Sun’s Spirit talks

The subject of this blog is the fierce solar storms of the last few days and also this heat, which is now affecting also Europe.

Already a few years, perhaps four years, ago we received a warning from the Helpers that the sun is dangerous to our physical bodies. They instructed us to stay in the shade as much as possible while the summer sun is shining, and even then only for small periods at a time. Our wonderful, life-sustaining Sun is downright dangerous to us because its harmful radiation is now manifold compared to previous years. Especially here in the North, with a weaker protective layer, we are exposed to harmful radiation. Now, on top of this, the sun’s own cycle is at its peak, and the flares towards the earth have also strengthened and escalated and have a strong impact near the northern pole. Let us now protect ourselves with clothes and by staying under the sun just for small periods at a time.

But what is the spiritual meaning of the sun? Of course, the sun is a life-sustaining force and energy on earth, but it also has its own esoteric meaning. Now that the solar activity cycle is at its peak and waning towards 2026, it probably has also something to say to us. What does the sun want to say to us, what message does it have?

It is clear that the spiritual, transformative energy is directed toward the Earth and the Solar System. Its great purpose is to change our energy structure, but only if we are open to it. Awake with ourselves and work positively with that energy we are now receiving. Once again, the thought: What’s now happening in me?

Many have reported to us, how in the last few days the dreams have been active and thought-provoking. Such non-conscious things, emotions, experiences, and encounters that have, however, left us with an energy imprint, are now emerging. Even all the way from past lives. After all, we cannot reach them very easily in our daily consciousness, at least not without our own coloring. So now we get the blessing through the sun, as it also rattles Mother Earth’s energy field and through that also us, so that we can examine, for example, those deep wounds that still hurt so much. How to forgive me and others who have hurt me, how once more, even in this layer of my soul, do I release myself from the burden of the past, how can I be open and honest when encountering others and how do I extend my compassion to all suffering beings. Many levels and stories of many souls are now coming up.

The other night was almost a sleepless night for me. As if I had a fever, my brain was burning, and finally, a penetrating headache set on the other side of the head to prevent me from sleeping. I only drowsed until the morning, and that penetrating pain was with me almost into the next evening. Until I got an understanding of the sun’s coronal mass ejection, which affected my already sensitive state. (After all, we have now enjoyed them between 18-22 July.)

Already in the ’90s, I got information and I heard of experiences that many sensitive people, especially children, reacted to solar flares almost as if with epileptic seizures. At the time, I even read a study (unfortunately, I can’t remember what it was) in which in official, more accurate experiments and studies they had found a link between solar flares and children’s seizures. I have noticed the same in myself because exactly that same penetrating pain has resulted if there has been a larger mass ejection directed towards the earth.

As always, let us try to be grateful for these growing pains of ours, even if they hit a so-called bad period in our own life. So was it with me as I had already been physically weak for a few weeks. But then if you become aware of deeper reasons for your own condition, a change towards healing can begin. In my case, new layers of the soul have recently been opened, and oh, such painful spots have been found. That’s the way it should be, layer by layer we peel ourselves, and eventually that pure core is revealed. What I do know is that the closer you get to the real Self, the quicker the truth reveals itself and the cleansing takes place. You don’t get caught in things, events, or emotions but instead, the power of Light is present when going through pain, even if words and emotions grind their old track for a while. But it takes the will to let go and free yourself from those old stories through which you have experienced yourself in many lifetimes. Love for one’s own experiences and that of others cures in the best way, but we can’t get caught up in them.

The heat in Europe is actually about the same but in a desolate way. It is a state created by humanity, its karmic consequence, which, seen in a right way got worse when the war in Ukraine began. Of course, it can also be an opportunity for us to go through the same pains that arise from the past, but at the level of humanity, we need the input of each of us to work on it.

All of you spiritual people know how the energy that has already been created continues its way and manifests itself on a physical level in due course, because we, as humanity, have not transformed it into something else. This war, too, is the result of negative emotions, whatever they may be. Surely behind there is the hunger for power, vindictiveness, hatred, belittling/degrading, need to be right, selfishness, superiority, and then the victim energies, self-pity, inferiority, etc. I could go on with those lists much further. On humanity’s level, we can help by cleansing away from ourselves the very emotions that arise. I believe that, when you think of this scale, it is easy to humble yourself and try to do everything possible so that the suffering could ease, and the concrete level is not where the help comes the quickest from, but precisely the level at which the energy was created.

So Europe is blazing on many levels. It is horrible for those who are closely touched by it, but it is also painful for those of us who cannot help them. From a spiritual point of view, from the point of view of the sun’s message, the Spirit’s energy communicates to us something that we should really understand now, otherwise, destruction will take over even more of this beautiful home of ours. My heart is like crushing when I’m writing this… But I know we can find a new direction as long as we want to. We can return to that original purity, now that we have gone through almost all the impure variations also in us humans. I feel that we have now reached such an extreme from which one can only turn back.

I read over and over again those rules that Jesus Christ brought to the earth. After all, He has been the last ambassador of Holy Love on earth. As is open-mindedly said, one of the Masters, one of the Buddhas. I believe in Him wholeheartedly, even though I no longer believe in the church as an institution, because the condemnation and categorization still continue and the Truth is forgotten.

But let us return with an open heart to look at the rules Jesus brought to us humans in his Sermon on the Mount. They crystallize everything we need also in this time to change the world. Do we really already know how to live according to them or could we each have a possibility for change in ourselves? A chance to turn toward the true love of one’s neighbor. And if the New Testament does not attract you, the same wisdom can be read, for example, in Pekka Ervast’s book: The Sermon on the Mount or the key to Christianity.

Dear people, now again is not the time to separate us that try to change for the better, but by joining together, behind the same idea of loving peace, we may still make it to change this literally destructive direction, that we as a humanity, have taken.

We all have the opportunity to return to God in our own way, and to see our own divine part light up into a great flame. That’s our beautiful goal. And that’s the holy message of the Sun.