Changes in vibration, part 1

In October, the second annual eclipse season begins, and the anticipatory energies are already in the air. The strong energy of the full moon can already be felt, and Mercury also plays its part in the energy charge.

To me Mercury represents the messenger of the sun, and what else does our sun talk about now, but the new winds that are blowing toward earth. For a long time, Mercury has been in a sulky mood and will still continue to withdraw into its shell for a few weeks, all the way until mid-October. Since there is no smooth transfer of information even in the sky, it causes a lack of smoothness also on earth. Now is a good time for an inner inspection and precise planning, and only when the dam opens is it time to jump into the flow and into action.

We, as a community, are also in a situation now where it’s time and there is also the will to make moves regarding our entire future, but we still need to wait a while until that current starts moving again and our ship heads also for a new port.

The moon will be full on October 9th at almost midnight. During the night, the moon in turn has a word with his friend about what else they could do to heal people. The wave of this conversation brings us thoughts on earth, and how important it is now to bring to completion the deep pains that have been brought up since spring and sometimes even dug up through many repeated encounters and emotional turmoils. It’s time to forgive, raise the sails of compassion and wisdom, and let go of the unnecessary anchors in our own lives, which are still trying to keep our little barks stuck on the reef. When the bark sails to the open water with the new wind, the beach left behind and that reef will look so small and already foreign to us. The wider waters bring new understanding to your own life and that of others.

October is intense and its start with the full moon is strong. You have to be awake to notice the new (=same as before) reefs that try to get us stuck in our old state of misery or superiority and those thoughts that constantly feed that state. At this point, positive affirmations are certainly useful, as well as a gratefulness journal. You have to actively create faith in your own change now.

The full moon completes the healing (for now) and opens the current flow toward new possibilities. Since it is in the energy of fire, in Aries, in the future you will also have to learn not to defend yourself and not to fight when you realize you have run your boat aground. You can’t blame others if you’ve been at the helm alone. But whatever your defense mechanism has been, now is the time to break free from its chains and for real take trust as your guide rather than withdrawal or contention. Spiritual freedom is one of our greatest joys.

So October is a month of work, but it can also be fun! You just have to remember that life is an opportunity to learn and you can have a lot of influence on how that opportunity is realized.

With an attitude; “Yess! next challenge, I wonder what will it teach me. What are they trying to point out to me now, and what happens in me as a result of that, which emotions arise, and which reaction model is now emerging? Now I change my harmful direction of covering up, and I no longer evade my inner strength that is waiting to emerge.”

The whole of October is a time of activating willpower, and with that power, we also welcome the new beginning that is once again offered to us. Personal strength and confidence increase with the waning of the moon up to the partial solar eclipse, which we will face on October 25th.

More on that in the next post.