The longest day of summer

Summer has its longest day on June 21, 2022, at 12.13 pm Finnish time (9.13 UTC). The midnight sun is a familiar event for all Finns and has traditionally been celebrated during Midsummer celebrations. This year, Midsummer does not fall on the same weekend as the summer solstice, which perhaps makes the general energies lighter.

The summer solstice was once considered a sacred celebration when the connection with Mother Earth was strongly in focus. In many old cultures in Europe, the theme of the celebration was new life and fertility. Then women, femininity, and the ability to create new were respected and praised. Mother Earth is our sustainer, who we really have a reason to thank abundantly, even now. Mother Earth was worshipped, bestowed, and praised in various ways.

If we move even further back in time to those high cultures that have seen and looked beyond Mother Earth, then the focus was on the whole solar system. Events in the solar system have brought Mother Earth to a certain angle in relation to the equator and center of the galaxy. In those times, the high consciousnesses concentrated on a wider reality than just this physical, beloved planet. The high ordained prepared to receive information that could help our planet and humanity to travel the upward path. Towards conscious spiritual development. The ordained had their own missions to maintain and preserve this sacred knowledge also for future generations.

There are still consciousnesses on earth that carry that higher holy memory but many have not awakened to it. Therefore, the summer solstice may be an opportunity for some to activate their own higher soul memory and possibly bring Light to humanity. The moment of solstice is also an opportunity to connect to the memory of the solar system, the consciousness field of Mother Earth, or the archives of humanity. Everyone who sincerely carries in his heart the will to help souls on earth and humanity is precisely the potential recipient of higher help himself. It is therefore worth preparing for this moment with good intentions and energy.

As many already know, each solstice and equinox carries its own theme, depending on the prevailing energies and the astrological influence of the solar system. And as before, the information coming through me is dictated by the Helpers of Light, by the life-sustaining beings of Light. I’m not an astrologer but a channel and radar :).

The theme of this summer is still that feminine, strong, and gentle wisdom and its realization on a collective level, through individuals. We are being offered strong energy to bring about that much-needed change. Hopefully, we will finally see new, gentle, feminine models of femininity. The old archetypal femininity, which has already been worn out and highlighted many times, the aggressive search for change, the overemphasized individuality, is finally being left behind and new, pure energy is emerging. It comprises the lack of emphasis on oneself, innocence, gentleness, and quiet work for the benefit of all. The circle closes and a new era could begin, and perhaps we can finally meet each other in loving, equal, and pure relationships. In the bodies of a woman and a man.

The above is the Helpers’ view of what kind of seed we can receive and in which direction to nurture it. Are we ready for that, we can only hope. The direction would be a restoration of masculine and feminine beauty and holiness that would bring true love into relationships. The overemphasized sexuality, the overemphasizing and over enhancing of oneself and the body that can be seen everywhere at this time, is all a development that goes against the higher plan of humanity. In that way, we do not develop towards a spiritual, that is, divine energy, nor do we increase the high energy on earth. As the Helpers say, we are putting into practice humanity’s state of degradation each moment. Also through war.

All of you who are tired of this futile, superficial battle that individuals across our wonderful planet are now engaged in, join together and gather your forces for the sake of change. Now there is an opportunity to receive, restore one’s own inner power of Light and let it take you towards a new future. In this way, everyone can stand firmly on their own two feet, together with others, and bring their own visions for a better future together. You won’t change the world by yourself but by joining together for the same goal. The coming solstice will give strength to a new direction that is common for humanity, no longer based on selfishness. All of us who are ready will gladly accept it and do our utmost to be the receivers of that new current, wherever we stand at that moment.

The solar system will open its pathways, receive and pass on the great radiation of Light on 21 June, and then we will stand as vessels for change.

At that moment, I and Patrick will be at the Holy Cave of Montserrat chapel on the Montserrat mountain. This beautiful and sacred place of such strong power also combats the downward running destructive energy. Every day, for many hours, the monks chant their sacred songs in the grand abbey, trying to elevate the surrounding energy and bring the divine message to earth. Thousands of half-naked tourists don’t respect that but take their snapshots and videos in the middle of mass or vesper as if the men devoted to God were performing just for them. Hardly anyone reads the instructions or dress codes that honor the holy place and the spiritual choice of those men as monks.

The same thing recurs all around this region, through all nationalities. Some true pilgrims try to quietly focus on the still remaining pure energies and bow their heads down to silent prayers.

We are focusing here on our own writing work, meditations, outdoor activities, and Patrick’s solar. We are taking part in creating a new direction, maintaining purer energies through our own work and spiritual goal.

Of course, we are joining together with everyone at the moment of the solstice and all who yearn for achange in the world can join this collective moment and ask to act as a receiver for the power of Light and through that for a new beginning. Come together in the sacred places and portals that you know of and unite in power and intention.

Force and Light for you all.