

What does all this mean now? That was a question I was left wondering about after the eclipse meditation. The helpers finally came to their aid today and told me about the effects of the energies.

First of all, it’s about the plan that Mother Earth and humanity have as part of the Solar System. We, all souls, are also part of that joint plan, which aims at Returning Home. For us souls, it is about returning to our true self through cleansing and stripping away layers, so that our pure, radiant spark, our divine core could remain, and we could live our holy human life on this physical level guided by our Highest Self. That plan is trying to realize itself, and Mother Earth has, for her part, stuck to it.

Imagine how the Solar System is racing like in a spiral in our galaxy, moving towards the great unknown. Billions of stars wave at us and send their own energetic greetings. We are on the path as planned, which brings before us ever more breathtaking energies and impulses that affect everything in our small group of planets, altering the vibration of them all. The same goes for the inhabitants of the planets. They are also getting their share of the change. At present in the Solar System, there is physical life, souls in bodies, on a planet only here on Earth. This journey will continue until we reach that point of a new beginning where everything changes in an explosive way! We have not yet reached that point, but we are moving at a fast pace towards it. The big question is, are we, as souls, ready to receive that energy explosion and how can our bodies withstand it?

Second, our Sun has reacted to some high impulse It has received as a result of an energy change somewhere in our galaxy. The Sun reacts and, in turn, sends an eruption towards the Earth, which in turn can alter the Earth’s magnetic field. People on the surface of the Earth react to the change in the field, especially at the level of the bodies, but we also react to those fine energy flows that hit Earth as a consequence of the eruption.

Thirdly, we humans react to the internal change of the Earth and to the change in Mother Earth’s energy due to all that was described above. It is felt and reflected in changes in the Earth. Climate, weather, atmosphere, nutrition, ocean currents, and wind directions. There is also an imbalance between the energy given and the energy received regarding Mother Earth and the people on it. It all affects us, although we would never even think about it.

The last energy that is strongly directed at us is the energy that humanity has created itself and that currently exists, and which surrounds us everywhere because we are a part of it. We’re all connected to it, at a frequency corresponding to your own vibration.

So each of us is constantly under the influence of many invisible energies. Certain energy elevates us and others lower our vibrations.

When the energy coming from outside does not resonate for example with our body, it has to struggle to receive the new energy, and vibration, and “comprehend it”. After all, the body is our coarsest part and therefore reacts to fine vibrating frequencies easily by “getting sick” or seeking balance through rest. The load of the new energies can be quite high. The same goes for our soul, even though it doesn’t vibrate on a physical level. It is burdened because many different levels are awoken in it due to the flows coming from outside. Sometimes those flows elevate us towards Divine levels and the guidance of the Helpers. And sometimes they might take us into deep emotional storms, which again lower our vibrations, and perhaps that’s why we end up also getting sick. Those of us that have the knowledge and great will, can use all these flows to our benefit. If our soul reacts with the need for cleansing and emotions arise, we ask for help to them. If, on the other hand, we rise towards the Helpers, we ask for guidance.

Almost every one of us is under great pressure almost 24/7 because the pace of change is now high. Harmful energies, for example, the radiation around us, pulls our vibrations down, the same goes for the negative things that happen in humanity, as well as the lack of contact with Mother Earth.

On the other hand, higher energy rains down on us, for example in the form of eclipses and solar flares, and they strive to raise our vibrations towards the purer, towards Light. Those fortunate, who can actually live in nature’s peace and its rhythm, far away from all the 5G masts and the thought and emotional energy of the collective mass, are probably having it easier than those who have chosen to be with others and bring a different, higher thought and brighter energy to the very masses where there is still no awakening. The task doesn’t always seem easy, but all the same, that’s our job.

In order to survive this plan without collapsing ourselves, we must take care of ourselves, both at the level of the soul and the body, and strive daily towards the connection with our own Highest Self. We are also stronger together because that is how we can energetically support each other, not to mention the concrete level.

There is still one stage on the April-May energy path and that will be the lunar eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on 16 May at 7.11 am Finnish time (4.11 am UTC) at its maximum. We will not see this eclipse either.

The sun is still in the sign of Taurus and for some reason, this combination of Taurus-Scorpio gives me chills. It’s like a presentiment about their deep-penetrating, possibly painfully renewing power. The point of a new beginning is approaching. And some of us can choose and pursue that now is the point where the new begins. For good.

For real. It is above all a choice that is made from one individual to the next. I choose the Light, trust, and diligent spiritual work for the good of myself. I choose my new body, which I respect and listen to. I choose the routines that keep me aloft, reaching out to God. I choose my Highest Self and my divine Helpers.

I wish I could remember my choice in every moment.