Time for profound cleansing

This is surely and truly a special period that is going on now! Around mid-July, the turmoil began, which is now intended to help us, so that we may finally and truly heal once and for all from the strains of our own burden. Our solar system is once again of great help to us in going through all this. A new two-year transition period towards the new has begun.

Especially we pioneers, who have already been traveling this path that aims at spiritual change for many years or decades, are now at such a point of change that might be very decisive. Many layers of our souls have already been studied in the memory of our souls and now we are entering those secret compartments that we have not yet dared to explore until now. Our worst karma prints are now being pushed out with the help of the heavens. Painful? Yes, of course, but also alleviating, and ultimately it brings great joy when you dare to allow yourself to grow towards your true self, and there is no need to hide any burdensome parts anymore.

This period, at least until the autumnal equinox, is a great opportunity to access our true bright essence, where we can find security for the future. Even if we would so willingly blame our external circumstances and other people, yet each of us must look into our souls and see through its eyes the state created in which we individually find ourselves. Oh, how it requires humility facing yourself and your backpack. Certainly, spiritual work goes always through humility, and in the end, it is a great blessing, for then you can lower your shield, show your painful spots, your wounds from the past, and trust that even if there is no listener near you, the Helpers, those blessed ambassadors of Light, are always with you ready to transform with their Light the feelings and memories that you now want to get rid of.

Memories of past lives are now arising before us, as are hidden things and energies from childhood. We might not always be aware of a clear recollection, but we can track down the energy, for example, from childhood in an instant by experiencing something distressing and even painful at the level of our own emotional and behavioral patterns that usually make us fight back. The defense mechanism is such that it very easily turns on without us being aware of it at that moment. For each of us, it is expressed differently to the outside depending for example on the atmosphere of childhood and on the previous experiences in this life. There is self-pity, indifference, withdrawal, and on the other hand again the need for attention, attacking, and the need to be right. Everyone has a pattern of behavior that is in line with their experience. And, of course, in the background, many lives that support that pattern, play a role.

What is it that we are trying to defend? We try to protect ourselves, even by extreme means, from some energy that we experience threatening us. And precisely some energy, neither necessarily any person nor the current situation feels as a threat to us but certain energy in the situation triggers that reaction that has lasted for years in us. We don’t want to experience pain, anxiety, panic, or be coerced from the outside anymore, but we quickly and unconsciously protect ourselves against them in the way we have learned.

This is one of the great places of change even regarding the whole of humanity. And as energetically should be the case, the deconstruction of this state begins at the individual level. If you are at this point that you are starting to become aware of your own pattern, this is your big moment to take it apart, because all the necessary support is now here. You have to ask yourself who am I in my own pure energy, not who I get to be, in this configuration in which I live and act. If we allow our best selves to emerge, there is no need to be afraid of other people or of the situations that we come across. Hatred, competition, vindictiveness, etc. between people would slowly begin to subside, while individuals would begin to feel better, and trust other people and life.

While it may sound easy, bringing out the best of yourself is work that takes time. Because, again, it does not mean pretending to others or hiding the negative sides, but an honest effort toward that right direction. And that doesn’t mean that we should all become a certain way, rather it’s really the contrary because then we give up the image that we are someone or a certain way. After all, that is an idea that is formed from a concrete image, once again from some pattern, while our pure and true self is the radiance of energy that we cannot fake. Nor can it just be done, because if there still are dishonest patterns of human behavior and low emotions that we maintain in everyday life as obstacles, we are not purely genuine.

As the Helpers have been saying for decades, the energy never lies, so by the time we stop lying to ourselves, we are already one step closer to our true selves. The next important step is to take notice of that pattern of behavior that in certain situations, pushes into the place of goodwill, sincerity, and caring. The third step is the will to change it, even if there is clear resistance arising from the backpack. The fourth step is to press the brakes when that behavioral pattern forcibly tries to come to the fore and humble yourself in the situation so much that you do your utmost to return to your heart to take refuge in the aid from the Helpers. Unfortunately, if there is no real will, relying on the Helpers will not bring a change to the situation.

Spiritual development cannot be performed, that is a fact, but we can always strive when we know, for example, that the time is favorable for change. Of course, this energy of change at this time can turn to the opposite, but even that can be taken as a great sign to yourself that now is the time to make a change. For there is something in this energy that can make people even aggressively defend themselves, or stubbornly insist on their own point of view in a situation where your own spiritual work should be the only thing that should be done. Thus, the energy of this time can therefore be used also to strengthen counterproductive patterns if the will or understanding for change is not found.

However, the effort during this period, each according to his situation, can now bring great changes. But slowly, even with tiny steps, change becomes a part of us, if we only are able to resist the old patterns in those situations, when they try again and again to strengthen their space and energy. All spiritual work can be interesting when you want to see it that way. Why have I become this way, why exactly in this situation, for example, that defensive reaction arises. It is good to go through yourself and your experiences, but there is a great pitfall there too because you can return over and over again, for example, to saying to yourself that this is again due to the fact that my father was strict, cold and authoritarian. Once you have gone through the things, they should be left behind.

The permanence of change comes only when we let go of those old thought patterns, because otherwise, we defend the existence of that false image, always returning with our reactions to the reasons that “caused” it.

The most important lesson of this time is precisely to strengthen and maintain that new, authentic, true, and pure self. If you give your life energy to that old self in your thoughts, for example by blaming others, it will only grow stronger. This is exactly where you need to pay attention. When you already know where that harmful pattern to your soul arises from, you need to let go of it now, so that it can finally die and the new one can grow stronger and replace it!

When you listen to your inner Self in everyday life, you can achieve the peace that guidance brings. But you must desire it with all your being so that you no longer give in to your old miserable self, who only keeps you in that dark pit that you have dug for yourself. Listening to the Self does not mean being selfish, constantly focusing on yourself but bringing out the pure part of yourself to the benefit of others as well.

There we have it, a plan for each of us to carry out until the autumnal equinox day. This year the autumnal equinox falls on 23. September at 04.04 Finnish time (01.04 UTC). The numerologist in me smiles, fitting numbers for a new beginning.

Towards that with a heart full of courage and gratitude.

 With compassion, Eija