The Energy Flow of September 2022

Energy flows of September

The second equinox moment of the past year will take place in the early hours of the 23rd, at 04:04 (01.04 UTC) Finnish time. Although these four equinox-eclipse moments are isolated events during the year, they nevertheless form a continuum. Year after year, month by month “time” passes by forming different cycles, and we on earth with it. In this way, we get to receive the different currents from our Solar System and galaxy that are directed at us.

Our understanding of time is formed by the movement of our entire Solar System and we look at that movement here from the Earth. For example, when viewed from Jupiter, “time” is different and its cycles are different.

So now, at the Autumnal Equinox, planet Earth reaches a point where the Sun rises directly from the east and sets directly to the west, and day and night are almost equal in length. Concretely, the Sun is directly above Earth’s equator at that time and the energy of that moment “pours” through Mother Earth’s equator on the entire planet.

Autumn really begins and brings with it great clear mornings and starry nights. For me, the season of the Autumnal Equinox also always means anti-solar time, so my strength may fade if I do not focus my intentions sufficiently on the world of Light. This is good for all of you to remember when it’s been 6 months since your own birthday.

This incoming energy flows through such gates which bring a big broadening view with it. It applies to both individuals as well as the whole of humanity. Even though we are in front of a cosmic gate, it does not always provide a clear direction during the time before entering the gate. In fact, quite the opposite, for so many unfinished businesses surge a bit like by force to the surface a few weeks before the great moment, a little like a slowly winding stream from a high mountain range, which speeds up before the rapids, in order to fall to a new level. So does the cosmic current slowly also flow towards us until it reaches the point where it falls on us. 😀

It is useful to listen to the approach of that flow already in advance and prepare yourself to receive it. So what can we do now in the nearly three weeks before jumping into the rapids?

Since the incoming flow comes with broadening, it is good to reflect on the energies, thoughts, feelings, and activities in yourself that cling on to the old. After all, those are constantly being strengthened, for example, through a ready-made and wrong worldview. We also receive models through our close and extended family that bind us to the security that money brings, the need to fight, selfishness, and the fulfillment of our own needs, etc. After all, change does not mean repeating the old through the new generation, because that is not changing at all, but maintaining and strengthening the old energy. Also, change does not follow the paths of anger, revenge, superiority, or ” I know.” It is the abandonment of all kinds of weapons, all the way to the concrete level. However, you must also be compassionate towards your own everyday self, as change can sometimes be difficult, as it is usually accompanied by the pain of relinquishing, which we as humans almost always try to avoid. Because change can only come when we lay down our arms, show our own state honestly, humble ourselves before ourselves, and accept help from those who can give it with compassion. You can cope with pain, too, as long as you remember where your security lies, but we all need a hand to grab that can guide you forward step by step towards the security that, with time and your own work, will eventually be found for everyone.

Security lies within us.

That great, profound space, a serene state, where you have the connection to your Highest Self. There your divine part shines like the sun, which shows everything in the light of truth. It also allows us to calmly see what is now under change. In that light of truth, the work of change is easier, and with it comes the trust that does not yield, even if the mind sometimes doubts.

The theme of expansion opens doors to new responsibilities and that can be towards a spiritual task and being a teacher for those who have so chosen for this life and prayed for it.

Opening up to the broad picture from your own point also leads to an expansion of understanding of the whole of humanity, Mother Earth, and our common mission. The expansion of understanding comes with peace, because at the same time it shows the direction towards which to strive, even if the whole world is “in shambles”, as it really is now. As spiritual beings, we do not focus on the dark events in the world, even though we know of them, but focus on transforming the energy behind them, for only in that way can we make the change finally permanent; through persistent work.

What, then, could be the common direction towards which we could strive at the moment of the Autumnal Equinox? Could it be a change towards a world of peace.. but how? In order to ever achieve a world of peace, we must stop responding to evil with evil, just as we must stop arming ourselves with its threat. At the level of nations, there has been an ever-increasing arms race, billions of money energy for the maintenance of evil, which in the end will only create more, more and more of the same.

Through broader thinking, we can open ourselves to work with the evil that manifests itself in all of us, to a greater or lesser extent. For many souls, it is negative emotions that arise through fear, the transformation of which can be found through recourse to higher help. Quieting down, we ask for cleansing of them so that instead of anger we can gradually reach a state of compassion.

The most profound prayer of the moment of the equinox could be to attain compassion, so that the all-consuming, life-destroying evil might eventually become one with Light, and could once again sustain life on earth.

The Helpers’ suggestion to all of you (at least those who do the cleansing work) is, once again, to join together for the moment of the equinox. Meeting already on Thursday 22.9. and discussing the above topics in the evening. A good step could be to formulate the group’s own “future statement” in writing, as this again would bring the matter a little closer to the practical level.

Where do you as a group aim at, and what can and will you commit to so that the flow of change towards compassion and love could grow?

Of course, we can all ponder and meditate on the same thing by ourselves. Are we ready for the work that the expanding direction and the future of the big picture offer us?

Strength, joy, and the support of the Helpers of Light for the coming moment.