Luxia Borealis

All of a sudden we’ve already slipped into October and I really like this time, because it brings with it such energy that aims at calmly settling down and that is so dear to me already from years ago. Such memories, which I can’t even find words for, always lift me up at this time regardless of my anti-solar time. As if I would connect, and I do, through some beautiful gate to my deepest self, to the cosmic energy of love. Those memories take me back to those years and the autumn when that beautiful gate was opened for me for the first time. It happened almost exactly thirty years ago. Ever since then, my life has aimed at great understanding and change, the goal of which has been a perfect connection with my Highest Self, my own origin, and that cosmic current with which I originally arrived on earth, so long ago.

I remember deeply from my childhood how I always longed for somewhere away, towards the beautiful patterns of the stars, and in autumn that longing always increased. Winter was a more comforting time because I could look at the familiar constellation and the incredible, beautiful vortex of energy inside it. The longing did not subside, but I was comforted by the proximity of the home constellation. It wasn’t until I was thirty that I got the answer to my longing and the connection to my star helpers was opened. I still work under their guidance, even though many things have changed along the way. And in autumn, when the flow from home is stronger, I also get stronger and start to live more with the flow of light, which only gets stronger towards the end of the year. I am grateful that I have remembered my own origin and that I am a star child who was sent to earth already a long ago to fulfill her mission. My mission has become clearer and my direction stronger. I know why I was born into this life right here in the north.

At the moment, my work continues through Luxia Borealis energy. This new time binds the past and the future together over an important, still active period of change. Each of you can join that Northern Light energy work if you feel its call.

It matters where we were born as star consciousnesses, because only certain gates are open to us, and intended for our work. Luxia Borealis is northern Light that radiates to the surrounding world. It is also a connection to the star energies that we connect here to travel around the world through our abundant waters. Water, the life-sustaining element and force, binds to itself information that can only be high and intended for the ascension of all humanity, and is it based on the cosmic law that is related to the function of water.

Here up north, we get to enjoy the water in every season, and information in its many forms travels through the water to the world. When winter comes, sacred information adheres to the millions of beautiful crystals in the snow, which demonstrates the high vibration of water also to our eyes. There is so much high energy around us if we only want to receive it. That’s why winter here up north, according to sacred knowledge, should be a retreat into silence and divine guidance, so that when the snow melts, we could then send it forth from here up north towards the seas of the world.

Luxia Borealis brings information from the north to the world and provides help on freeing oneself from delusion, clearing obstacles, realizing and living one’s true self, and making a permanent connection to one’s Highest Self, so that more and more people born here could fulfill their important mission here up north. The Light and its message travel already strongly to Sweden and its awakened star souls, but also to all those who have taken upon themselves the will to change.

At the moment it’s windy and the trees are raining golden leaves. My mood is poetic, the beauty of nature brings that forth. And the connection to the Helpers of my star home.