Lunar Eclipse and Vesak

Our Helpers want to further elaborate on the themes of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. 

The deepest moment of the eclipse is on 16th May at 7.11. am Finnish time (4.11. am UTC). At that moment it’s good to listen to the flow it brings. We once again suggest joining together at the level of spirit. On the same day the Buddhist world celebrates the birth of Buddha ergo Vesak. 

The energy of the moment of the eclipse has been condensing for the last two weeks. The energy that was set in motion during the Solar Eclipse has increased in momentum, gathered strength and will reach its full potential in tomorrow’s Lunar Eclipse. 

Again we can observe the state from the individual or collective level. On the individual level we do our own work and are awake with those energies that arise to be accepted and ultimately turned into light. 

It’s good to remember mercy, acceptance and love towards yourself. Life is not about competing who is better and therefore there is no need to look around in a comparative way. The most important thing is honesty, that we no longer carry our familiar safety masks but open our hearts to each other regardless of fears. Those who do not cover up themselves or take refuge under the old, safe shell will come out of this eclipse season as survivors. 

We have come to the scenery of Lapland, to the refuge of Kiilopää fjeld, with a group. Here too, we have had openness and sharing as themes and expanding through them. We have also had morning practices of Buddhist meditation that so naturally suit this theme of opening. Those familiar Buddhist basic thoughts of compassion and an observing attitude come so strongly in mind as they could bring that feminine idea of peace and change into our world. We remember the teachings and birth of Buddha here with gratefulness and in honor of that will retreat inside ourselves spending  a day of full silence during the Vesak and Lunar Eclipse.  

It strongly comes into my mind how the transforming energy of the eclipse just aims at a compassionate attitude towards fellow travelers through feminine wisdom and an open heart. 

As a spiritual lesson we all can contemplate what obstacles we have that hinder that compassion. They are emotions that arise between a compassionate heart and another person. This time can also be a useful time to improve yourself and your weaknesses and obstacles to stay in compassion will no doubt arise it you are just willing to see them. 

My own biggest obstacle is impatience that arises from so many lost, stagnating lives and foremost from those lives when screaming in the wind trying to make a big change in humanity. In this life I have passed time searching, falling and pausing. Now, as the forces of change are becoming stronger there is no more time for pauses or sabbatical years. 

As humanity is now living true a very heavy collective energy it would be good for all of us to take advantage of every moment to strive towards better humanity. Humanity needs all of us that eventually could face all events and lessons of both body and soul from the Highest self. 

Mother Earth’s power is so present here in the middle of melting snow, burbling streams and deep silence. Mother Earth and her body’s chakras and power spots are also one theme for our trip. How to help the Great Mother in her mission as she maintains a home for us here in this planet. What can we learn from the kindness with which she unceasingly provides us in the form of nature’s food, streaming water, shelter and through healing power places. 

We can remember that task of ours, that is paying back our energy debt. We can step outside into nature, connect to our Highest Self and let all that Divine Love flow down through us to nurture the body of Mother Earth. That is our great task. Of course with gratitude, likewise you can exchange thoughts with Mother Earth. 

At the same time we give thanks for our bodies that make it possible to experience all this, all this learning and eventually the development of the soul towards the Light and complete connection with your Highest Self. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.