Inside the Temple

Perhaps even not all Finns know that we as a nation have been blessed with a spiritual heritage and a temple whose physical reflection on Earth is located in Jyväskylä. It is the theosophical-christosophical legacy that Pekka Ervast left us with his own amazing work. The beautiful physical part of this heritage is the temple of Pekka Ervast right at the heart of Jyväskylä, but the heritage also includes a collection of dozens of books. Those books are an invaluable source of spiritual guidance, which, for their part, also oblige us. J.R. Hannula continued P.E.’s legacy with such devotion and commitment that I don’t know of anything comparable that would have happened during the last century. He also left dozens of books to help, support, and inspire all of us who walk the spiritual path.

It wasn’t until 2008 that I began to explore Ervast’s works and teachings more profoundly. I had already read books by Blavatsky, Leadbeater, Sinnett, and Besant, but I hadn’t run across this Finnish Master. Indeed, I literally stumbled upon Ervast’s and Lehtonen’s books at the Metso Library in Tampere, where they had at that time a Take and Leave book trolley. From there, I picked up my first Ervast books. Gradually, the Finnish theosophical movement and its history began to unfold, and the more I got to know it, the more my respect deepened for those great masters of work. At the moment I have a large stack of books by all Finnish theosophists and christosophists, which I gratefully read and study almost daily.

However, it wasn’t until this summer that I visited that temple for the first time, even though I was familiar with pictures and accounts of it. We were in Jämsä to celebrate the graduation of our new teacher groups and we booked visits to the Ervast Temple in connection with that.

Sampsa, a bright member of the local society, welcomed us and told us about the history of the temple and Pekka Ervast’s life in connection with it. Our group received a comprehensive account of the origins and activities of the temple. We also positioned ourselves in a group photo and were photographed together, as did the former summer course participants back in the day.

My personal experience in the temple was profound. The temple had pure basic energy, although it had faded due to the activities and energies of so many different groups that have rented it over the course of decades. History emerged from behind the curtains, and the sacred intention, the goal that the Masters had had, became almost painfully clear.

In the chamber of the temple, in front of Pekka Ervast’s picture, there was still a pure and beautiful golden portal that was connected to sacred knowledge.

I stood in that spot for a while and felt as if two worlds were united through my physical being. I experienced a strong flow that shed light on a deeper worldview within me precisely related to Finland. With a bursting heart, I accepted that inner illumination. I don’t mean enlightenment, I am very far from it, but the revelation in my heart of the deep legacy that those great persons had left us with here in Finland.

Suddenly, it was perfectly clear why this time I had been born in Finland and in what way my own spiritual work would deepen. Of course, the connection with that sacred knowledge also brought more obligations regarding that spiritual heritage of ours. However, I trust that as a group and as a community we are strong and the many years of brewing together have connected us so much that we can already work nicely together for a common goal. Our own cleansing method is in no way in contradiction with the message of Ervast & Co, on the contrary, it is exactly the addition to their legacy that is needed in this time. It was clear and still is, that the legacy must be taken forward, and made available in every possible way to as many people as possible. That’s how we joined in with others who had already done that work for years.

Indeed, guidance was present in so many twists and turns when we exactly at this point in life and time visited the place. We have already been looking for a new home for our community around Central Finland – Northern Savonia area for a longer time, and only about a month before our visit, we had found a new place. Its acquisition is still in progress, for, as in former times, matter puts its own obstacles in the way of the realization of sacred ideas. We are still strong on the way toward that direction as a community, and a new visit to the temple has already been scheduled. Great efforts are needed and the creation of common energy to make our relocation happen and get to a place where even more family members can live close to each other in the same courtyard. I believe we also received a blessing for our direction during that temple visit.

Thank you Masters of Spiritual Work for allowing us to join you even more strongly.